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Marketing strategy of DHL Express Ltd.
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  • 1. Overview• DHL Express is a division of the Germanlogistics company Deutsche Post DHL.• Headquarters at Bonn, Germany.• Employees-275,000.• Fleet size-27 Aircrafts worldwide.(Nov 2012)• DHL has access to over 22,200 locations inIndia in addition to the global network of over220 countries around the world.
  • 2. Intangibility VariabilityInseparability PerishabilityCharacteristics of Services
  • 3. Ads-Cues for Tangibility
  • 4. Heterogeneous in nature
  • 5. Perishable
  • 6. Extended Marketing Mix of ServicesPeople• Management &Professionals• Operations &support staff• Student internsPhysical Evidence• Ads• Websites• LOGO• Product Packaging• Employee attire
  • 7. ProcessFind a ServicePoint LocationGet rate &time quoteSchedulePickupPickupShippingadviceShippingCustomssupportDeliveryIntimation
  • 8. Consumer Evaluation ProcessBased onexperiencequalitiesCredencequalities incase of servicefailure andproperexplanationprovided
  • 9. Total Product ConceptOn time delivery/Non TamperingTracking,Intimation ondelivery, SafepackagingPickup, StorageProduct specificpackaging, RFIDtechnologyPotentialAugmentedGenericExpected
  • 10. Service Marketing Triangle“enabling the promise”Gurukul trains 3000 employees/ year onservice excellence“setting the promise”Through Blue Dart Express, DHL hasaccess to 22,000 locations across India.“delivering the promise”Delivery to the remotest locationsCOMPANYEMPLOYEES CUSTOMERS
  • 11. GAPS Model of Service QualityExpects similarService in IndiaPerceivedGlobal leaderCustomer Gap
  • 12. Provider GapKnowledge (High Value, Timesensitive, Industrial products)Service Design &Standards(High cost-notsuitable for low value items)Service Performance(Notdelivering on promise time)Communication (Optionalservices not free of cost)
  • 13. Customer Expectation LevelsIdealNormativeExperience BasedAcceptableMinimum tolerablePackaging, Insurance,StorageDoor to door deliveryBefore time, tracking,delivery intimationNon tamperingDelivery on time
  • 14. Factors Influencing Desiredand Predicted ServicePredictedServiceExplicit ServicePromises(Door to Door Delivery)Implicit ServicePromises(On time, safe and accurate)Word-of-Mouth(Optional services are spread)Past ExperienceZoneofToleranceTracking, Packaging, On time delivery, No tamperingOn time delivery on proper location
  • 15. Customer Perceptions of Quality & CustomerSatisfactionQUALITYQualifieddoctors & welltrained staffSERVICEDelivery ontime, safe andaccurateVALUEBest quality andserviceCUSTOMERSATISFACTIONCUSTOMERLOYALTYPersonal factors(DHL HapusExpress)Situationalfactors
  • 16. 5 Dimensions of Service Quality• Cold Chain ExcellenceReliability• Time frame, DHL BrandAssurance• Air fleet, Employee attire, Packages,AdsTangibles• Complaint directly to manager of DHLEmpathy• Pickup schedulingResponsiveness
  • 17. Cold Chain Excellence
  • 18. Assurance
  • 19. The Service EncounterTypeRemotePhoneFace-to-faceOpportunitiesCustomeracquisitionReinforcequality
  • 20. Common Themes in CriticalService Encounters ResearchRecoveryCopingAdaptabilitySpontaneity
  • 21. Service Recovery
  • 22. Adaptability
  • 23. Electronic proof of deliveryCoping
  • 24. With the dynamic taking into consideration prevailing trafficconditions, the SmartTruck is prepared for any situation and canreact accordingly.Spontaneity
  • 25. Service Recovery StrategiesAct QuicklyProvide adequateexplanationsTreat Customer FairlyCultivate Relationshipwith customers
  • 27. Case Study Source: http://commetrics.com/articles/dhl-fails-customer-service-test-again/
  • 28. Service Recovery
  • 29. Learn RecoveryExperiencesLearn from lostcustomersFail- safe serviceEncourage andtrack complaints
  • 30. Learn RecoveryExperiencesLearn from lostcustomersFail- safe serviceEncourage andtrack complaints
  • 31. Learn RecoveryExperiencesLearn from lostcustomersFail- safe serviceEncourage andtrack complaints