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Cupid n psyche Cupid n psyche Presentation Transcript

  • •  
  • girls’girls’ in the mortal landand that made Venus (orAphrodite) – the Goddessof Love and Beauty – soenvious and anxiousbecause people forgot toworship her power.
  • Thus, she told herson Cupid – thewinged God ofLove –to shoot his arrowsmaking Psyche fallin love with theugliest man ever.
  • However, the troublewas that Cupid alsofell in love withPsyche from thevery first time hesaw her as if hehad just shothimself
  • responsibility andshe even tried toconsole herparents’ grieve.Psyche accepted her fatebecause it was a princess’s
  • She was left alone in amountain,but no serpentcame as said.She only felt a coolbreeze taking her toa magnificentpalace whereshe was served like aqueen by invisible
  • Her husbandonly came toher at night andshe never sawhis face.Her husbandonly came toher at night andshe never sawhis face.However, shealso quietlyfell in lovewith him.However, shealso quietlyfell in lovewith him.
  • WhenseeingPsycheagain,the 2 sistersbecame moreenvious ofPsyche’s luxurious lifethan happy that shewas still alive.
  • a monster.She couldn’t think about killingher husband who was very niceto her but at least she had tomake sure he was not…
  • A monster..
  • One night …Psyche waited forher husband tosleep soundly andcame back with alamp.Under the light shefinally saw herhusband’s face, asbeautiful as he alwayswas, the God of Love.
  • She was deeplytouched and her handswere trembling sohard that she droppeda bit oil from the lampon his shoulder andawoke him.
  • "Love can’texistwithouthonestyand trust”.
  • days..months..years..
  • Meanwhile, Venusfound out her son’sdisobedience andlocked him in hisroom to preventhim from going forhis wife. Then oneday she finally metwith Psyche.
  • The envious Goddessthought she wouldchallenge Psyche withdifficult tasks so thatshe wouldeither die or becomeold and ugly sothat Cupid would notlove her anymore
  • She asked Psyche toseparate a mess ofgrains;then to get somewool from the viciousgolden sheepand then bring backsome water from theRiver Styx.
  • Who helped Psyche overcamethe 3 tasks?
  • the antsa little treean eagle
  • Venus was so angry atPsyche’s success. Shefinally came up withthe most wicked ideawhich was to challengePsyche to go to theUnderworld to ask fora bit of beauty fromQueen Proserpina(or Persephone).
  • However, on theway back Psychewas curious andalso she wanted totake a bit of thatpiece to beautifyherself beforeseeing Cupidagain
  • Many days anddifficultieswent by andfinally she metwith Proserpinaand had a pieceof her beauty toput in a smallbox to go backto Venus
  • Luckily,
  • the God decidedthat she wereallowed to be.After hearingeverything Psychehad done,married to animmortal God andbecame aGoddess
  • And so…..that was….the end of thestory..
  • oOoOpss!!nO!!!!!!nOt yet !What do you think was theending??