==== ====For great gardening tips, check this out:Odin88888==== ====During his 40-year career as a garden writer and photo...
particular season. Color themes can be polychromatic like a rainbow, monochromatic (for exampleall white - perfect for a w...
Stream Garden. Lucky you if you have an existing stream to be landscaped. At Cedaridge Farmwe have a stream, but when we m...
beautiful plant forms. Bridges, benches and belvedere are some of the structural elements thatcan add interest to a hillsi...
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creating ambiance with gardens


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For great tips on gardening check this out:

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creating ambiance with gardens

  1. 1. ==== ====For great gardening tips, check this out:Odin88888==== ====During his 40-year career as a garden writer and photographer, Derek Fell has designednumerous garden spaces, many involving his wife Carolyn. The best example of their work can beseen at their home, historic Cedaridge Farm, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. There, they havedesigned more than twenty theme areas, including shade gardens, sunny perennial borders,tapestry gardens involving trees and shrubs, a cottage garden, herb garden, cutting garden and anambitious water garden.Derek worked as a consultant on garden design to the White House during the Gerald FordAdministration. Derek designed Fords Win garden, following his Win Speech, advising thenation ten ways to fight inflation.Many garden designs by Derek Fell have been implemented without inspecting the site. The greatlate architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed beautiful homes for his clients, entirely fromphotographs without the need for a site inspection.Fells garden spaces have been featured in newspapers, magazines, books and also on television,including Architectural Digest, Gardens Illustrated, The Garden (the magazine of the RoyalHorticultural Society), Country Gardens, HGTV, QVC and PBS.Derek has authored more than sixty books and garden calendars, including 550 HomeLandscaping Ideas (Simon & Schuster), The Encyclopedia of Garden Design (Firefly Books),The Complete Garden Planning Manual (Friedman), Garden Accents (Henry Holt) and HomeLandscaping (Simon & Schuster).Curb appeal and ambiance are important to brighten up your propoerty or prepare it for sale. Feelfree to ask Derek any garden related questions regardless of how big or small.SOME GARDEN TYPESWater Garden. Water is the music of nature. It can be tricked over stones, cascaded from a greatheight so its crashes onto rocks. It can fall in a solid sheet or as silver threads. A beautiful watergarden with waterfalls and stepping stones can be located in sunlight or shade. The water gardenshown here is located at Cedaridge Farm. It includes a pool for dipping, and it features both acollection of koi and hardy water lilies. A popular water garden design features a koi pool fed by aseries of waterfalls, and the water re-circulated through filters to keep the water clear.Sunny Perennial Border. This can be formal or informal, square, rectangular, round and kidneyshaped, in the form of an island bed or backed against a decorative hedge, wall or fence. Plantscan be chosen to produce a parade of color through all the seasons, or concentrated for a
  2. 2. particular season. Color themes can be polychromatic like a rainbow, monochromatic (for exampleall white - perfect for a wedding), or it can feature an Impressionist color harmony, such as yellowand purple; orange and blue; red, pink and silver; blue, pink and white; even black and white orblack and orange (one of Monets favorites). A popular perennial garden design is two parallelborder with a grass path leading to a focal point such as a sculpture or gazebo.Tropical Garden. You do not need to live in a frost-free area to have a beautiful tropical garden. AtCedaridge Farm we have two - one is a tribute to the design philosophy of the late Roberto BurleMarx, who designed dramatic tropical gardens around Rio. It is in a lightly shaded area andfeatures plants that are hardy (like Sum & Substance hosta) but look tropical and tenderplants that are tender (like banana trees and tree ferns) that either need moving indoors duringwinter or can be discarded like annuals at the end of the season. Our second tropical space is apatio with tropical plants grown in containers.Shade Gardens. We design two kinds of shade gardens - one where the plants provide mostlyfoliage interest (like ferns, hostas, heuchera and hakone grass), and plants that flower well (likeimpatiens, coleus, and lilies), or a combination of the two.Woodland Garden. Whether you have existing woodland or you need to create a woodland fromscratch, the result can be sensational. Decide whether you want deciduous trees that provide fallcolor or evergreens that stay green all winter, or a mixture. At Cedaridge we made a cathedralgarden where the existing trees are trimmed high so the trunks look like the columns of acathedral, and the branches arch out to meet overhead like the vaulted ceiling of a cathedral.Below, we