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Máster secundaria, Nuevas Tecnologías
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Máster secundaria, Nuevas Tecnologías


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Some food for thought about using New Technologies in the English classroom

Some food for thought about using New Technologies in the English classroom

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. 2014 Tema 4: Nuevas Tecnologías Master en Formación del Profesorado de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria, Bachillerato, Formación Profesional y Enseñanza de Idiomas por la Universidad de Huelva José A. Alcalde. IES J. A. Pérez Mercader, Corrales (Huelva)
  • 2. PLANIFICACIÓN DE SESIONES SESION 1 (20.1) SESIÓN 2 (21.1) Presentación Escuela TIC 2.0 Plataformas Materiales on-line SESIÓN 3 (22.1) Auto edición Edición SESIÓN 4 (23.1) Libro digital PDIs Conclusión
  • 3. SESION 1
  • 4. Why ICT?
  • 5. ¿Por qué las TICs? Prioridades europeas: lenguas extranjeras y alfabetización digital Incluidas en la Ley de Educación de Andalucía Competencia básica número 4: Tratamiento de la Información y Competencia Digital En distintos proyectos como Comenius o ARCE debe especificarse el uso de las TICs en los mismos. Educación a distancia: on-line, semi-presencial… en aumento Libro digital de varias asignaturas y editoriales CALL: Computer Assisted Language Learning
  • 6. ESCUELA TIC 2.0
  • 7. Smartboards • Definición: Es una pantalla donde se proyecta lo que hay en un monitor y se controla con un puntero (como el ratón). No es una pizarra convencional y su uso debe ser distinto y estudiado. • Tipos: – Fijas (Promethean) con cañón incorporado, audio, etc. – Móviles (eBeam), deben complementarse • Ventana al mundo real y diluye las paredes físicas del aula
  • 8. Guadalinex Netbooks • Students’ and teachers’ version (the latter with JClic, HotPotatoes, Malted, Squeak) • They run Linux. • They can record video, images and audio. • They include some educational tools (Kanagram, Kletters, Khangman and Parley)
  • 9. 21st Century Tools
  • 10. TASK 1: Think of or find 5 free Internet utilities to help in your lessons
  • 11. Summing up… • Why TICs? • Changes in teaching and learning
  • 12. SESION 2
  • 13. Language learning sites BUSUU BABEL DUOLINGO
  • 14. Educational platforms
  • 15. CONTENT platforms Agrega: searching engine and database about digital educational resources in Spain Mediva: Media Digital Educativa in Andalucia. This region has tried hard to keep up with new technologies.
  • 16. Educational platforms EDMODO: Social learning platform. Colabora: teacher training educational platform in Andalucía.
  • 17. On-line resources Pete’s Power Point Station
  • 18. TASK 2: Find different resources for the students and topics proposed.
  • 19. Summing up… • Get to know educational platforms and networks • Get to know on-line resources
  • 20. SESION 3
  • 21. On- off-line tools
  • 22. TASK 3: Think of a way to introduce yourself in a digital way when you go to your training school
  • 23. Summing up… • Get to know sites, tools, ideas.... • Create, share, upload, download, compare, adjust...
  • 24. SESION 4
  • 25. e-TEXTBOOK • Same evolution as all books • But increasing power in education: – Single attention focus – Easier updating – Multimedia tools: Images, Internet links, video, audio, interactive exercises, etc. • Some drawbacks: students still rely on paper for studying, revision…
  • 26. e-Textbook US market Source
  • 27. Sample 1: Interface by MacMillan
  • 28. e-Textboook: MacMillan The Whiteboard Digital Book isn’t really interactive. It is a PDF file where listening exercises can be played and some editing tools are available (highlighting, writing, erasing…) but exercises cannot be done.
  • 29. Sample 2: NEW BOOK by Burlington
  • 30. e-Textboook: Burlington Digital Teacher's Pack contains:  •Interactive Whiteboard Digital Books with fully  interactive Student's Book, Workbook and Language  Builder + Burlington's online/offline hybrid software •Burlington ESO Grammar Factory with ready-to-use  grammar exercises and a varied bank of build-your-own  grammar exercises •Burlington ESO Culture Bank with cultural and  cross-curricular screens and quizzes •Test Factory and Other Resources with all the  material from the Teacher's All-in-One Pack in editable  Word format
  • 31. Summing up… • e-Textbooks on the  increase • How interactive is the  e-textbook?
  • 32. FOOD FOR THOUGHT… How can ICT help teachers?
  • 33. Use ICT to… Manage your teaching records, data… Keep updated with approaches, language, society… Find resources and materials for your lessons Create your own materials based on specific needs Open up your classroom to the real world Build up a network with colleagues anywhere Exploit multimedia in the classroom
  • 34. SWOT Analysis
  • 35. SWOT Analysis S W Strengths Weaknesses O T Opportunities Threats Using New Technologies at school…
  • 36. SWOT Analysis • More real like • Official support • Endless  resources • Recycling in  teaching • Creativeness • Sharing • Abundance in  English!! S Strengths O Opportunities W • Not the miracle! • Technology  dependance • Still low training Weaknesses T Threats • Unsteadiness • Hard work
  • 37. 2014 Tema 4: Nuevas Tecnologías Master en Formación del Profesorado de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria, Bachillerato, Formación Profesional y Enseñanza de Idiomas por la Universidad de Huelva José A. Alcalde. IES J. A. Pérez Mercader, Corrales (Huelva)