Scotland basic 1 powerpoint


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Scotland basic 1 powerpoint

  1. 1. ScotlandScotland is one of the four countries that makeup the United Kingdom with England, Wales andNorthern Ireland.It has a population of about 5 million people.Scotland has 3 languages; English, Gaelic andScots.
  2. 2. Edinburgh Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. It is on the east cost of the country. One of the main attractions is Edinburgh Castle.There is a famous art festival every summer calledthe “Fringe Festival.”There are a lot of comedy shows and plays and avariety of street performances. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is also a part of the Edinburgh festivals. There are pipe bands and fireworks and it takes place in the castle.
  3. 3. Glasgow Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city and the third biggest city in the UK. It is located on the west coast, on the banks of the River Clyde. Glasgow has less tourist attractions than Edinburgh. There are 3 universities and many colleges so there is a large population of young people in the city. This is a statue outside the art museum, he is usually wearing a traffic cone on his head.
  4. 4. The Highlands and Islands The highlands are in the north of Scotland. There are many mountain ranges including the highest mountain in Britain; Ben Nevis (1344m).Not many people live in the Highlands and Islands ofScotland.These are the areas where people speak Gaelic.
  5. 5. There are approximately 31,460 freshwater lochs in Scotland.Lochs Loch Ness and Loch Lomond are the biggest two.Loch Ness Loch LomondNessie, the Loch Ness Monster
  6. 6. The Weather
  7. 7. Traditional Clothes and Music Men traditionally wear skirts called kilts. Men wear kilts for weddings, graduations or any other formal occasion (and sometimes for football matches). Bagpipes are the traditional musical instrument.
  8. 8. Traditional DancingHighland dancing is a competitive type of solodance.It is danced during the Highland Games andthe dancers are judged.The music is usually bagpipes. Ceilidh dancing is a social dance and is danced at parties. The music is usually a ceilidh band with an accordian, flutes and whistles.
  9. 9. Famous PeopleWilliam Wallace is famous for fighting for Scottishindependence against the English.He was hanged, drawn and quartered in 1305.His head was displayed in London and his arms and legs wereplaced in four different parts of England and Scotland. Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796) was a famous Scottish poet. He wrote poems in Scots and in English. He wrote Auld Lang Syne which is sung at Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve).