2012-2013 Orientation

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  • 1. WELCOME! Please come in! Find where your child sits and have a seat. We will begin shortly.
  • 2. WELCOME TO FIFTHGRADE Isabel Anaya Karen Conner Leticia de la Garza Joe Gagliardo Ellen Schmidt Pat Skinner and Michelle Westfall
  • 3. EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Everything a person does or says speaks volumes about his/her character. All instructional decisions keep the latest brain research in mind. Everything is on purpose. We build life-long learners We strive to create horizontal connections, as well as vertical learning to create well rounded thinkers. Students are encouraged to see beyond themselves.
  • 4. SCHOOL HOURS 7:45-2:45 No student drop off before 7:00-there are no adults on duty. Students will wait in the cafeteria until 7:15, when they will be released to the hallways All exterior doors will be locked at 7:30 with the exception of the front doors. Students will be counted tardy if they arrive in the classroom after 7:45 Students are absent if not in class by 9:00. 2 or more tardies/early departures will result in a child not being eligible for Perfect Attendance IMPORTANCE OF DAILY ATTENDANCE
  • 5. HOW/WHEN TO REACH US Conference time 10:10-10:55 Email is a convenient form of communication used frequently. Please make sure to get your child’s teacher’s email address if this is an option for you. Teachers have voice mail on which you may leave a message. We will do our best to check messages regularly and get back to you in a timely manner. Joseph.Gagliardo@nisd.net 397-8050 x3212
  • 6. VISITORS Parents are always welcome to come and observe their child in the classroom. Please call the morning of the day you are planning to come in to make sure we are not at specials, assembly, library, etc. Observations should be limited to 30-45 min per day. Parents who are on-campus to volunteer or go on field trips must have completed the background check form. Feel free to come and have lunch (12:05) with your child –But YOU MUST sign in, receive, and WEAR a visitor badge! This must be worn by any person on campus after 7:45 am.
  • 7. IMPORTANT INFOTeachers will use the following means tocommunicate important events/info to parents: Discipline Folder Weekly Newsletter Web page Friday Folder (Handouts and Graded Work) Parent Connection—see separate slide Progress Reports/Report Cards Parent Conferences
  • 8. GRADE-LEVEL NEWSLETTERYou will be able to print a weeklynewsletter on the last day of each week.Information is for the next week. Thiswill provide vital information for you onwhat your child is doing in theclassroom. Please access online.
  • 9. REPORT CARD/PROGRESSREPORT •Our Report Cards and Progress Reports are aligned with NISD Standards. •Report cards will be issued after each nine week grading period. •Progress Reports will be issued midway throughout each nine weeks.
  • 10. 5TH GRADE PROMOTIONREQUIREMENTS Reading at an ending 5th grade level Pass 3 math promotion standards Receive a 3 or 4 on a Writing Prompt Pass the Reading and Math STAAR Master most of the NISD standards Have an average of 70 or higher in subject areas.
  • 11. HOMEWORK POLICY •It helps when you have an established routine and a designated workspace. •Fifth grade students will have homework Monday through Thursday. It is all due Friday with no exceptions. •Every night, students are required to read for a minimum of 20 minutes. •If students are using their class time wisely, they should have no more than 50 minutes of homework per night. •Please check the planners nightly. •Please initial the Reading Log whenever your child reads.
  • 12. GRADING POLICY•Assignments below 70 can bere-done and re-submitted for a70. This does NOT apply toassessments/tests.•Late Work-Work is due the dayassigned unless otherwise noted.Ten (10) points will be deductedfrom the grade for each day it islate. Late work WILL NOT beaccepted two weeks after theassignment was due. Lateprojects are NOT accepted.
  • 13. TEST TAKING POLICY All tests require corrections to be made and returned in a timely manner. This is to help students rethink/relearn misunderstandings of the content. A higher grade will NOT be given. Students must make corrections on a separate sheet of paper and staple it to the assignment. It is due the following school day. This does not alter the grade on the assessment!
  • 14. CMP MATH Students who are recommended by their 4th grade teacher, are eligible to attend an honors math class called ―CMP‖, taught by Mrs. Conner. Students who are not eligible will attend math in their 5th grade classroom. This program will begin soon. Letters will go home in the next several weeks telling you where your child will be placed.
  • 15. TOYS AT SCHOOL Toys may not be brought to school unless the teacher sends home a note No one may bring a weapon or any item associated with a weapon for an reason Trading cards are not allowed on campus Electronic devices/games are not allowed on campus unless specified (reward day) Toys brought to school will be taken by the teacher for a parent to retrieve.
  • 16. CELL PHONESCell phones are allowed at school IF: They are turned OFF They are kept in a backpackPhones that are confiscated will be given to administration for parents to retrieve.
