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    Shot number Shot number Document Transcript

    • Shot NumberShot TypeActionMise En Scene1Medium close upMale talking to camera, stating an opinion with a meaning.Casual clothing must be dressed as a fan of the band and not part of the band.2Medium long shotShot of the lead singer of the band with microphone. Setting up for performance.The lead singer will attract attention, eye-catching clothing, and dark background to focus on him more.3Medium close upFemale talking to the camera, stating another opinion with a meaning.Casual clothing must be dressed as a fan of the band and not part of the band.4Medium long shotGuitarist playing guitar for the band, setting up for performance.Band clothing, must wear something that shows the bands brand, a triangle etc.5Long ShotWhole band viewed on the screen, drummer, singer and guitarist.Band clothing, eye catching clothing, band identity on them, triangle.6Long shotTime Lapse of town centre or city.Lights flashing, cars and people moving fast, speed up.7Long shot/Medium long shotBand walking up corridor towards the camera getting closer and closer.Band clothing, dark corridor, as if they’re going to perform. Band identity once again showing who they are.8Medium Close UpFull view of band with text overlaid reading ‘one band’.Lead singer in front, attention on him. Pink hair is added, eye-catching.9Medium Close UpLead singer performing first lyrics, not performance.Text overlaid over the shot of the lead singer, the text reads the singers name. 10Long ShotLead singer performing on stage, view from the side of him.Band clothing, bright lights flashing. Pink hair to attract attention.11Long ShotGuitarist boarding the train.Casual look, train station, low light, text overlaid reading the guitarists name.12Medium Long ShotLead singer performing through microphone.Band clothing, triangles, low light in place, focus on face and emotions.13Long shotDrummer getting ready for performance in mirror.Applying make up and changing outfit, light room, mirror, band clothing, focusing on band identity again.14Long ShotGuitarist jumping with guitar.Slow motion, sweaty, band clothing, Dark.15Long ShotLead singer-shining light into crowd or into dark place.Spotlight torch, band clothing, pink hair, and very dark room.16Medium Close UpA shot through the front windscreen of a car, time-lapse of driving somewhere.Light, must be shot in daylight, later in the music video another shot like this in darkness.17Medium Close UpLead singer performing with microphone.Band clothing, darkness around him, focus on lead singer. 18Medium Long shotGuitarist performing in front of the camera.Band clothing and guitar, dark room so all the focus is on the guitarist.19Long shotShot of the crowd at a live concert. Shows the crowd jumping for the chorus.Dark and light room, strobe lighting, loud crowd. Band on stage, crowd exited. 20Medium shotLead singer in mirror with microphone as if he is performing to himself.Dark room, all the focus on the lead singer in mirror, lights dimmed around the mirror. 21Long shotShot of the queue for a gig, shows the crowd queuing to see the band.Light outside, looks cold, fans queuing showing commitment. 22Long shot Shows the lead singer and guitarist and drummer all performing on stage. Band clothing, showing of band identity, exited and jumping around a lot. Dark room, strobe lighting. 23Medium long shotGuitarist spinning around with guitar in darkness, focus on the guitarist.Dark room, band clothing, band identity shown, triangle. 24Medium close upLead singer performing to camera.Dark room, all focus is on the lead singer, pink hair and microphone.25Long ShotLead singer performing to camera and fans on stage.Bright lights and all focus is on the performance along with lead singer.26Medium close upFan screaming lyrics, male.Dark lighting with text overlaid reading ‘NO’.27Medium close upFan screaming lyrics, female.Dark lighting with text overlaid reading ‘NO’.28Medium close upFan screaming lyrics, male.Dark lighting with text overlaid reading ‘NO’.29Medium close upFan screaming lyrics, male.Dark lighting with text overlaid reading ‘NO’.30Medium close upLead singer screaming the lyrics at the camera then falling backwards.Bright lights and strobe lights, dark room, band clothing. Text overlaid over the video, reading ‘NO’.31Medium close upFan talking to camera explaining how she feels about life. This is in-between chorus and verse in quiet part.Dark room, all focus on the fan talking to camera. Paint on her face, looks casual, fan of the band.32Long ShotLead singer walking through the forest.Light, trees are big, lead singer looks like he’s looking for something. Band clothing.33PhotographsPhotographs of birth of the artists.Retro looking photographs of the past. 34PhotographsPhotographs of death of people around the world and how they have changed the world.Low lighting, retro looking photographs of people who have died and changed the world.35Long ShotGuitarist on the beach with text overlaid reading ‘this was a great day.Lots of lights, sunny if possible, clean beach, band clothing, and shows text over the video.36Close upLead singer close up of his face showing emotion.Face paint on the lead singer, attracts attention, looks like he’s performing, dark lighting.37Medium long shotBack view of lead singer doing hand gesture.Dark lighting then lights flash on and off to reveal lead singer.38Long shotBook signing with the band.Bright lighting, showing the entire band.39Medium Close upLead singer performing with band in the backgroundDark lighting for this shot, background hasn’t got as much focus, on stage. 