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Josh Taylor portfolio samples
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Josh Taylor portfolio samples


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A sample of recent editorial design work by Josh Taylor

Published in: Travel, Business
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Josh Taylor portfolio samples

  1. 1. JANUARY 2010 YOUR COMPLIMENTARY COPY FACES COVER STAR Beguiling on both g g stage and screen, g Rosamund Pike is now blossoming into a truly g y great English actress ROSA JANUARY 2010 AT PLA IN Y MUND UN PIKE LE GRAY Beirut’s hot new hotel Voyager CELEBRATE SAUDI We visit Arabia’s biggest FACES ROBERT DOWNEY JR festival of culture People Clooney George Can Clooney Voyager IN A CAREER SPANNING FACES COVER STAR MORE THAN 30 YEARS, act the hero & get the girl for SIR BEN KINGSLEY HAS INHABITED THE SKINS OF save in Africa? real the world? SAINTS AND DEVILS ALIKE. NO OTHER ACTORS CAN BEND IT LIKE KINGSLEY WHEN PLAYING THE ROLE OF INTERLOPER. HERE, HE TELLS ANWAR BRETT WHY HE PREFERS THE PERSPECTIVE FROM THE OUTSIDE, LOOKING IN. Voyager 19 p1 CoverSelectJTF.indd 7 10/12/09 11:14:59
  2. 2. what [STYLE FILE] 31 For Sun,Sea & Views to your thrill eyes Style Only Take the edge off the cold with chic skiwear for the slopes and cosy knits Calum wears black all-in-one padded ski suit (€588) by Peak Performance, orange and gold ski goggles (worn on head, €116) by Adidas, black knitted scarf (€41) by G Star at Urban for night-time seduction Outfitters, limited edition Chamonix skis with bindings (on shoulder, €749) and black leather ski gloves (€50) by Dynastar, black ski boots (€230) by Lange Eastern Feasts Sexy fifties Fashion swimwear in Capri | STYLE | IN A CAREER SPANNING FACES COVER STAR MORE THAN 30 YEARS, SIR BEN KINGSLEY HAS INHABITED THE SKINS OF SAINTS AND DEVILS ALIKE. NO OTHER ACTORS CAN BEND IT LIKE KINGSLEY SHORE WHEN PLAYING THE ROLE OF INTERLOPER. HERE, THING HE TELLS ANWAR BRETT Shore Thing WHY HE season for stitches asAS KNITWEAR IT’S THE PREFERS THE It’s the SEASON FOR STITCHES knitwear goes large in London. PERSPECTIVE FROM THE GOES LARGE IN LONDON PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOCHEN BRAUN FASHION BY ANDREW CLANCEY OUTSIDE, LOOKING IN. Voyager 19
  3. 3. EXPERIENCE KYRGYZSTAN THE MOOD WAS UPBEAT as our small group headed towards the Ton Pirival pass, the beginning of our ride on the Nomad Trail. In the lead: veteran eagle hunter Sogam Bai, with the magnificent bird Karabala perched proudly on his arm. Behind him: our Italian Wild,Wild horsemaster Dom Mocchi and nine mounted ladies, eight of them British. Our mission: high INFLIGHT MAGAZINE adventure in the Tien Shan ‘Celestial’ Mountains APRIL 2008 • ISSUE 76 in northern Kyrgyzstan. Our first dinner, a lavish feast prepared by Sogam Bai’s womenfolk in the family home, laid down a marker for the rest of the trip. “Every east time you drink, you must make a toast,” our host 76 insisted, the only English phrase he knew. With vodka costing less than mineral water, there were many toasts before we reached our billet in a circular herdsman’s yurt. Burrowing deep in our sleeping bags, we huddled as far away from the white felt walls as possible, the better to preserve body heat in the intense cold. A taste of YOUR FREE COPY TO KEEP APRIL 2008 Shortly after daybreak we urged our horses up the 4,040-metre pass, the gateway to an open Vast, untamed and virtually landscape virtually unchanged since early Silk Route traders passed this way 2,000 years ago. untouched, the best way to experience Kyrgyzstan’s natural splendour is riding with the country’s traditional eagle-hunters Words | Minty Clinch WWW. 36 Voyager Voyager 37 INFLIGHT.COM Know your barter from your Berber | take me | Words by Aoife O’Riordain in this exotic city Venice Dreaming Travel Pick the perfect hotel for your next city break – and you’ll save time and money Medieval Best for romantics / Ca Maria adele T SHAPED allinn A CITY TraumhafTes Venedig BY ITS PAST Behind Bars On your bike UNLIKELY OUTOF EXPERIENCE ETHIOPIA ROADTRIP PRISON ADDIS TOUR VALENCIA ATTRACTIONS ON TWO WHEELS Martin WHERE CAN YOU SEE Scorsese RUSTING TANKS, ANCIENT CHURCHES, OLYMPIANS, HIPPOS AND AFRICA’S OWN GRAND CANYON? ON THE ROAD IN ETHIOPIA. & HIS LOVE FOR ALEX RAYNER REPORTS FROM THE PASSENGER SEAT MOROCCO Voyager p0 EJFinalCover.indd 1 12/3/08 17:23:37
