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Welcome to Impact Image Marketing

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Impact Image Marketing digital media kit

  1. 1. “Simplifying Social Media” Our vision at Impact Image Marketing is to help small and mid-sized businesses grow exponentially through the effectiveness of social media. We do this by utilizing our extensive experience/skills in social media and technical cyberspace savvy. We manage, support, maintain and enhance the online presence of your business using the vast power of social media. Our team of professionals hold a common set of beliefs and clarity of purpose. Impact Image Marketing makes a difference in the lives of people and the quality of business. We deliver integrity and excellence in everything we do. Our number one goal is to provide our clients with unparalleled service. Our success would mean nothing to us if we were unable to contribute to our business community. We support business owners everywhere and now Impact Image marketing would like to support your business through an innovative online presence.
  2. 2. Cultivating is the bottom line and here is how we do it. Help you gain new clients and cultivate relationships with present clients Save your business time and money Create a positive image Maintain recent postings (social media sites) Increase brand awareness Cultivate traffic and online presence Grow and intensify business opportunities Create aligned business solutions We will do all of this and MUCH MORE for a fraction of the cost of other social media companies. Helping your business accomplish purpose and passion through intensifying endless possibilities for your clients. In addition, we provide training and coaching as requested by our clients. Education and personal growth are keys to success. We provide the tools for a well rounded purpose. Through our skills, experience and knowledge we provide the resources to use social media and the web as a primary vehicle to build relationships with people. We help provide creative and valuable content relevant to enhancing the understanding of your abilities. Utilizing this business model we build a know, like and trust aspect for you as a person and for your business that will ultimately lead to abundant web traffic and sales.
  3. 3. How our process generally works We identify our potential clients needs and determine if our business model fits their purpose. Once that is established we asses and prepare relevant materials needed for meeting with the business owner(s). At this point we create a detailed plan of action that matches the business needs.The implementation of the plan helps establish a timeline and a data collection of proposed sites we feel are pivotal in the matchup. Impact Image Marketing is a marketing company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Providing the best in social media management, marketing and business solutions. We have a team of experts standing by to help you today “Simplifying Social Media” Call TODAY! (702) 249-0484 Or visit: