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  • 1. Musical Research Report Featuring “Superman” from Superheroes R Us Music by John Williams
  • 2. Biography of John Williams
    • John Williams, a composer, conductor and instrumentalist, wrote a variety of pieces from many popular family films such as Star Wars, Superman, and Harry Potter.
    • He was born in a New York Suburb in 1932 and later started his musical career in the early 1950s.
    • He received many awards for his famous works.
  • 3. More Facts About the Composer
    • He composed for many other movies including Jaws, E.T., and Jurassic Park.
    • Wrote the official Olympic Fanfare Theme song for the summer Olympics.
    • Conducted at many concerts for almost every instrument.
    • Rewrote Symphony #1 in 1988 and wrote the official Star Spangled Banner for the 2007 World Series.
  • 4. What’s the Difference?
    • Would the movie be the same without it’s music? No, the music arrangement plays a huge role in the movie and is needed to portray the greatness and power of Superman as a world-wide superhero.
    • What’s in the movie that’s not in the piece? The movie, Superman Returns, features more rhythms and melodies. In Superheroes R Us, the trumpets play in the key of F (Concert E flat) and it is directed in 6/8.
  • 5. What Scenes Play this Music?
    • I feel it’s better I show you where and how this music is different than our arrangement. Lets take a listen:
    • http:// =n59WAWD7dqE
    • Now here’s our version:
    • http:// =wMMvWJ2NmCk
    • Notice the difference?
  • 6. Basic Synopsis
    • In Superman Returns, Superman returns to earth in a comet from his deserted homeland, Krypton, to face and prevent everyday tragedies and crimes. Lex Luther comes in and uses special crystals that belong to our Superman to build a growing landmass. Superman, after having been stabbed by Kryptonite, goes and slowly uplifts the island away into space.
  • 7. Why I chose Superman
    • It was the one movie I owned at the time and it was the one I knew the most besides Star Wars.
  • 8. Bibliography
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