  4. 4. what [TASTEBUDS] 23 WORDS BY XAV JUDD Currying favour Spain is at the forefront of a new type of tourism. The City of Wine, deep in Rioja country, is the latest in a series of projects that are part of a rapidly growing travel sector called enotourism. Sausage as a culinary icon? Head to Berlin to taste the best of the wurst Vanguard Vineyards I f you’ve never tasted one of these before, you’ll probably think a more satisfactory meal could be gotten out of biting into your own tongue. However, this über-sausage (wurst), which is usually cut into several bite-sized ringlets and smothered in a tomato-based curry sauce, is so WORDS BY MARTA PATINO scrumptious that it’s become a German icon. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADRIAN TYLER Although the currywurst is eagerly wolfed down on moonlit street corners and in imbiss (snack bars) all over the country, Berlin is regarded as its spiritual FOOD&DRINK LONDON BAKERIES birthplace. Legend has it that Herta Heuwer invented its seasoned topping at her Charlottenburg sausage Ç PRETTY AS A PICTURE Primrose stall out of sheer boredom. She was experimenting Bakery Food Let them eat with different ingredients while she was waiting for customers on a rainy day, in 1949. Ten years of satisfied É THE ORIGINAL clients later, she finally patented her delicious mix Hummingbird under the name “Chillup” (Chilli + Ketchup). Bakery Brühwurst, Bockwurst, Dampfwurst and Bratwurst Fashion folk and comfort food are unusual are just some of the types of sausages that are used in bedfellows, but it seems the temptation of cupcakes the archetypal currywurst, though the latter of these is is too hard to resist for London’s fashionistas: not generally favoured in Berlin. The actual portion of the new breed of bakeries seem to be hotter hangouts meat is usually about 20cm long and can be ordered than the latest spas with skin on it (“Currywurst mit Darm”) or without skin (“Currywurst ohne Darm”). To fully appreciate it, you’ll normally also have to sink your jowls into one of its two culinary bedfellows, either a bread roll or French fries. Traditionally, the whole dish is served on a Voyager Voyager plastic plate with a plastic fork; simple and tasty. Originally, due to their cheap price (they are still a bargain at just €1.5-2.5) and perceived lack | TAKE ME | Words by Rachel Howard of sophistication, currywursts were only bought by the impoverished classes. However, their delectable Istanbul by M uth taste and range of varieties succeeded in having this hotdog doppelgänger win through to all of the German people’s hearts and stomachs. Today, anyone from Chancellor Angela Merkel to Franz Beckenbauer can be seen gobbling them up, though it will probably be in a swanky restaurant rather than a quaint greasy spoon. With its colourful Being the country’s best-loved fast food has given the spice bazaars, top– notch kebabs and currywurst such kudos that famous German crooner seafood, Istanbul has PHOTO BY TONY FRENCH long been a magnet Herbert Grönemeyer immortalised it in song. for gourmands – The mighty wiener even did a spicy star turn in the and now there’s even more to tickle amusing documentary Best of the Wurst (2004), and your tastebuds is set to be the subject of its own Berlin museum www. ISTANBUL currywurstmuseum.de. FÜR GENIESSER Mit seinen farbenfrohen Gewürzständen, erstklassigen Kebabs und Meeresfrüchten gilt Istanbul seit langem als Feinschmecker-Metropole – und bietet jetzt noch mehr, um Ihre Geschmacksnerven zu kitzeln Thanks to Kurz & Lang, London’s finest wursts (pictured), www.kurzandlang.co.uk p23 TastebudsF.indd 23 13/5/08 13:23:53
