Volleyball lesson plan 1


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Volleyball lesson plan 1

  1. 1. Volleyball: Lesson Plan #1<br />Subject Area: Team Sports<br />Time allotted for the lesson: 2 five day weeks of 45 Minute Class Periods<br /> <br />Short description of lesson: Students will be shown volleyball videos and images to attempt to gain their interest in the unit. Then, they will be taught and given supervised time to practice the skills of passing, setting and spiking a volleyball. <br />State Curriculum Standards met in this lesson:<br />Georgia Performance Standards for Physical Education<br />PEHS.1: Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. Description: Students in grades 9 – 12 will demonstrate the ability to participate in a variety of invasion, net/wall, field, target, individual, outdoor, fitness activities, rhythms, and dance. Students will demonstrate competence in at least one activity from two of three following categories: Category 1: invasion, net/wall, or field games;<br />PEHS.2: Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities. Description: Students will increase their motor skill level by utilizing principles and concepts connected with movement and examination of skills. Students will perform in movement patterns and psychomotor skills associated with physical activities. Students will explain tactical decisions and their appropriate use in various sports/activity settings. Elements: a. Integrates a variety of strategies, tactics, concepts, and skills during sports and activities.<br />Instructional Objectives:<br /> <br />By the end of the lesson, students will demonstrate the ability to follow the rules and use fundamental skills.<br />Instructional Procedures<br />Wk 1 Day 1: Bring students to the classroom, and arrange laptop cart to be available. Watch YouTube Video on home page. Have the students search for additional related videos. Group students in appropriate groups (2-6 depending on drills).<br /> <br />D2: Show students the volleyball fundamentals image. Introduce and practice the forearm pass. <br />D3: Introduce and practice the set. <br />D4: Introduce and practice the spike. <br />D5, Introduce one practice drill for each of the three skills learned. <br />Week 2 Day 1: Introduce the 6 player alignment, and rotation graphic to students. Practice the skill drills from Wk1D5 and rotation. <br />D2-5: Use to review, practice. <br />Lesson Set<br />Lesson Closure: <br />This lesson will close with a review each skill and its importance. <br />Adaptations for special learners: <br />Physical adaptations can be made so that almost any child can gain a meaningful experience with volleyball. <br />Supplemental Activities: <br />Students should learn to play 2 on 2 sand court if available outside of school. <br />Assessment/Evaluation: <br />See Volleyball Unit Plan<br />Learner Products <br />Student have emergent passing, setting and spiking ability. <br /><ul><li>Each instructional image is a link to the image on the internet.