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Social Media Marketing and private investigation – Don’t be left behind
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Social Media Marketing and private investigation – Don’t be left behind


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A social media presentation on the benefits of social media in marketing and investigation for private investigators

A social media presentation on the benefits of social media in marketing and investigation for private investigators

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    Social media and the BMV

  • Transcript

    • 1. SDisclaimer: The content of this presentation reflects the views of the author alone, and the opinions expressed here are in no way a reflection on the views of the author's
    • 2. S Josh Gillespie S Graduate of Purdue University S Actively involved in social media for almost 10 years S Launched Hoosier Access (HA) in 2007 S Voted “Best Political Blog” by the Blog Indiana Conference S Twice recognized by the Washington Post as one of the top state based political blogs S HA feed also recognized as one of the top state based political tweeters by the Washington Post S Personally recognized as one the top state based political tweeters S Part of the 2012 Republican Convention Social Media Team S Launched social media for a state agency that lacked an online presence
    • 3. S 72% of all internet users are now active on social media S 18-29  89% usage S 30-49  72% usage S 50-60  60% usage S 65+  43% usage Sources: statistics-you-should-know-in-2014/ sheet/
    • 4. S There are now over 550 Million registered users S Twitter was the fastest growing network with 44% growth from 2012-1013 S 215 million monthly active users S Largest penetration in the United States S 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads Sources: statistics-you-should-know-in-2014/ networks.png
    • 5. S Over 1.15 billion Facebook users S 23% of Facebook users login at least 5 times per day S 47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influencer of purchases S 70% of marketers use Facebook to gain new customers S Users share 2.5 billion pieces of content each day S Largest opportunities of communicating with customers in a non- obtrusive way Sources: statistics-you-should-know-in-2014/ networks.png
    • 6.
    • 7. S According to Pew Research Center, increased Social Media usage continues to rise Source: sheet/
    • 8. S 88% of of U.S. Social Media users are registered voters S According to Pew Research, social media isn’t just for the young generation
    • 9. S Is social media a good tool for you to use? S The answer is a resounding yes. S But why? S Gives you a completely different customer demographic S Promotes your business in a far cheaper way than traditional advertising S Getting acquainted with social media could help broaden your business horizons
    • 10. S Facebook S Can offer instant legitimacy S Ability to connect with other investigators S Easy to target specific businesses or media contacts S Is a free to low cost option S Don’t be left behind Source: marketing-via-social-networks
    • 11. S Twitter can be a time investment, but it could be an investment worth making S Today, news breaks on Twitter S Information flies at a fast and sometimes furious rate S Can quickly connect with local and national influencers as well as media contacts Source: marketing-via-social-networks
    • 12. S A favorite of business leaders and private investigators S Likely to find more business support and potential business building S Help can be found world wide S Can search recommendations Source: marketing-via-social-networks
    • 13. S Facebook and LinkedIn have proven to be the best resources for finding new clientele S Social media does have its limitations S Lack of initial face to face contact S Easy to ignore contact S Social media can be tremendously helpful in researching witnesses, potential jurors or spying on the other guy Source: business/how-facebook-twitter-and-linkedin-have-changed- private-investigation/2012/10/19/7c4e5e28-1a15-11e2-94aa- 9240e72ee00b_story.html
    • 14. S New social media? Start off basic S Start a blog S Highlight specific services and cases or offer your thoughts on breaking industry news S Keeping a blog can help you gain exposure among potential clients and peers S Possibility for guest blogging S Establish a Facebook presence Create a “Like” page
    • 15. S Invest in a real website S Know your keywords S Use a listening strategy S Share helpful content S Are podcasting or the use of YouTube options? Source: doesnt-work-for-you/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0
    • 16. S Don’t over-share S The unfortunate case of Justine Sacco S More than 82 percent of companies use social media to find out information about their competitors S Be on the lookout for what you post or what family members may post online S Just because something says it’s private doesn’t mean it actually is Source: congressional-staffers-describe-on-job-drinking-in-office-of- congressman-larsen/
    • 17. S What you do, whether online or not, can go viral
    • 18. S Social Media may not seem like the ideal world for a private investigator S Social Media can be a great place to expand your business, your brand and your marketing niche S If you’re not using social media, chances are your competition is S Just as social media can be a great tool to sell yourself, it can also be a great tool for investigation
    • 19. QUESTIONS ?
    • 20. S S S S S S S