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Published in: Travel, Technology

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  • 1. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 2. A verbal is a word derived from the verb but used as noun, adjective, or adverb. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 3. I. PARTICIPLESI. GERUNDSII. INFINTIVES ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 4.  A “participle” is a form of a verb that can act as an adjective. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 5. EXAMPLES:The running water caused a flood.The dreaded fruit fly infiltrated the valley. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 6. Kinds of Participles Forms ExamplesPresent Participle Ends in -ing It was a taxing day. The smiling child waved.Past participle Usually ends in –ed, I drank chilled cider. sometimes –en or Throw out that another irregular broken-cup. endingPerfect Participle Includes having or Having rested, I having been before a awoke. past participle Having been praised, I felt proud. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 7. As a VERB :She coveted the ring.The accountant is swindling.As a PARTICIPLE:The coveted ring was soon hers.The swindling accountant was apprehend. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 8.  A “gerund” is a form of a verb that acts as a noun. When a verb ending in –ing functions as a noun, it is called gerunds. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 9.  As a SUBJECT:ex. Painting is a pleasant hobby. As a DIRECT OBJECT :ex. I mastered flying. As an INDIRECT OBJECT :ex. Agnes gave knitting a try but soon put her needles away. As an OBJECT of a PREPOSITION ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 10.  As an OBJECT of a PREPOSITION:ex. Eat lunch before leaving. As an PREDICATE NOMINATIVEex. My new hobby is golfing. As an APPOSITIVE:ex. My favorite sport, fishing gives me hours of pleasure. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 11.  AS A PART OF A VERB PHRASE:Ex. The audience is cheering. AS A PARTICIPLE:Ex. The singer enjoyed the cheering audience. AS A GERUND (subject):Ex. The cheering grew thunderously loud. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 12.  A third type of verbal. Infinitives can function as three parts of speech. An “infinitive” is a form of a verb that generally appears with the word to and acts as a noun, adjective, or adverb. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 13. EXAMPLES :To go to Spain is my dream. I ordered dinner to go. She was happy to go. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 14. AS A NOUNS: As a SUBJECT:Ex. To fly scares many people. As a DIRECT OBJECT:Ex. With two weeks off, Nina planned to relax. As an PREDICATE NOMINATIVE:Ex. This semester, all Joel wanted was to pass. As an OBJECT PREPOSITION:Ex. The race was about to start. As an APPOSITIVE:Ex. The suggestion, to forfeit, was rejected. ignatius joseph n estroga
  • 15.  As an APPOSITIVE:Ex. The suggestion, to forfeit, was rejected. As an APPOSITIVE:Ex. The suggestion, to forfeit, was rejected. AS A MODIFIERS:  As an ADJECTIVE: Ex. The whole team displayed an ardent desire to participate.  As an ADVERB: Ex. The Golden Gate Bridge was a sight that was beautiful to see. ignatius joseph n estroga