  5. 5. VELOCITY ISSUE 24 JUL/AUG 2008 YOUR FREE COPY Darryn Lyons has been WORDS BY PIERRE DE VILLIERS up since 4am, and with his bleary eyes and AMSTERDAM weary face, it looks like it. ANTWERP BRUSSELS HAMBURG ISSUE 24 JUL/AUG 2008 ISLE OF MAN JERSEY LONDON LUXEMBOURG MANCHESTER ROTTERDAM Five things I wish I’d Snap Happy known when I started: PEOPLE POWER: SOCIAL NETWORKING Darryn Lyons parked trolleys in a supermarket to buy his first camera, but now he’s made it pay. Today he’s the multimillionaire owner of global paparazzi agency Big Pictures, and still has the thrill for the chase. F GROWS UP AGAINST ALL ODDS: DOING BUSINESS easyJet Business IN BAD TIMES Business Werner Baldessarini built German men’s label Hugo Boss into the hugely successful brand it is today, moving from merchandiser to designer to chief executive. All without a day’s formal training in either design or management. Text by Andreas Tölke/TCS • Photography by Martin Mai/TCS W SO WHO IS HUGO BOSS? The real Hugo Boss established a clothing company in Metzingen, a small town south of Stuttgart, in 1923. After going bankrupt he joined the Nazi party and business flourished when he became a supplier of uniforms to the SA and SS. Boss died in 1948 but the company survived and in 1953 began to make the suits for which it would eventually become famous. 152 153 FACES BUSINESS PROFILE Ford focus SLICKER DURING HIS HIGH-VOLTAGE REIGN AT GUCCI, TOM FORD MADE THE ITALIAN FASHION HOUSE BILLIONS AND SEXED UP THE ENTIRE CITIES LUXURY GOODS SECTOR IN THE PROCESS. HAVING NOW TURNED HIS BACK ON ‘MASS LUXURY’, THE TEXAS-BORN DESIGNER IS BUILDING A NEW EMPIRE WITH AN UNCONVENTIONAL BUSINESS PLAN AND EVEN TAKING ON HOLLYWOOD WORDS | TONY MAGNUSSON Voyager WELCOME TO WWW.FLYVLM.COM THE URBAN AGE P.01_VLM_cover NEW.indd 1 16/6/08 14:27:22
  6. 6. 54 where [SPEED RIDING] 55 You’re an experienced skier who has mastered INFLIGHT MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 2008 • ISSUE 81 the slopes and clocked up a decent 81 amount of off-piste hours. So what next? If you think you’ve been YOUR FREE COPY TO KEEP flying down the SEPTEMBER 2008 mountain as your confidence peaked, think again. There’s a new challenge waiting for you that will have you and your skis getting some serious air Ski WWW. SM EXPERIENCE WIMBLEDON AS INFLIGHT.COM &G H Sport Big Bang Geneva restarts the universe Innard Beauty RA B THIS YEAR’SWIMBLEDON COULD SEE THE FIRSTBRITISHWINNER SINCETHE 1930S IF ANDYMURRA LIVES UPTO HIS Y PROMISE. BUTWHATEVERTHE OUTCOME, Haggis: it’s IT’S SETTO BE ATAUTPLAY-OFF BETWEEN SCOTTISH MURRA , SWISS FEDERER AND Y MALLORCA-BORN NADAL offally good WORDS | MARK HODGKINSON Voyager Voyager 60 where [SNOWBOARDING] 61 The geese are as nervous as the rest of us. Wave A lot of hot air Boarding Take the world’s most unusual vehicle for a spin around the countryside. WORDS BY PIERS TOWNLEY / PHOTOGRAPHY BY TONY FRENCH The snow is falling, so check out top UK and how to pull the tricks that turn heads wobbly The craft speeds towards the bank, buffeting the ground and boarder Dan Wakeham’s giving asensation, slightly tips for the best resorts like sitting on a blancmange Get blown away with the world’s Weekender windsurfing champions BALTIS AND BOUTIQUES IN BIRMINGHAM p1 eJSeptCoverF.indd 2 14/8/08 12:04:23
  7. 7. Art & STYLE VENICE BIENNALE Design THIS MONTH VENICE FACES A DELUGE OF ARTISTS DURING THE WORLD FAMOUS BIENNALE. AND WITH OUR INSIDERS GIVING THE LOWDOWN, HOW CAN YOU RESIST PLAYING THE ART BUFF? W O R D S | PA B L O G A N G U L I IF YOU ARE HOPING FOR PEACE AND SERENITY WHILE ADMIRING ART, ‘La Serenissima’ may actually not be the best place for you. Every two years, the art world descends on the already crowded tourist hotspot: the palazzos are packed with artists, the gondolas lled with gallerists and the alleys crammed with art lovers. As if Venice itself didn’t offer enough to gape at, for six months the Biennale adds the world’s hottest contemporary art. Each country has its own pavilion in the Giardini area of the city, and vies to show the superiority of their creative talent. The whole thing is quite overwhelming. Even for an expert. I rst met Roger Tatley when he worked as the editor-in-chief