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Leopard geckos
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Leopard geckos


i persuaded my mom and dad to get this pet soon

i persuaded my mom and dad to get this pet soon

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  • 1. Leopard Geckos By Josh Lashley
  • 2. Cost
    • Petco- 25 to 35$ for a baby gecko, 45 to 55$ for an adult
    • Petco- habitat- 45 to 85$
    • Petco-food-5 to 20$
    • Petco-substrate-15-25$
  • 3. Basic Information
    • Reptile; Lizard
    • Belongs to the gecko family
    • Sticks to walls with feet padding
    • Sheds old skin
  • 4. Appearance
    • Puffy tail
    • Black spots
    • Yellowish-whitish skin
    • Reptilian eyes
    • Padded feet
  • 5. Food
    • Crickets(live. Must feed cricket food and liquid or potatoes/oats)
    • Mealworms(live)
    • Wax worms(live), as a treat only
    • Calcium powder dish(needed) and insects coated with calcium powder(preferred)
    • Shallow dish with water
  • 6. Lighting
    • A UV lamp overhead(nocturnal)
    • Light(s) centered on basking spot
    • No white lights at night
    • Under tank heater (preferred)
  • 7. Habitat
    • Basking area-rock or cave (preferred)
    • Hiding area (log or cave (preferred)
    • Substrate (sand or reptile carpet)
    • Food bowl, water dish, and calcium dish
    • Plants and rocks for decoration
    • 10 gallon tank per 1 gecko (aquarium or terrarium(preferred)
  • 8. Cleaning
    • Dispose of shedding (only after gecko is finished shedding!!).
    • To clean tank-get everything out of tank-including gecko. Uninstall lighting. Throw away substrate. Spray tank with alcohol,vinegar and water mix, then wipe. Also rinse out food bowls, water and calcium dishes, and wash rocks and caves.
    • Put in new substrate, put back all materials, reinstall lighting. Lastly, return gecko.
    • When cleaning tank, put gecko in a spare tank (clean fast, or the gecko might die).
  • 9. Handling
    • Handle very gently!!
    • Handle only when necessary
    • Do not take out of tank for too long
    • Do not play with it