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FTI Consulting Presentation


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Showcasing some of my work, and how I can help FTI Consulting in the UX Role.

Showcasing some of my work, and how I can help FTI Consulting in the UX Role.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. FTI CONSULTING JOSH ARONOFF PORTFOLIO PRESENTATION Email me at: Josh Aronoff / @jaronoff Phone: 412-613-2500
  • 2. WHAT I'M GOING TO TALK ABOUT What FTI Consulting's needs are, and how I can help Some of my previous work, obstacles and solutions that apply to the work you're doing. Who I am, my experience and what I'm about Questions? From you... from me
  • 3. WHAT ARE YOUR NEEDS? FTI needs someone in this UX Designer role who can... 1. perform UX Audits 2. make UX Standards and Specs 3. crank out storyboards, user flows and wireframes 4. create clean, well designed finished products 5. hack through some HTML and CSS
  • 4. WELL, THAT'S ME. I'll show you some of my work across each of these needs and answer any questions you may have. If you have a question, jump in!
  • 5. FTI NEEDS SOMEONE Who Can Perform UX Audits
  • 6. PROBLEM Highmark Medicare needed to redesign their medicare website in a short amount of time, had some money for testing and wanted to see how far they could push their web presence.
  • 7. OBSTACLES Needed to be tested in about 2 weeks. Was a complete redesign. Had to be CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) approved Had complex rules that were confusing to the user.
  • 8. SOLUTION Break apart the information and reorganize. Move interactions to be more relevant in the site. example: Not pick a county right at page load. We had to work iteratively. Test what we can in the short amount of time. Had to be open to change. Testing could affect everything. Completed Redesign for testing in 2 weeks using Fireworks and libraries of created symbols.
  • 9. FTI NEEDS SOMEONE Who Can Make UX Standards and Specs.
  • 10. PROBLEM Highmark BCBS has lots of uses cases. They create lots of documentation for regulatory reasons and at times that can stimy development.
  • 11. Highmark BCBS Help Tip Design Pattern
  • 12. Highmark BCBS Help Tip Design Pattern
  • 13. Highmark BCBS Help Tip Design Pattern
  • 14. OBSTACLES We started to use more complex interactions, but they weren't specific to specific use cases. Needed something that lived "above" use cases or stories. Needed to explain these interactions and get buy-in from the business.
  • 15. SOLUTION 1. Create small PDFs that acted as "educational material" that could be passed out to anyone. 2. Make them standardized, so that you could give several of them and people could understand lots of information in a short amount of time. 3. Define "What", "Where", "How" and "Where else" on the internet to foster buy-in.
  • 16. FTI NEEDS SOMEONE Who Can Crank Out Storyboards, Userflows and Wireframes
  • 17. UI Screen Documentation
  • 18. Highmark Search A Hospital
  • 19. Highmark Search A Retail Clinic
  • 20. Highmark Find a Doctor
  • 21. Highmark Find a Doctor
  • 22. FTI NEEDS SOMEONE Who Can Create Clean, well designed finished products
  • 23. PROBLEM eRAD needs to create a responsive marketing website that was within brand and easy to update.
  • 24. Sitemap
  • 25. Responsive Website
  • 26. Global Header
  • 27. Navigation
  • 28. Navigation
  • 29. Navigation
  • 30. Under the Hood
  • 31. Unirad Resources
  • 32. Unirad Contact Form
  • 33. OBSTACLES needed to reflect the new brand. It needed to be able to be updated easily. Needed to showcase customer base. Needed to be used by sales as a lead generation tool. Was mandated that it had to be responsive. Needed to address multiple audiences.
  • 34. SOLUTION 1. Spearheaded a two-day session where we discovered the voice of the customer. 2. Created wireframes and information architecture for the site navigation. 3. Designed and created all icons, images, collages, etc. for the final website. 4. Worked in a project manager role with outside developer, sales and marketing to launch the site. 5. Got out of "wireframe-mode" and into "developer collaboration mode" to account for unseen variables that could have impeded launch. 6. Developed content blocks that allowed modularity with content, addressing multiple audiences.
  • 35. FTI NEEDS SOMEONE Who Can Hack through some HTML and CSS
  • 36. This presentation you're looking at.
  • 37. Not afraid of getting my hands dirty and learning.
  • 38. Active in learning Rails and new technologies, Git, etc.
  • 39. Responsive Landing Page (Desktop)
  • 40. WHO I AM A people person. A creative person. I love the web and technology. I love to figure things out. I love "big problems".
  • 41. I'M EXCITED! The UX Designer position looks rewarding, complex and challenging. FTI Consulting seems like a great place to work. I look forward to making exciting and challenging things with you!
  • 42. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! Any questions? Email me at: Josh Aronoff / @jaronoff Phone: 412-613-2500