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Dreamfil business presentation Part 1
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Dreamfil business presentation Part 1


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The first and only MLM company that gives healthcare services as privilege to its Business Associates

The first and only MLM company that gives healthcare services as privilege to its Business Associates

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Dreamfil Network Inc. is astart-up organization using themulti-level marketing (MLM)business model as a way ofcreating a recurring revenuestructure to offer Health Cardthrough its partner accreditedHMO (Health MaintenanceOrganization) company to its‘Business Associates’, blendedwith its unique and effectivehealth products best suitedfor Filipino lifestyles.
  • 2. Dreamfil mission is toprovide every Filipinowith an affordablehassle-free healthcareservices; thus adheringto this maxim will gainthem profits in healthand in wealth.
  • 3. Is to become the mosttrusted and crediblemarketing arm ofhealthcare services inthe WORLD.
  • 4. To create a service-basedcompany whose primary goal is toexceed customers expectations.The utilization of Dreamfil CardHolder by at least 10% of the localpopulation.To increase the number ofAssociates by 150% each year.To develop a sustainable home-based business, surviving off of itsown cash flow.
  • 5. Introducing DREAMCARD PLATINUIMP 30,000 Illness / YearPhp 1,000/dayPhp 2,000/day for ICU confinement DREAMCARD PLATINUM EX MaxicareEready card within 24 hours Life AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment) up to Php 25,000 with double Indemnity Features.
  • 6. Dreamcard Platinum Cardentitles the bearer to becomepart of DREAMFIL’s IncomeOpportunity…for only…
  • 7. DREAMCARD PLATINUM ACEIn-Patient and Out-PatientDental carePhp 60,000/illness/member/yearP500 per day during the confinementDREAMCARD PLATINUM MAXIn-Patient and Out-PatientEmergencyPhp 80,000/illness/member/yearP1,600 per day during theconfinement/Annual Exam
  • 8. Dream Card GoldDreamfil’s Discount Card from Dreamfil’s Merchant Partners!
  • 9. Dreamfil Network Inc. Business Partners The partnership with business establishments was sealed with the aim to provide DREAMFILCARDHOLDER an opportunity to obtain more value for their moneyand a healthy life; alongside accredited partner establishments’incremental sales and advertising mileage by way of patronagefrom members all over the Philippines.
  • 10. DREAMPRODUCT PRODUCT NAME PACKAGING INGREDIENTS SRP VALUE SPIRULINA BOX WHEATGRASS COFFEE Dreamfil Green Coffee PHP 160.00 2DV 10 SACHET / BOX AGARICUS MUSHROOM MORINGA WHEATGRASS BOX JUICE Dreamfil Green Juice 10 SACHET/BOX BARLEY PHP 320.00 4DV GREEN PAPAYA 100 CAPSULES VITAMIN C Dreamfil-C SODIUM ASCORBATE PHP 500.00 8DV 10 BLISTER PACK BOX CHOCO Chocofil 10 SACHET/BOX BARLEY PHP 240.00 3DV Lagundi, Sambong, Herba Buena, Damong Maria, RUB D-Rub Gota Kola, Liveraide, PHP 80.00 1DV Pandan, Oregano, Romero and Tawa- TawaBEAUTY SOAP Dream Skin Whitening Soap KOJIC & GREEN PAPAYA PHP 160.00 2DVBODY LOTION Dream Skin Whitening Lotion 200ml GREEN PAPAYA LOTION PHP 240.00 3DV D-Drop Concentrated Drops 270ml Virgin Coconut Oil, PHP240.00 3DV Trace mineral G-Seed Grape Seed 10 Blister Pack Grape seed w/Omega 3 PHP 720.00 9DV
  • 11. HOW to Start the Business?