iOS Game Development: When Cocoa Met Cocos...


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iOS Game Development: When Cocoa Met Cocos...

  1. 1. iOS Game Development When Cocoa Met Cocos... Joseph Ku (Chieh-Fang Ku)
  2. 2. OutlineWhere to start?... Why cocos2d?Let Apple help you! Game design conceptsPiece of cake? Elements of cocos2dGame engines for Last but not least...iOS? ReferencesWhat’s cocos2d? v1.0.2 Build 201105100800
  3. 3. Who am I?Joseph Ku (Chieh-Fang Ku)(@josephku) I started to learn programming since 1990, because I wanted to be a game programmer.A video gamer since 1985A Linux user since 1996Ruby lover and Guitar Hero rocker
  4. 4. Who am I?Game development history 1989: My first board game - 喰 (not published) 1991: My first RPG game - The Legend of Love (not for public) All written in x86 Assembly language 1992: Audio card driver of Rich 2 (...Time flies......) To be continue...
  5. 5. Who am I?Game development history 2003: Former contributor of Crystal Space (3D game engine) 2004: Experimental 3D game engine - JBOX (...Time flies again......) 2010: My second board game - 5 Elements (Ready to sell) Nobody bird me...... Orz
  6. 6. Before we start...Don’t take any notes. This slide will bepublished with CC BY-NC-ND.You could interrupt me anytime.
  7. 7. Before we start...Layers of iOS Cocoa Touch Media Core Services Core OS
  8. 8. Before we start...iOS SDK XCode Tools XCode Interface Builder Instruments iOS Simulator iOS Developer Library
  9. 9. Before we start...480x320 iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch960x640 (Retina Display) iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G1024x768 iPad, iPad2
  10. 10. Let Apple help you!Game Kit
  11. 11. Let Apple help you!OpenGL ES 2.0UIKitCore AnimationAV Foundation FrameworkAccelerometerHTTP
  12. 12. Let Apple help you!In-App PurchaseiAdsAirplay
  13. 13. Piece of cake?It’s is not as easy as you thought!Better than developing games on PS2 PS2: CPU 294.912MHz, RAM 32MB iPhone: 800 MHz, RAM 512MBMultiple function device
  14. 14. Babe, you are not alone Backgrounded Phone call Home button pressed SMS message etc.
  15. 15. Endless tuningOne second is a long timeLoad the assets you need interactively withthe playerOptimize loading timesPlaying again and again and again
  16. 16. Game Engines for iOSiTorque 2D Full source. No royalties. One price. $99Corona Free as a trial $199/year
  17. 17. Game Engines for iOSUnity Professional 3D game engine $400SIO2 Engine 3D game engine $499.99. Including source code.
  18. 18. Cocos2d
  19. 19. What’s cocos2d?Accurate name: cocos2d for iPhoneBased on Cocos2d which was written inPythonWritten in Objective-CApp Store approved More than 2500 games use it
  20. 20. Why cocos2d?Free. Open source game engine MIT licenseIntegrated with Box2D and ChipmunkSupports Retina DisplayIntegrated Pause/Resume
  21. 21. Game design conceptsGraphicsAudioInput(AI)
  22. 22. Game design conceptsRender Frame -> Game Sim -> User InputRender Frame -> User Input -> Game SimCADisplayLink -> Render Frame -> User Input-> Game Sim
  23. 23. Game design conceptsFlow
  24. 24. Elements of cocos2dCCDirectorDraw & UpdateScene & LayerCCNode CCSpriteCCAction
  25. 25. Elements of cocos2d
  26. 26. Last but not least...External display support New UIScreen “View Programming Guide for iOS” Windows -> Displaying Content on an External Display Added on 2011-03-08
  27. 27. Demo
  28. 28. Demo
  29. 29. Last but not least...Keep watching on AirPlay APIsHow about writing a game for Mac AppStore?Be a real game developer Game Programming Gems series Game Developer Magazine
  30. 30. ReferencesiTorque2D
  31. 31. ReferencesShadow Era Engine for iPhone
  32. 32. ReferencesGame Kit Programming Guide NetworkingInternet/Conceptual/GameKit_Guide/View Programming Guide for iOS WindowsViews/Conceptual/ViewPG_iPhoneOS/
  33. 33. ReferencesGame Programming Gems Developer Magazine
  34. 34. Any questions?