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What are Filipinos like (#drewers_)
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What are Filipinos like (#drewers_)



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  • 1. What areWhat areFilipinosFilipinosLike?Like?Leon Ma. Guerrero
  • 2. Leon Ma. Guerrero
  • 3. He was one of theforemostnationalists of thisera. A partner in thelaw practice ofSenator Claro M.Recto, he becameUndersecretary ofForeign Affairsduring theMagsaysayadministration.
  • 4. On retirement, he was thecountrys most senior diplomat,having been Ambassador inLondon, Madrid, New Delhi, MexicoCity and Belgrade. On 19 June1982 he received the GawadMabini -the highest award in thePhilippine Foreign Service.He held the rank of Knight GrandCross of the Knights of Rizal.Among his many works areinternationally acclaimedtranslations of Rizals Noli MeTangere and El Filibusterismo.
  • 5. What are Filipinos Like?What are Filipinos Like?Leon Ma. Guerrero
  • 6. What doforeigners sayaboutFilipinos?
  • 7. Filipinos are...• Friendly - good-natured• loyal - idealistic• Sentimental - socially gracious• more intelligent than the Malays• religious but not so mystical asthe Indians• imitative but less so than theJapanese
  • 8. Filipinos are...• unwilling to acceptresponsibility• lacking in self-reliance• less hardworking than theChineseand, in general,...•the most adaptable of allraces in the Orient.
  • 9. A Spaniard thought Filipinoswere very like the Spanish.
  • 10. An American thought Filipinos werenot American enough. They alsocannot understand why grown-upsons and daughters keep on livingwith their parents after they havemarried.
  • 11. A Frenchman remarkedthat Filipinos were theonly people in Asia with asense of humor.
  • 12. A Chinese thought Filipinoswere improvident.
  • 13. An Indonesian criticizedFilipinos for immediatelyaccepting Westernstandards.
  • 14. A Siamese said Filipinoswere pretentious.
  • 15. Other nations triedto“save” us…
  • 16. Spaniards believed thatthey were rescuing usfrom agents of Satan.
  • 17. Americans proclaimed theirpurpose to civilize us,Christianize us, and liberate usfrom the Spaniards.
  • 18. Japanese announcedthat they come to free usfrom the Americans.
  • 19. They were allfighting over us!Yet in the end…
  • 20. saveourselvesWe have managed tosurvive in thissolicitude, and to learnthat in the end wemust