  • 17. PARENT CONNECTION **AN INVALUABLE RESOURCE** Parents are now able to log on to Parent Connection (via the NISD home page) to check their child’s grades and attendance. If you do not have a parent connection username and password, please use the student station to get it.
  • 18. DRESS CODEPlease consult your NISD parent handbookfor any questions you might have regardingwhat your child should wear to school.
  • 19. FAMILY FIELD TRIPS Throughout the year, you and your family will have the opportunity to gather with other grade level families for a Family Field Trip This is an educational opportunity for you and your child(ren) to learn and grow together!
  • 20. LAW CONCERNING FOOD GIVENOUT IN CLASSThe Texas Department of Agriculture initiated a policy calling for certainfoods and beverages to not be given away on the school premises. Thesefoods include but are not limited to any candy, sodas, and popsicles thatdon’t contain fruit juices. This policy will be strictly enforced at Kuentz,meaning that our thinking will have to accommodate this policy whenplanning parties.You may bring in cupcakes or non-food items for birthday’s. They willbe distributed at recess. The treats may be store bought or home made.The only times that we are exempt from the law are for the Winter,Rodeo, and Graduation parties.(This policy does not affect what you send for only your child,although snacks to be eaten in class must be HEALTHY.)
  • 21. CAFETERIA MENUFamilies will receiveONE cafeteriamenu for the entireyear. The menu willrotate every twoweeks. If you loseyour copy, pleaserefer to the NISDhomepage.
  • 22. DISMISSAL PROCEDURES Students are dismissed at 2:45 pm daily (with the exception of Early Release days) If your child needs to be released early for an appointment or emergency, sign them out in the office. If the way a student goes home is changing, written permission must be given to the teacher. Each time it changes documentation is necessary. This must be received by 2:00.
  • 23. THIS IS A TRANSITIONYEAR!Not a child anymoreNot yet a young adultIn addition to curriculum, your childwill learn life lessons and acceptablesocial norms.
  • 24. YIKES! THAT SOUNDS HARSH!Let us take a moment toaddress some policies thatmay raise your eyebrows.
  • 25. MORNING HALLWAY WORK Some students arrive as early as 7:00am. That is 35 minutes that could be utilized for brain building activities. 35 min x 5 days x 4 weeks = 700 min Almost 12 hours a month! For this reason, students are required to WORK while they wait for school to begin.
  • 26. LATE WORK POLICYStudents have 10 days to turn in latework with a 10 pt penalty per day.After 10 school days, the grade will be azero.In middle school, many teachers do notaccept late work AT ALL. This policy isan effort to train students up for success.
  • 27. SILENT HALLWAYRespect and safety are of the utmostimportance.Students walk in a straight line tofacilitate movement throughout theschool. Students walk silently to respect the other learners in the building.
  • 28. HOMEWORK Weekly homework will, for the most part, remain the same all year. Completing it early is a good idea, as other assignments, unfinished work, and projects will be assigned, as well.
  • 29. COMMUNICATION/ DISCIPLINE FOLDER Thisfolder is used to let you know how your child is doing on a weekly basis. If YOU don’t sign it, half of its purpose disappears! If your child’s folder has been signed, it indicates that: 1- repeated redirections were not sufficient to fix the behavior OR 2-the behavior was very disruptive to other learners
  • 30. COMMUNICATION/DISCIPLINE FOLDER (CONT’D) Asper NISD standards, work habits and responsibility are wrapped up with citizenship. Folder marks are given for missing homework and forms. This provides a method of communicating with you AND a source of accountability for the students.
  • 31. STUDENTS MAY GO TO THE NURSE WHEN SOMETHING IS COMING OUT OF THEIR BODIES. Ourcampus implements a buddy system that requires THREE to go to the nurse. This takes valuable instruction time from all three. Upset tummies, headaches and boo-boos will be handled in the classroom. Emergencies happen! We promise to be proactive and judicious when deciding if an injury warrants a nurse visit.
  • 32. HOWL AT THE MOON FAMILY NIGHT Friday, October 26 5:30-8:30pm Food, fun and games PTA Fundraiser We are responsible for putting together a basket for the silent auction. Our basket theme is ―Snacks‖. If you have any questions, please contact the Kuentz PTA at kuentzpta@yahoo.com THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
  • 33. ONE LAST THING! Be sure to complete your Criminal History Background Check. It takes just a couple of minutes. You must be cleared before coming on field trips or helping at parties.
  • 34. We are very much looking forward to aproductive school year. As a team, wewill strive to do everything possible tohelp your child experience success,encouraging them to grow academicallyand emotionally. We cannot reach thisgoal, however, without help from you,the parents. Your involvement andcooperation play vital roles indetermining the degree to which thisgoal is met.Fifth grade teachers