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  • Final treatment

    1. 1. The Final Treatment
    2. 2. Pitch Feedback When we pitched our product to our class/audience, we asked for some feedback into ways in which we could improve our idea and make it approachable for our target audience while also being able to draw in other audience’s. After pitching our idea, the general feedback was very positive as many of our class thought that it was a good idea with a solid base to which we could expand on and add to. One of the points that the class particularly liked was our detail in our characters as we had come up with most aspects of our characters lives. Another positive that came back was that the class was very pleased with our general plot as we they felt that we have a plot that will be able to convey the Comedy Horror genre. The institutions that we chose were also well received as they both linked in with our task in the sense that we needed studios that produced low budget films and we have achieved that by having our own studio in Above Average Productions and having a low budget distributor like Film 4. Although we had almost overall positive feedback there were a few clear points that the class felt that we needed to clarify. One of these, was the similarity to Shawn of the Dead. We clarified this as our idea is a homage to SOTD rather than a mirror image of this, also our characters are have a different perspective on the narrative and are different personality types. Another issue was the location and extras within in the film as the class thought we needed an authentic location which we believe we have found by using a suburban area. For extras, the class thought it would be good to have a couple of zombies displayed to show the extent of the outbreak, we have now taken this into account and added to our product. Overall our pitch was a success.
    3. 3. Synopsis After due consideration from the feedback here is our final synopsis: The basic plot of our film revolves around an infectious outbreak that causes people to lose control of their mind and attack others. The outbreak has been caused by a never before seen case of rabies which started with infected dogs around the UK. The plot will pick up just after the outbreak has now become to infect humans. The plot will follow and focus on two main characters ,who are housemates in the story, Owen and Richard. The two will have to battle the outbreak while battling there differences. The two characters will also be the source of comedy for the audience while also being a chance to connect with them. These two characters will have to battle everything they come across during the course of the film and there are a lot of ups and downs for these characters which will test just how much there friendship can within stand.
    4. 4. Actors & Characters After taking feedback from our pitch we have come up with our final characters and our final actors for our product. Our characters will still be Owen Hollingberry and Richard Painns as we still feel and from the feedback they felt that these characters had strong enough personality’s to create the comedic elements in the film while still being able to get the audience to connect with these characters. For Actors, Matt and Brad will portray Richard and Owen like before as they came up with the characters and so we feel that they are the best placed to act out there mannerisms and they characteristics. In order to convey the horror element we will also be showing one of the infected beings which will be portrayed by Josh.
    5. 5. Locations As mentioned in the feedback, the locations of are film needed to be more authentic and correspond with the film’s narrative, we wanted a suburban, yet town-like filming area. So we have finalised the idea of setting the scenes around the area of Burntwood. We will be using the Chase Terrace College site for the first scene as it can be represented as a workplace for the character of Owen. This is also link with his personality of a workaholic and bland lifestyle. Also, when showing the location of the character’s home, we have permission of an associate of Above Average Products for us to use their house for filming, which is ideal as it is set in a close, suburban area.
    6. 6. Props Props are a fundamental aspect in all films, and it a feature that we, as a group, have took some time to think about. The props that we are going to use have to relate to how the character acts/ behaves. For Owen we are going to show him with large spreadsheet documents and business documents, this is show the audience can clearly see his obsession with being in control of everything (even his work), as well we will be using a car for when the title sequence is showing on screen because it will show the transaction of location and time. As for Richard we are going to use props such as half-eaten/ empty pizza boxes, old magazines and newspaper, empty alcohol bottles which will be shown in the front room, where he spend most his day on his game console. We will be using props as effects when he show the infected as there are most likely to be covered in blood and their skin tone will be much darker then usual.
    7. 7. Soundtrack/ Music From feedback and copyright restrictions, we have chosen a copyright free soundtrack of Bad Moon Rising as the backing- track which will be play during the title sequence, we chose this track because it have been used in comedy films such as An American Werewolf in London; My Fellow Americans, My Girl, Man of the House, The Big Chill & Shaun of the Dead. We think the use of this soundtrack will suit well with the films genre and it may interest some audiences with the link to other comedy horror films.
    8. 8. The Opening Sequence Pt.1 The opening sequence is our main focus of this project, and we have spend several hours planning out the opening to our film. Acting on the feedback we have finalised the opening sequence. It will start with a short scene of a dog with foam around the mouth drinking the tea of a unknown man, this is to indicate the source of the infection and add the comedy element of it all starting from a dog. We will then jump a few days ahead where we shown Owen leaving work, whilst leaving the audience will be able to see his personality by showing him in smart clothes and with a lot of work in his car. Here we will have a radio broadcast that tells about the infection outbreak, this is to link the narrative with the shown character. Owen will then dismiss the idea of an outbreak in his small suburban town and drive home. Whilst driving home the film’s title sequence will start which will show the institutions involve along with actors and benefactors.
    9. 9. The Opening Sequence Pt.2 The car will then reach the destination of Owens home, where the time is set at late afternoon. Owen will then start sorting through his work when a womanly scream will be heard, this is to scare the audience and add horror suspense to the film. As Owen runs to enter the house, the suspense will be stopped as his trips off the screen and then hops back up in a comical aspect of the genre. Owen then bursts through the house, leaving the front door open which the camera will focus on, and in entering the lounge the audience will be shown Richard, the source of the womanly scream. We will then have a conversation between the 2 of them, using shot-reverse-shot, in-order to show how the 2 character contrast and allow for the audience to connect with them. Owen will then leave the room so he can do common house work and leave Richard to his gaming, at this point a unknown, discoloured hand will pry the door open.
    10. 10. The Opening Sequence Pt.3 In the last scenes of the opening, we will see the infected person entre the house will neither of the character’s noticing and enter the lounge and sit next to Richard. The camera will be focusing on Richard until he leans back and reveals the infected, in which Richard will respond by screaming, alerting Owen to rush in and also scream. The character will run out of the house and proceed towards the top of the driveway until Owen stops them both demanding he goes back and saves his spreadsheets, this is to add comedy to the film. When he returns, the 2 will continue to runaway but is stop by a group of infected that are blocking the drive. At this moment the 2 character will converse on how to proceed in which they retreat to the car where the screen will fade ending our opening scene and completing our project.