Riding the Trail to the City of Laputa


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Portfolio - Volume I

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Riding the Trail to the City of Laputa

  1. 1. I would like to dedicate this to all who stuck around in this long journey. Thanks for all your support and for believing in my creative vision. ““But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling, like dew, upon a thought produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions think.” -Lord George Gordon Byron
  2. 2. Table of Contents Preface Mediums Outdoor Magazine Flyers and Newsletters Campaigns Logos and Brand Development Digital Art About the Author Commendations Certifcates Artwork inspired by Jessica Brilli’s 2005 Painting Bicycle
  3. 3. Preface Along my scholastic journey, I met people who helped me along the way to find a vision. I think of this portfolio as what it is most commonly known as, a “book.” A past professor taught me to think about standing out from the rest by staying away from what future employers see on a daily basis. Why have a resume when you can put a message in a bottle? Literally. So I thought, “That’s what I should do, make my book into a literary book.” When people grab a book to read, they mostly want either fantasy or knowledge. I didn’t want this to be any different. In here you’ll find my collective work from the past three years of how I see advertising. It’s not just getting the word out or trying to sell a product. It’s more about solving a problem when a business is losing customers, when consumers are not familiar with a product or just when one needs to find an identity. The advertising industry is all about the solution, and this collection is what I feel that is. This collection describes how I work, and my work describes who I am. To all who helped me with the concept, with professional advice and with the completion, thank you. To the rest of you, welcome to my book.
  4. 4. Chapter I Outdoor
  5. 5. ... Texas + . = B .. .b.Q shinerbbq.com
  6. 6. Shiner Bock Beers During my first semester of taking advertising classes at the University of Houston, I took a copywriting class taught by Professor Bob Culpepper. It was during this time I first realized advertising is a way to offer a solution to a problem. The assignment, in this case, was to choose an existing billboard and create the next in a series. I chose a Shiner Bock billboard that emphasized their connection with Stubb’s barbeque. My goal was to keep things short, sweet and to the point. The copy on the original billboard read, “WE PUT THE BAR IN BAR-B-Q.” In this way, Shiner is seen as an accessory to the barbeque. For the next in the series I decided to reverse the concept, making Shiner the centerpiece and build the barbeque around the beer. Through fewer words and more images, I felt this ad would stick in people’s minds. Why make people read, when they can see that it is Shiner Beers being offered? Why put the word “barbeque” when I can show a silly cow? During college, I would learn one specific characteristic of all advertisements; they’re either a demonstration or a metaphor. This Shiner ad is a metaphor; a simple equation containing pictures fully representing Texas barbeque.
  7. 7. VOTE08 The concept of these billboards was derived from people’s apathy about voting. With the copy being intentionally sarcastic, I wanted to arouse realistic thinking when the audience saw these ads. Being aware of advertising trends and designs is one thing, but to break the generic mold for a voting advertising campaign was how I wanted to portray this billboard among others. Therefore, this advertisement was more than just the design or digital print; it was the idea of branching beyond the typical billboard and public service announcement for voting. For instance, when you think about global warming, you don’t think about the day to day effects. When you think of pedophiles, you don’t see them as normal. These billboards completely disrupt conventional thinking. With that, I hoped to provoke emotions of anger and offensiveness, ultimately getting people to the polls and making their own voices heard.
  8. 8. Chapter II Magazine
  9. 9. ADT Security When you think of business-to-business magazine advertisements, you find they’re more informative than appealing. This advertisement has a little bit of both. Business-to-business advertisements are almost a mirror image of the consumer themselves. They are succinct and quick to the point, because our typical businessman or businesswoman doesn’t have the time of day to sit and analyze a copyright. The purpose of this ad was to show how ADT doesn’t take a break, because neither do criminals. It was a simple copyright that reminded the reader of ADT’s benefits to the consumer. Moreover, the use of the ADT logo is a simple use of branding. At the bottom of the ad, the copy gives a brief history of the company. This allows potential businesses to understand ADT as a company of quality. Through the use of demonstration, this ad shows how a company can relax, having one less thing to worry about when ADT is in their corner.
  10. 10. Tools connecting YOU to your LIFE. Make it. Personalize It. AIM for you. Do what you want. Look how you feel. Mail Pictures Chat Videos You. Live a PERSONALIZED LIFE. AIM for you. www.aimpages.com www.aimpages.com
  11. 11. AOL AIM Pages These AOL print ads were actually part of a larger project. The goal of this case study was to achieve a way to familiarize people with AOL’s AIM Pages. AIM Pages is a social networking site you can fully customize a page to personalize who you are. A majority of those surveyed in my research had an AIM screen name, but weren’t aware of the AIM Page associated with it. We all know MySpace and Facebook command the playing field when it comes to social networking sites. So instead of competing head-to-head with these giants, I simply wanted to introduce people to an option they were unacquainted with. In these two print ads I demonstrated how two different personalities come alive in their own way on their own page. These print ads provide a demonstration of how people are able to personalize their life however they want. The personalization of the people in the advertisements lends a close relationship to the reader; therefore, a stronger connection to the brand. Also, located on the bottom of the page is a call to action to visit the AIM Pages website where they can start their own today.
