Bits of real English


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Presentation version with some examples of real conversation English and its exploitation in the English classroom

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Bits of real English

  1. 1. Bits of real English Brittany Ríos Karly ZagoracJosé A. Alcalde
  2. 2. What? Here are some common expressions used in oral communication among native young English speakers. They are in standard English but also with references to American (AmE) and British (BrE) English varieties when necessary. We do not include swear or very local slang expressions as they are out of our scope.
  3. 3. Why? Our students sound too “bookish” or formal when talking to native speakers of English. These expressions are rarely found in textbooks and teachers do not spend enough time teaching them. Students love repeating and using these expressions all the time for funs sake (all the better for teachers).
  4. 4. When? These expressions should be learnt as soon as possible There is no need to wait for a specific age, competence, level, etc. They can be dealt with in special lessons, regularly or as the teacher thinks may be best. These expressions are not an “extra” for late Friday lessons. This should be an important part of the curriculum.
  5. 5. How? These expressions are organised into headings for clarity reasons. As with our mother tongue, they are the result of the economy of the language (set phrases to be uttered after the right prompt). No grammar nor vocabulary explanations are required. They should become automatised just like that.
  6. 6. GreetingHi! / Hi five!Dude! (AmE) = Mate! (BrE)How you doing? = Hows it going?Whats up? = Whats new?Whats going on!? (AmE)Howve you been? (AmE)Long time no see!
  7. 7. Getting attentionExcuse me! / Sorry to interrupt!Guess what? = Youll never guess what!Listen up! (AmE)Pardon meCan I help you?Can I add something there?Just a minute please? = Just one sec / second
  8. 8. AgreeingYeah! = Okey dokey!Me too! ≠ Neither me!Sure thing! (AmE) = For sure! (AmE)Go ahead!Totally = Definitely = CoolYou bet! (AmE) = Yep! (AmE)I agree! = Exactly! = So true!Tell me about it!
  9. 9. DisagreeingNo way! = In your dreams! = Youre dreaming!Over my dead body! = Fat Chance!Yeah, right! (Ironic)Never gonna happen!No, period! = End of storyNot in a million years! = Never in a million years = Never in your lifetime!
  10. 10. When eatingYum! = Yummy! = Delicious!Yuk! = Yukkie! = Eww! = Disgusting!Nasting! = Gross! = Minging!Im so hungry I could eat a horse!Im starving! = Im famished!I got the munchies (AmE) = I’m peckish (BrE) ( hungry for a snack)
  11. 11. With new technologiesThe computer just frozeThis picture is too grainyThis file is bulkyIm into social networkingWe love textingI usually skype with my friends abroadI just got the new Mac!You a Mac or PC person?
  12. 12. When playingIm in! ≠ Im out!Fair play ≠ Foul playIt aint walk in the park = It was difficultIt was pretty hard ≠ (Its) piece of cake!Dont jump the gun! = Take it easy!Deal or no deal? (AmE)Get the ball rollingHe is in time out
  13. 13. Something is wrongOops!Oh, no! = Oh, dear! = Oh man!Dear heavens = Oh crap! (BrE)OMG = Oh my God! = Oh my Gosh!What happened?! = Whats wrong?Whats the trouble now?Whats going on?Tell me everything!
  14. 14. Amazing!Awesome! (AmE) = Neat!Cool! = Sweet! = Totally!Wow! = Whoa!Super! = Amazing!Dude!! (AmE)WHAT!?!OMG!! (oh my God) = Oh my Gosh!
  15. 15. EnjoyingWe had a great time!This is real fun!We are having a blast! (BrE)Totally amazing!We gotta do that/it again!That was awesome!Best time ever!!We are having a ball! (BrE)
  16. 16. SucceedingWe did it!Good job! = Outstanding! = Well done!Nice try!You are the best!You rock!Go us!We rocked it/that!We rule!
  17. 17. TeasingMonkey see, monkey do!Who cares?Im going to die of boredomDont be such a baby!I was just playing around! = Im just messing with you!Stop nagging me!Knock it off!
  18. 18. ThankingI appreciate it!You saved my day!Cheers!Youre the best!I owe you one!You really came threw! = You really came handy!I couldnt have done it without you!
  19. 19. Good-byeingSee you! = See ya! = See you soon!See you later! = Later! = See ya later alligator, in a while crocodile!Have a nice day! (AmE)Got to go! (AmE) = Must dash! (BrE)Cheerio! (BrE) = Ta-ta (BrE)Well be in touch!Take care!
  20. 20. Bits of real English (more examples can be found in a PDF document available HERE) Brittany Ríos Karly ZagoracJosé A. Alcalde