of Modern Painters magazine. These days, as the Voyager EXPERIENCE ISRAELI DANCE ARTIN FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS, ONE GRAPHIC DESIGNER HAS CAPTURED THE IMAGINATION OF SOME OF THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BANDS. STORM THORGERSON (ALONG WITH ART DESIGN GROUP HIPGNOSIS) HAS CREATED ICONIC ALBUM COVERS FOR THE LIKES OF PINK FLOYD, AUDIOSLAVE, OFFSPRING, LED ZEPPELIN AND MUSE. YOU MAY NOT KNOW HIM, BUT YOU DEFINITEL KNOW HIS WORK. Y WORDS BY PIERS TOWNLEY | EXTRACTS FROM THE BOOK TAKEN BY STORM WORDS | RACHEL SHABI THE CRANBERRIES WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE (MCA 2001) “To fulfil our philosophy of doing it for real, this is precisely what we did. We purchased 200 bright red gym balls, each three feet in diameter, constructed a tower with a sloping pen at the top, put all the balls in the pen and, when the cameras were ready, pulled back the barrier and the balls tumbled to the ground and bounced several times in wild profusion towards and past the guy in bed. It looked fantastic!—for the 10 seconds it lasted before the balls disappeared down the beach. It took half an hour to recover the balls before putting them back in the pen at the top of the tower and doing it all again… and again… until the wonderful Hothouse crew were too shagged out to do it any more.” 68 ‰ APRIL 2007 APRIL 2007 ‰ 69 R U N W A Y | STYLE | 6 3 Words by Rachel Howard L O N D O N B Y D E S I G N F O U R TA L E N T E D E X H I B I T O R S F R O M T H E C A P I TA L’ S D E S I G N F E S T I VA L G I V E U S A PREVIEW OF THEIR WORK AND EXPLAIN WHY THE CITY INSPIRES THEM L O N D O N E R D E S I G N - O F F E N S I V E V I E R TA L E N T I E R T E A U S S T E L L E R D E S L O N D O N E R D E S I G N F E S T I VA L S G E B E N U N S E I N E VO R S C H A U A U F I H R E A R B E I T U N D E R K L Ä R E N , WA R U M D I E S TA DT S I E I N S P I R I E R T L ondon has long been a breeding ground for great art, literature, theatre and music. The London Design Festival, now in its sixth year, is helping the city become synonymous with cutting-edge design, too. Established and emerging designers from all over the world will descend on the capital from 13–23 September to showcase their work and catch up with the competition. London gilt seit langem als kreativer Nährboden für Kunst, With events scattered across town, London’s neighbourhoods Literatur, Theater und Musik. Auch das jetzt zum sechsten Mal stattfindende Photography: © Matthew Andrews each bring their own distinctive style to the festival. The upmarket London Design Festival hilft der Stadt, zum Synonym für modernes Design zu werden. Brompton Design District (www.bromptondesigndistrict. Etablierte und kommende Designer aus aller Welt werden vom 13. bis 23. September in com) caters to the area’s affluent residents with blow-the- der britischen Hauptstadt zu Gast sein, um ihre Arbeiten zu zeigen und ein Auge auf budget one-offs and pop-up shops. Meanwhile, 100% Design die Konkurrenz zu werfen. (www.100percentdesign.co.uk) brings contemporary chic to the Mit stadtweit verstreuten Veranstaltungen wird jeder Londoner Bezirk seine drab surroundings of Earl’s Court. In the edgy East End, the ganz eigenen Besonderheiten in das Festival einbringen. Der edle Brompton Design festival’s main hub is Tent London (www.tentlondon.co.uk) at the District (www.bromptondesigndistrict.com) wird die wohlhabende Nachbarschaft mit Truman Brewery. Design-Ständen und Unikaten zu astronomischen Preisen versorgen. 100% Design Runway caught up with a handful of Europe’s most talented (www.100percentdesign.co.uk) soll modernen Chic in das eintönige Stadtbild von Earl’s designers to find out what makes them tick. Court bringen. Und im Londoner East End wird das Festival seinen Dreh- und Angelpunkt mit dem Tent London (www.tentlondon.co.uk) in der Old Truman Brewery haben. Runway wollte von den zur Zeit angesagtesten europäischen Talenten wissen, was sie bei ihrer Arbeit bewegt. p40-44 TelAvivDanceF.indd 40 10/9/09 15:08:10 p40-44 TelAvivDanceF.indd 41 10/9/09 15:08:22