  12. 12. PetSmart At one time or another, as a pet owner, we all tend to fail to notice what our pets really do for us. In these print ads for PetSmart, I concentrated on canine companions and how they truly are “man’s best friend.” As we go through life we all have certain needs. Some of these needs are seen differently through a dog’s eyes. For example, one of the ads states, “Obedience is important for you, treats are important for them.” In other words, our necessities are their rewards. I wanted to trigger a strong emotion in the audience of love and compassion for their pets and realize, along with me, how we tend to sometimes overlook our companion’s loyalty. Moreover, I wanted to shift the point of view from the pet owner, to the pet’s point of view. I created a tagline “Show Your Appreciation” as a call to action. Each ad contains a coupon offering a way to act upon that appreciation. If treats are important to a dog, the consumer gets a 20 percent off coupon for those treats.
  13. 13. Chapter III Flyers and Newsletter
  14. 14. Glorious Way Church This was a flyer assignment given to me by Glorious Way Church located in Houston, Texas. Their youth group, Altitude, was hosting a roller skating event at their local rink. When most people think about skating rinks these days, they think of disco. Playing off this theme, I used popular songs of the disco era as my taglines. Also, I wanted the flyer to have a psychedelic look making the words appear as they had floated into place. The flyer is as fun, energetic and inviting as the actual event.
  15. 15. HYATT Regency Crystal City This was a newsletter assignment given to me by the HYATT Regency Hotel in Crystal City located in Washington D.C. They wanted a commemorative newsletter for all those in attendance at the historical presidential inauguration in 2009. My job was to layout and design the newsletter. I used a theme reflecting President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Moreover I used similar colors and even managed to add President Obama’s campaign logo.
  16. 16. American Advertising Federation Infomation Nights The purpose of this flyer was to notify American Advertising Federation-University of Houston Chapter members and future members of Information Nights. I wanted the copy to read opposite of the actual intended action. In the past, I’ve learned that people often do what they’re told not to do. We are all natural rebels at heart. The tagline instructs you to not read; however, we all noticed that a greater number of people stopped to read over the flyer. Measuring the effectiveness of this flyer was the turnout of people to the information nights, which had a higher turnout as compared to the past semesters.
  17. 17. American Advertising Federation Paintball Tournament Fundraiser I designed this flyer for a fundraiser I organized as Vice President for American Advertising Federation- University of Houston Chapter. I mimicked a secret agent’s mission briefing with a twist. Also, the flyer for the actual event is visually busy and eye-catching. As the semester goes on, more flyers fill up the campus boards finding it hard to seek out one event. I felt that this flyer stood out well from the rest and helped the great turnout we had.
  18. 18. Chapter IV Campaigns
  19. 19. “Don’t be aimless.”
  20. 20. “It’s less than you think.” The concept of this big idea is to show how many drinks is enough for the person consuming them. What may not be too much for you could be less than you think for someone else to be dangerously intoxicated. The idea is pointing to the actual problem; not knowing your limit or your friend’s limit, and not knowing how to maximize your own buzz. It takes less than you think to get hurt and it takes less than you think to have a good time. Two drinks versus four drinks make a big difference even though four drinks may not sound like too much for you. If people can understand it takes less than you think they can better protect themselves, their friends and still ‘feel good’ at the same time. You become more aware of the situation and the outcome. This idea will be more informative to the targeted segments; it’s in the title itself- I am telling you, “It’s less than you think…” Slow down, don’t look stupid, don’t end up hurt and ENJOY yourself- because it really IS less than you think.
  21. 21. Chapter V Logos and Brand Development
  22. 22. American Advertising Federation A challenge was presented to me to re-brand the American Advertising Federation-University of Houston Chapter’s logo. The former image personified guerilla tactics, the club occasionally practiced, with an actual gorilla. But why have a gorilla represent you, when you don’t fully represent guerilla? Instead, I wanted the organization to feel like a real life agency. Unlike the other clubs on campus, AAF was purely professional and interacted with actual agencies in the Houston area. I wanted our club to feel like those agencies. This new logo and headline are part of a bigger idea, in which the whole AAF-UH Chapter website looks like a corkboard similar to one you can find in a professional’s office. The site was intended to be more interactive than before, being able to click on post-it notes and flyers on the board. Click on this post-it note and you can find a client list of past companies we have worked with during competitions, or click this flyer to view a portfolio section where members have submitted their work to show off. The concept in the end was intended to feel like you were browsing on an actual agency’s webpage. Furthermore, the tack in the organization’s logo ties together the corkboard with the new image. The tagline was also changed to “Educate. Innovate. Create!” to emphasize what we do.
