Cannon Mine Men cambodia missions trip 2013


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Cannon Mine Men cambodia missions trip 2013

  1. 1. CambodiaMission Trip2013/2014 Cannon Mine Men
  2. 2. Where? Kingdom of Cambodia Area: 181,035 sq km Population: 13.12 million People: 94% ethnic Khmers, 4% Chinese, 1% Vietnamese Language: Khmer, English, French Religion: 90% Buddhist, 7.28% Christian Government: multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy Head of State: King Norodom Sihamoni Head of Government: Prime Minister Hun Sen Borders: Thailand (west), Laos (north), Vietnam (east)
  3. 3. Background FCOPI – (It used to stand for Foursquare Children of Promise International but is now a non-descript name) is an established Non Government Organization in the Kingdom of Cambodia working to establish orphanages in Cambodia. Currently there are 108 orphan homes caring for more than 3000 orphans on a 24/7 basis in conjunction with 3,640 churches consisting of 250,000+ members. All these members are new Christians within the past 11 years. See Ministry Overview for more detailed information.
  4. 4. Why & When? Mission: To send a short-term missions team to Cambodia to assist in orphanage construction and/or repair to established Cambodian Churches. Time: Any 10~14 day period per field approval from August through September 2013 (3 days for travel, 7~10 days in country)  If we cannot make the date due to lack of team members, field support, funding or other we will re-plan for 2014.
  5. 5. What are we doing?• Travel to Preah Viah province (North Cambodia)• Projects will likely include: • 1) Painting/Staining & remodeling of church/orphanage facilities • 2) Construction of Cafeteria & kitchen facilities • 3) Construction of Security Fences • Additional opportunities: • Sharing in music • Sharing testimonies and short teachings through interpreters• Cost: Project expenses (not all need to be selected) – our goal is to have $5000 available: • 1) Fence construction $1200-1500 • 2) Painting of facility $1500 • 3) Construction of cafeteria and kitchen $2500 - 3200
  6. 6. A Typical Day• 6:30-7: Wake Up• 7-7:45: Breakfast• 8-12: Work• 12-1‘ish: Lunch• 1-5: Work• 5-6: Hotel & Clean Up• 6‘ish: Dinner• After Dinner: Read, Hang Out, Sing Karaoke!
  7. 7. What’s it gonna cost? $2,500*++ per person. Includes the following: – Roundtrip Airfare – Visa – All In-Country Transportation – Hotels/Accommodations – Water (Bottled) – Food – ~$500 donation to FCOPI for building materials and labor costs to provide transportation, security, oversight, etc.++ – Trip to Ankor Wat Personal Spending not included*++ *Cambodia has very inexpensive clothing. Team members are encouraged to pack minimal quantities of clothing and pack for light travel. ++Based on a 10 person team.
  8. 8. Excursion Team will travel to the city of Siem Riep & visit Ankor Wat  One of the “7 wonders of the world”  UNESCO World Heritage Site  Largest temple complex in the world – only rivaled by the pyramids of Giza Spend 1 night & day at the temple complex at the end of the mission trip
  9. 9. Partners FCOPI –  This is the main covering and organization that is the operations end of the work in Cambodia. Here are some others – they number in the thousands:  Children of Promise International  Foursquare Missions International  International Cooperating Ministries  Kids for the Kingdom  Mercy Smiles International Outreach All ministries are overseen and approved by EFCA – Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability
  10. 10. Vaccinations CDC Recommends the Following Vaccines (as Appropriate for Age): – See your doctor at least 4–6 weeks before your trip to allow time for shots to take effect. – Hepatitis A or immune globulin (IG). – Hepatitis B if you might be exposed to blood (for example, health-care workers), have sexual contact with the local population, stay longer than 6 months in the region, or be exposed through medical treatment. – As needed, booster doses for tetanus-diphtheria and measles, and a one- time dose of polio for adults. – Rabies, if you might be exposed to wild or domestic animals through your work or recreation. – Japanese encephalitis, only if you plan to visit rural areas for 4 weeks or more – Typhoid vaccination is particularly important because of the presence of S. typhi strains resistant to multiple antibiotics in this region.
  11. 11. More Facts & Info Information Resources on the Internet     Passport Offices  USPS - Boulder (Main Office) - 1905 15th St  Broomfield Eagle View Station - 8800 W 116th Cir  Longmont Main Post Office - 201 Coffman St  USPS - Louisville Main Post Office - 556 S McCaslin Blvd  *NOTE: US Citizen’s only need a valid passport, two (2) passport photo’s and $20USD for entrance visa
  12. 12. Interested? 12 12