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  1. 1. Sundiata
  2. 2. A long time ago, King Maghan ruled the kingdom of Mali.
  3. 3. He was loved by his people...
  4. 4. and had many wives.
  5. 5. One day, a hunter came from far Hi bez, how Sogolon would bear your son away to visit the king. Why should I marry a are you? Who u? woman I do not know #stalker just because a stranger Promise? Like! Go ko #cutie has told me to? ana bez!! Hmmmfffff! #eyeball #in love #hunter #roar who will become the you #miss greatest I come here king ever to rule your kingdom. #bff to tell you to marry Sogolon Ouch, Sorry! Sorry… wrong animal! #hunter_me #shy
  6. 6. Like most Malians, the king believed in fate and destiny, and the king listened to the advice of the hunter.
  7. 7. So King Maghan marry Sogolon…even if she was very #UGLY
  8. 8. She gave birth to a son. He was named Sundiata.
  9. 9. But as the boy grew older they realised that he couldn’t use his legs.
  10. 10. • King Maghan became very sick when Sundiata was still a young boy. Knowing his days were numbered, the king called Sundiata to his bedside. “When I go, you will be king. You are destined for greatness, my boy!”
  11. 11. But after king Maghan died, the king’s first wife had a different plan. Her name is Sassouma she believed that her son, Dankaran should be king.
  12. 12. Sassouma spread tales about Sundiata around the kingdom so that people wouldn’t accept him. *(^(*^(^ %^$$%$ The gossip worked and Dankaran became king instead. Sundiata was forced to flee with his mother.
  13. 13. "Sundiata, you must know that Huhuhu, m Owwz… Ibut I am love you other!In what way You sure dearly, worried about mum? mother? I your future. cant use my You are a legs Your legs strong boy. have Yes mother, I allowed understand. Sassouma to We cannot let take control Dankaran be king - it is against your father’s wishes!"
  14. 14. Sundiata felt sad but he had great courage and determination. Using two iron rods from a blacksmith, Sundiata used all Gradually, his legs started to his strength to minutes he grow, and within pull himself up. was standing on his own two feet. He told the gathering crowd, “now I am ready to be king!”
  15. 15. The young Sundiata grew into a man and became famous for his strength and charm. He had many admirers.
  16. 16. In the meantime, Sassouma and Dankaran had lost control of the kingdom to a wicked wizard called Soumaoro.
  17. 17. An old friend called Balle Fasseke told Sundiata how Soumaoro had magical powers over the people of Mali, and how he even displayed the skins and skulls of his enemies as treasures in his chamber.
  18. 18. Sundiata was determined to go back and free his people of the terrible wizard. Balle Fasseke gave his friend a special arrow. According to Balle Fasseke, Soumaoro would only lose his evil magic if he was scratched by this arrow.
  19. 19. Trusting his friend, Sundiata set off to fight Soumaoro, joined by hundreds of his friends and supporters. There was a long and fierce battle but Sundiata’s determination and patience paid off.
  20. 20. Soumaoro was wounded by the special arrow and lost all his power. The wicked wizard fled, never to be seen again.
  21. 21. Sundiata was finally crowned king, and his adoring people called him, “the lion king of Mali” because of his strength and courage. Sundiata’s reign was a long and happy one, and he became the greatest king ever to rule the kingdom of Mali.
  22. 22. fin
  23. 23. Differentiated Activities for Students Students will be evaluated Using the Rubric on Role Playing and Puppet Show Group 2 Present a puppet show on the life of Sundiata after they were exiled by Sassouma and her son Dankaran. Effectively use the Passive Voice in the story lines of the characters. Group 1 Role-Play the fighting scene between Sundiata and the witch Soumaoro. Prepare a script making effective use of the Active Voice.