provide two more layers of interest, at ground level and the under-story.Vegetable Garden. We can design you an easy-care garden of raised beds where vegetables areplanted in blocks or an edible landscape where edibles are grown for ornamental effect. We canprovide the plan for a garden that was approved for the White house during the FordAdministration where Derek Fell worked as a garden consultant. Derek Fells book, "Vegetables -How to Select, Grow & Enjoy", won a best book award from the Garden Writers Association.Herb Garden. The herb garden at Cedaridge Farm is a quadrant design, feature in numerouscalendars and books, including Derek Fells Herb Gardening for Beginners. We can also providea cartwheel design or a parterre herb garden for bountiful harvests of fresh herbs. The HerbGarden can also do double-duty as a vegetable garden.Cutting Garden. The cutting garden at Cedaridge Farm features bulbs such as tulips and daffodilsfor spring, and ever-blooming annuals to follow the bulbs so armloads of flowers can be harvestedfrom April through October.Victorian Garden. A garden with romantic overtones! Imagine a white gazebo framed by mostlywhite flowers for a wedding in the family. Or choose from among several color harmonies, such asyellow and blue, red, pink and silver, or blue, pink and white.Cottage Garden. You dont need a cottage to have a cottage garden. But if you do, such as aguest cottage, why not wrap it in shrub roses and climbers, plus those delightful English cottagegarden plants like poppies, sunflowers and pinks. We also like to include plants to attractbutterflies and hummingbirds.
  3. 3. Stream Garden. Lucky you if you have an existing stream to be landscaped. At Cedaridge Farmwe have a stream, but when we moved here it was overgrown with poison ivy and brambles.Today it is criss-crossed with bridges, and beds of moisture-loving plants like astilbe and water iris.If you dont have a stream, but would like one, we can create a design where the water is re-circulated along one thats man-made but looks natural.Orchard. You dont need a lot of space for a productive orchard. By making the right choices, fruittrees can be grown in containers or espaliered against fences and walls to save space. Peachesand apples can be trained over arbors. Just a few plants of small fruits like strawberries andraspberries can be highly productive.Bog Garden. Ideal for soils that tend to remain moist all season, bog gardens can be extremelycolorful and highly imaginative, incorporating stepping stones and bridges to cross wet areas, andgrowing some of natures most diverse plant families, such as water iris, Japanese primroses,astilbe and waterlilies.Japanese Garden. The problem with many Japanese gardens is a tendency to use pseudo-Japanese elements such as Chinese dragons. Derek Fell has twice traveled to Japan, has writtenaward-winning articles about Japanese garden design, and has the experience to designauthentic-looking spaces in the Japanese tradition using elements of Zen or Feng Shui, or acombination of the two disciplines to create a magical space.Italian Garden. Although Italian gardens can be highly ostentatious, requiring steep slopes toachieve the best effect, like the Villa dEste, near Rome, small spaces can achieve the aura of anItalian garden. Derek Fell has not only visited some of the finest Italian Gardens, such as LaMortola on the Italian coast, and Boboli overlooking Florence, he has toured and photographed theVatican Gardens.French Formal Garden. The elaborate style of Versailles Palace and Vaux le Vicompte, may bebeyond your means, but elements of French garden design, such as a parterre garden, can beincorporated in small spaces.Monets Garden. This beautiful artists garden north of Paris contains more than a hundred specialplanting ideas to create what Monet considered his greatest work of art. Moreover, his plantingideas have undoubtedly inspired more new garden design than any other garden. Monets archedbridge, his waterlily pond, his arches leading to the entrance of his house, and his color harmoniesare just some examples of Monets innovation that people today like to emulate.Tapestry Garden (Trees & Shrubs). The great French Impressionist artist, Paul Cezannesgarden, in Provence, is composed mostly of trees and shrubs, not only as a labor saving device,but to provide a tapestry of color from leaf colors, leaf texture and leaf shapes. What could bemore appealing than to look out of a window of your home at a rich foliage panorama, including allshades of green from light green to dark-green, plus blue, silver, gold, bronze?Hillside Garden. Even dry hillsides can make beautiful rock gardens, with paths twisting andturning in a zig-zag to create a visual adventure from the top of the slope to the bottom. They canbe terraced and threaded with streams to create waterfalls and planted with some of natures most
  4. 4. beautiful plant forms. Bridges, benches and belvedere are some of the structural elements thatcan add interest to a hillside.Please visit http://www.derekfell.com to learn more or contact Derek directly.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Derek_Fell