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This is a school project and also my first powerpoint

This is a school project and also my first powerpoint

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  • Welcome to Northwestern Technologies. My Name is Joseph Kempton and I will be explaining the importance of gaining a social media presence to increase your ROI.
  • Engaging in social media and blogs helps make people aware of your company and keeps you fresh in their minds. You will brand yourself as the go to company in your field and gain an online community that will spread the word about your company.How much does google charge to promote your business? Has it brought you the results you wanted? I didn’t think so.
  • First the telegraph was created as a was to get messages across, then along came the telephone to spread the word to friends and family followed by the radio which broadcast your message to a wide range of people.My web based social was the first to come along in 1999 well before Myspace and Facebook.
  • Social media is a way your customers can rate your services or products and spread the word to their friends
  • Social media is less costly than newspaper and magazine advertisements that many people do not even pay attention to. Social media allows you to do promotions that your followers can pass on to their friends and so on. Isn’t that better than a
  • Are you ready to increase your sales? Or are you satisfied with what you have? I don’t think you were satisfied since you inquired how to do better. Let us take you to new heights and see your pot of gold fill up.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Is Social Media Good For Me
    • 2. • Visibility of Your Company • Branding of Your Company • Building a Community
    • 3.  1792 – The Telegraph  1890 – The Telephone  1891 – The Radio  1999 – The first Social Network
    • 4. Tweet.. Tweet Tweet Your Social Network is Calling
    • 5. Sources Cited Small Business Trends – “18 Reasons to use Social Media” September 2011 Small Business Trends- “ The complete history of social media then and now” media-infographic.html May 2013 My Web Based Social – First social network established 1999. January 2014