The monkey and the crocodile- India

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  • 1. by Rohini Chowdhury
  • 2. Long ago, there lived a monkey namedon a Jamun (Black-berry) treeby the side of a river.Raktamukha,
  • 3. The tree wasalways full offruits, whichwere as sweet asnectar.
  • 4. The Monkey used to eat fruits from thetree. Raktamukha was happilypassing his days jumpingfrom one tree to another.
  • 5. Once, a crocodile named Karalamukhacame out of the watersand tookrest under the treeon which themonkey lived.
  • 6. Raktamukha, who was sitting high on abranch, saw the crocodile taking restunder the tree.
  • 7. The monkey became very eager to talkto the crocodile.
  • 8. Since he had no friends,he wanted to make friends withhim.
  • 9. Addressing the crocodile, Raktamukhasaid, “As you’re taking restunder the tree, you’remy guest and it’s myduty to offer you food.”
  • 10. The monkey gave a lot of Jamuns to thecrocodile to eat.
  • 12. Karalamukha started coming ashoreeveryday and enjoy the fruits offered bythe monkey. Soon they became goodfriends. Both of them started spendingtime with each other discussing theworld.
  • 13. ,
  • 14. "Dear, if these fruits are so tasty, then themonkey who eats these fruits must be tentimes tastier. Why dont you bring the heartof this monkey for my meals?”
  • 15. “Sweetheart, the monkey is my friend.It would not be fair to take his heart”.
  • 16. The crocodile’s wife was shrewd and pleadedwith her husband to bring monkey’s heart for her.The crocodile was unwilling to deceive his friend.she insisted on not eating anything till hebrought her monkey’s heart.
  • 17. Reaching ashore,Karalamukhaasked themonkey in a saidtone,"My wife and I invite you to ourhome for a dinner. My wife is veryangry with me for not having invitedyou earlier".He stated that his wife is anxious to meet such anice friend.
  • 18. I accept your invitation, but howwill I go with you? I don’t knowhow to swim?”“Don’t worry. Come and sit on myback. I‘ll take you to my house.”The crocodile replied,Poor monkey didn’t know about the plan andbelieved the story of crocodile. He asked thecrocodile,
  • 19. The monkeyhappily sat onthe back of thecrocodile andthey startedtheir journey.
  • 20. The monkeygot scared tosee water allaround andasked thecrocodile tomove slowly.
  • 21. The crocodile gullibly said to the monkey,“I am taking you to my home to please my wife.She wants to eat your heart. She says that sinceyou eat tasty fruits day and night, your heartmust be ten times tastier than those fruits."
  • 22. The monkey was taken a back to hearthese words. He had never expectedthis type of a request from a friend.He kept cool and said wittingly,
  • 23. "Oh dear! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? It would bemy privilege to offer my heart to your charming wife. Iusually keep my heart safely in the burrow of the tree.In order to serve my heart to your wife, I have to goback to get my heart.”
  • 24. On reaching the bank the monkey quicklyjumped off the crocodile’s back and climbed uphis home tree.
  • 25. “What is the delay? Get you heart.My wife will be very happy.”The crocodile was in a hurry and realizedthat the monkey was taking too long ingetting his heart.Impatiently he asked,
  • 26. By the time, the monkeyhad realized that thiswas a rebirth for him.The monkey laughedand answered,"My dear foolish friend. Youvedeceived me as a friend. Can any onetake out his heart and keep that in aburrow. It was all a trick to save my lifeand teach a lesson to an unfaithfulfriend like you. Now go away and don’tever come back."
  • 27. The crocodilewas ashamed forhis act and wenthome with hishead bent down.