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English 1- Study and Thinking Skills
Book Report Format
All of the following should be addressed in paragraph form.
Writing a Book Report
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Writing a Book Report


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simple and short way to present a book or novel

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Transcript of "Writing a Book Report"

  1. 1. English 1- Study and Thinking Skills Book Report Format All of the following should be addressed in paragraph form. Paragraph 1 • Bibliographic paragraph (4-8 sentences) • Identify the title and author of the book. • Identify the type of book. Ex. Modern Realistic Fiction, Sci-fi, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Love strory, Folktale, Fantasy, etc. • State basic bibliographic information about the book. Bibliographic information means not only the author and title but also what company published the book, what year it was published in and any other relevant information such as the edition and if the book has been translated, simplified or abridged Paragraph 2 • Characters’ paragraph ( 2-3 sentences per character) • Identify the main characters. Write descriptive sentences about each. Include both physical and personality traits whenever possible. Describe their role in the story. Paragraph 3 • Story-plot paragraph (8-10 sentences) • Describe the book's setting. Include the mood. • Give a brief summary of the plot. Make sure you cover all of the major parts of the plot. • What are the goals of the character? Are the goals met? Why or why not? • What are the major conflicts in the story? What type of conflicts are they? Are they resolved? How? Paragraph 4 • Personal Impressions and Conclusion Paragraph (8-10 sentences) • What is the theme of the story? • Use this paragraph as your conclusion. It should summarize your overall impressions of the book and bring the report to a close. • Write a sentence or two about what you learned from the book. What significant issues in the story that are still existing today? How should one cope with such issue? Book Report shall be encoded in a short-size bond paper. Limit your report to two-pages only. Excluding title page. Report shall be typed in 1.5 spaced with standard font, and 1-inch all-side margin Book Report is due October 7, 2013.