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Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Presentation Transcript

  • Integrated Skills
  • Aims of the Unit - to be aware of the reasons of integrating the four skills; - to learn two ways of integrating the four skills - to study the implications of integrating the four skills for teaching - to be aware of the limitations of integrating the four skills
  • Activity 1: Discuss with your partner before you write down your answers. Question: Is the capital of Brazil Rio de Janiero, Brasilia or Madrid?
  • Which skills do you use to answer the question? Reading, listening, speaking, writing, thinking, researching, interacting.
  • Why do we integrate skills?
  • Activity 4: Discuss in groups of four. Which skills are involved in each situation?
  • situation listening speaking reading writing Discussing a news report in the classroom Attending a seminar Riding a bicycle on your own Ordering a meal in a restaurant
  • Activity 5: Discuss in groups of four. Think of a situation which involves 4 skills and share your idea with your partners.
  • II. How Can We Integrate the Four Skills? 1) Simple integration The easiest form of integration is within the same medium (either oral or written), from receptive to productive skills.  Type of medium Receptive Skill Productive Skills Oral Medium Listening Speaking Written Medium Reading Writing
  • 2) Complex integration This involves constructing a series of activities that use a variety of skills. In each of the activities, there is realistic, communicative use of language.
  • Topic : interviewing famous people. Skills :  Listen to an interview  Read a magazine article  Speak, interview a famous film star  Speak, interview each other  Write a magazine article Go back over the concept of PPP and decide what each section is.
  • III. What Are the Implications of Integrated skills in Teaching? 1. There is focus on the discourse 2. There will be adjustment in the textbook contents 3. Adjustable timetable
  • IV. What Are the Limitations of Integrating the Four Skills? 1) Neglecting the role that a separate focus on individual aspects of vocabulary, grammar and skills can play. 2) The problem of designing suitable materials that account of students’ different skill levels.