40Long ShotLead singer performing on stage.Dark lighting, band clothing showing of identity41Long ShotView of crowd all dancing and moshing too music.Dark lighting, strobe lighting. Concert room is pictured.42Medium long shotLead singer back view shouting ‘one day’. Part of the song.Dark lighting all focus on the triangle on the lead singers back. Dark room, media room etc.43Long shotWhole band talking in park.Light, in park, daytime. Ward Jackson park.44Medium close upWhole band walking towards camera going to performFocus on the lead singer of the band. Band identity.45Long ShotCrowd all pumped at the concertDark room, strobe lighting, at a concert.46Long shotLead singer kicking beach ball into crowd or dark place.Dark room, all focus on the lead singer on stage etc.47Medium long shotDrummer in slo motion drumming along to the track.Dark room. Alone in the room all focus on the drummer.48Medium close upLead singer performing on stage or too the camera.The room is dark and all focus is on the lead singer. 49Medium close upLead singer sat at a vantage point looking down at a town text overlaid reading ‘stop and think’.Lots of light, good view off the town and lead singer. Background blurred. Band clothing.50Long shotBack view of the lead singer looking down at the townBand clothing showing identity. Lots of light, high point of view.51Medium long shotLead singer singing the words ‘NO NO NO NO’ too the camera or crowd.Dark room, going into slo motion video. Showing the band and lead singer very fast.52Medium long shotLead singer again singing ‘NO NO NO NO’Lead singer focused on in dark room.53 Medium close upGuitarist performing to camera along with the track.Must be in a dark place with lights flashing to the beat for effect.54Long shotDrummer playing along with the track not full speedLight room with background blurred to add more focus onto the drummer.55Long shotLead singer singing along to the track, lyrics are ‘NO NO NO NO’.Dark room lead singer performing to the camera.56Medium long shotLead singer still singing along with track this time in different outfitDark background all focus on the lead singer. Band clothing showing who they are.57Close upActor pushes photos of the desk in rage singing ‘NO NO’.Fully lit room with desk and photos on. Just see the band member’s hands.58Medium long shotGuitarist performing to the camera in slow motion as the song breaks down.Dark background with all focus on the guitarist. The guitarist is sweaty and slow motion picks up sweat.59Medium long shotLead singer again singing the lyrics ‘NO NO NO NO’ this time in slow motion as song is breaking down.Dark room or at a concert screaming at the fans, slow motion. Dressed differently to shot before.60Long shotLead singer back view whilst he is doing hand gesture. Camera fades and text overlays reading ‘Come together’.Dark and light, lights change and text appears. Band clothing as if he is performing. 61Close upLead singer pointing at camera and singing lyrics.Dark room. All focus on lead singer. Shows emotion.62Long shotFast paced time lapse of town with people and lights.Lights on and off, very busy town. Time lapse of town.63Long shotSame as above but different townSame as above but different town.64Medium shotGuitarist performing to the camera.Dark background focusing mainly on the actual guitar playing.65Long shotLead singer performing to crowd.Lead singer wearing band clothing clearly showing of the triangle. Film in dark place.66Medium close upFan screaming lyrics with text overlaid reading ‘NO’Casual clothing to looks like a fan. All focus on them.67Medium close upSame as shot aboveSame as shot above68Medium long shotLead singer, pan up and down showing him singing lyrics.Switches fast between this shot and next shot. Dark room all focus on the lead singer.69Medium long shotSame as shot aboveSame as shot above70Medium long shotLead singer performing to camera with text overlaid reading ‘jump and touch the sky’.All focus on the lead singer who is wearing band clothing. Dark room with strobe lighting71Medium close upLead singer performing still to cameraLight room-showing emotion on his face. 72Close upGuitarist performing, focusing on the guitar and his fingers mainlyDark background with all focus on the guitarist.73Long shotCrowd scene showing crowdDark room with lots of lights and people.74Long shotGuitarist performing on the stage againDark background but with lots of flashing lights to add effect.75Long shot Whole band in the shot performingLots of flashing lights as song is coming to a close. Band clothing and dark background.76Long shotCrowd sceneDark and bright lights, lots of bouncing fans77Long shotLead singer-singing lyrics slowly to crowd or camera.Dark back ground to show that the lead singer is the most important in the shot.78Medium close up Lead singer dancing around on a stage of a flat floor.Dark room but lights are flashing fast. Band clothing to show identity and branding.79Medium long shotLead singer shining a torch into the crowd or around a dark roomTorch is needed, quite bright, band clothing, revealing other parts of the room with light.80Long shotSame as shot 75Same as shot 7581Close upFan screaming lyrics to the camera, ‘NO NO NO NO’Dark background with all focus on the fan that wears casual clothes.82Close upSame as shot aboveSame as shot above83Close upSame as shot aboveSame as shot above84Medium long shotLead singer performing to crowd or cameraDark background with lots of lights on and off showing he is at a fast paced gig.85Medium long shotSame as shot aboveSame as shot above but with different clothing and lights.86Long shotLead singer swinging flag around his headDark background focusing all on lead singer and the coloured flag.87Medium long shotDrummer slow motion drumming along to the trackDark background and lights on and off again. Band clothing, no top on to show he is tired from performing.88Close upLead singers face, shows emotionDark background all focus on the lead singer who is performing to the crowd or camera.89Long shotWhole band long shotCamera fades out from light room and closes in.90Close upLead singers face speaking last lyricsDark background all focus on lead singers face and emotions.91Close up x44 fans each after another singing lyrics to cameraDark background to focus on the fans, casual clothes.92Final ShotLong shot The whole band on stage, focus mainly on the lead singer who leans forward then backwards and walks away.Dark lighting when video fades out, light at the start. Band clothing. <br />