Effective email marketing campaigns
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Effective email marketing campaigns






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Effective email marketing campaigns Effective email marketing campaigns Presentation Transcript

  • Effective email marketing campaigns Josh from JoshCanHelp.com Resources: joshcanhelp.com/esi
  • Oh hi there, I'm Josh
      • Web literacy
      • Findability
      • Design
      • Conversions
  • #0 - The Basics
      • Deliverability
      • Performance
      • Spam
      • Template
      • List
      • Analytics
        • Opens (absolute, rate, unique)
        • Clicks (absolute, rate, unique)
        • Unsubscribes
        • Bounces
        • Sent vs. received
  • 1) The Strategy
      • Who is this going to?
      • What are you sending?
      • What is your goal for this campaign?
      • What is your goal for this email?
    By Randy Son Of Robert on Flickr
  • "Who am I sending this to?"
      • List or segment
      • Previous emails sent
      • Future emails to be sent
    Understand your audience
  • "What am I sending?"
      • Informational send
      • Request for information
      • Urgent
      • Content
      • Promotional
    Categorize email types
  • "What is the campaign goal?"
      • Is this temporary or ongoing?
      • What's the lead up? Finish?
      • What actions do I want to be taken?
    Goals help planning & learning
  • "What is this email's goal?"
      • Primary goal (single)
      • Secondary goal (minimal)
      • How does it contribute to the campaign goal?
    Be clear on why you're sending
  • Strategy? Got it!
  • 2) The List
      • Who are you contacting?
      • Where did the emails come from?
      • How is it being managed?
      • How healthy is it?
    By sunshinecity on Flickr
  • "Who am I contacting?"
      • New students (prospects)
      • Existing students (enrolled)
      • Previous students (alumni)
    Understand the personas
  • "Where are these emails from?"
      • Purchased emails (low quality)
      • Opt-in on existing forms (much better)
      • Specific opt-in (best)
    Source determines quality
  • "How is this list being managed?"
      • Unsubscribe options
      • Change profile option
      • Clean out bounces
      • What to do with "dead" emails?
    Actively manage your lists, segments
  • "How healthy is this list?"
      • Sending frequency
      • Unsubscribes
      • Spam reports
      • Analytics (opens, clicks)
      • Performance (goals)
    A healthy list is a happy list
  • List? On top of it!
  • 3) The Template
      • What is in it?
      • How is it designed?
      • How is it built?
      • When and how is it sent?
    By Concrete Forms on Flickr
  • "What is in the email?"
      • Concise, informative, no fluff
      • Use headlines and bullet points
      • Remember your goal
      • Table of contents?
      • Write the whole email, then the subject
    Content is king; write it first
  • "What is in the email?"
      • Action links to clear landing pages
      • Link images
      • Balance; don't overdo it
      • Remember your goals
    Link often but link well
  • "What is in the email?"
      • Email tracking
      • Landing page tracking
    Track everything
  • "How is it designed?"
      • Match the email to the landing page
      • Clear steps forward
      • Enough information to make a decision
    Design for your goal
  • "How is it designed?"
      • Audience... remember them?
      • Email capability
      • Email savvy
    Design for your list - TARGET
  • "How is it designed?"
      • Text-based
      • Clear goals within the email
      • Break up content
      • Lowest common denominator
    Design for the format
  • "How is it designed?"
      • Images may not be loaded
      • Images add loading time, size
      • No image only emails 
      • Can contribute to spam score
    Watch your images
  • "How is it built?"
      • Universal email HTML
      • Valid code
      • Checked for spam content 
    There's a right and a wrong way
  • "How is it built?"
      • Unsubscribe
      • Change profile
      • View in browser
      • Contact info
      • Reason they are receiving
    Add recipient-specific features
  • "How is it sent?"
      • White-listed servers
      • Smaller batches
      • Watch your frequency
      • Time and day
    Simple considerations
  • Template? Work of art!
  • 4) The Post-game
      • What happened?
      • What did you learn?
      • Who needs more attention?
    By kevindooley on Flickr
  • "What happened?"
      • Open rate trend
      • Click rate trend
      • Primary goal completions
      • Secondary goal completions
    Review the numbers
  • "What did you learn?"
      • The Strategy - compare
      • The List - segments
      • The Template - performance
    These should look familiar
  • Post game? We won!
  • Let's wrap this up!
      • Construct a strategy and track your success throughout.
      • Build and maintain a healthy list of engaged recipients
      • Write, design, build and send great templates.
      • Iterate and get better!
    Put it all together...
  • Thanks for your time! joshcanhelp.com/esi