  23. 23. American Advertising Federation AAF Student Conference 2008 This was a piece I submitted for the AAF 2008 Conference Name Tag Competition. Each school in attendance was to submit a name tag to represent their school. I remember when I created this; it was literally the night before. The current president of our organization asked me to come up with something to submit. I didn’t want our school to be the only one without a name tag, so I went home and started designing. A good friend had recently introduced me to a laser cutting machine that cuts and engraves various materials. I instantly thought of that, designed the piece and asked her for help. Being the great friend she is, she laser cut the name tag first thing the morning of the competition. Later that day, we found out our school had won first place.
  24. 24. pediINFANtry pediINFANTry
  25. 25. pediINFANTRY This assignment was given to me by a group of nurses who work in a clinic located in the Houston Medical Center. I was asked to create a team name and logo for their participation in the March of Dimes, a walk promoting awareness and raising funds for premature babies. The team wanted to find a unique way to set themselves apart from the others. The result was “pediINFANTRY.” The whole idea behind the team name is a play on words. The purpose of the march were for babies, giving “pedi” a double meaning: one for feet, the other for babies. When most people think of marching, an army comes to mind, or in this case an infantry. Finally, the bandanas were gender specific, baby blue for the males and pink for the females.
  26. 26. Chapter VI Digital Art
  27. 27. About the Author Wrtten by C. T. Nguyen Joseph Naguit was born the youngest and only son on September 24, 1983, in the Philippines to Joe Naguit and Zenaida Mangubat Naguit. Soon after, he and his family made their way to America where he spent most of his upbringing in the suburbs of Houston. As a high school student, his early skills were developed and exercised in organizations like the Technology Student Association and the art club. Besides this, Joseph had an extensive background in music that focused on the French horn (among the guitar, piano and drums). Before Joseph chose advertising, his life felt incomplete in fields of computer science and marketing. He figured out that advertising fit his competitive and innovative nature, which are now both vigorously challenged at all times. The work doesn’t just overwhelm, but excites him. It has been stated that Joseph’s professional heroes include men like Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson and Steve Paul Jobs. In his last semester at the University of Houston he was appointed Vice President and Ambassador of the America Advertising Federation. Some of his achievements included building the membership count to new heights, giving AAF a new image and raising the bar of what creativity can do with his fellow members. First impressions allow people to recognize the characteristics that aid in Joseph’s successes: determination, charm, persistence, confidence and incredible organization; however, he can also be playful, sentimental, bashful and impulsive. When Joseph is not creating ads, he can be found on a golf course contemplating the wind’s direction, eating a good steak done medium rare, rearranging the furniture in his apartment, mastering the violin or at his neighborhood bar on the karaoke microphone. He also has great passion for cars with impressive engines, women who kiss with enthusiasm, whole pies in any shape or form and dogs with big ears. Keep in mind, he is only in his mid-twenties and still has plenty more he wants to accomplish. It begins here. “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” ` - -Marcel Proust
  28. 28. Commendations
  29. 29. “In today’s vernacular, this guy rocks! Quiet but smart. Cool but energetic. In a two word summary: Hire him.” Don Brown -February 19, 2009, LinkedIN Principal at brownchild ltd inc
  30. 30. “Joseph Naguit was my student in Advertising Copywriting and Advertising Campaigns a few semesters ago. He is an excellent student, both in the comprehension of the material presented and in the application of the material in various creative assignments. The teams that Joseph worked in could always be counted on to offer outside-the-box solutions to problems and to discover attention getting ways of presenting the benefits of the products for which they created advertising. He is proficient in a variety of computer graphics programs and has an excellent design sense. I heartily recommend Joseph for any position for which you might consider him. He is a quick study and I am confident that he will make a fine addition to your staff. If I can provide any further information please feel free to call me at 713-504-1828.” Robert J. Culpepper Jr. Advertising Professor Jack J. Valenti School of Communication University of Houston
  31. 31. Certificates
  32. 32. Frist Place in the AAF Name Tag Competition Robert Culpepper University of Houston
  33. 33. References Robert Culpepper Advertising Professor - Communications Department University of Houston – Main Campus 122 E. Cullen Houston, Texas 77204 (713) 867-3228 Larry Kelley Chief Planning Officer - Fogarty Klein Monroe 1800 West Loop S Houston, TX 77027 (713) 862-5100 Don Brown Principal at brownchild ltd. inc. 1629 Bonnie Brae St Houston, TX 77006 (713) 807-9000 Kristopher Hayes Customer Experience Manager (Sales Manager) Best Buy #291 5133 Richmond Ave Houston, Texas 77056 (409) 673-3424
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