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Bodylanguage 120928022827-phpapp02


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  • 1. BODY LANGUAGEBody language communicatesmuch more than words. Bodylanguage signals are called‘leakages’ because you may try totell something, but the truth willleak out visually.
  • 2. Aspects of Body Language
  • 3. Territory• Personal– Close -1½ to 2½ feet– Far - 2½ to 4 ½ feet• Intimate– Touching– 6-18”• Social– Close 4-7 feet– Far - 7-12 feet• Public– Close - 12-25 feet– Far - 25 feet orgreater
  • 4. Cultures• A crowdedculture• What is yourprivate space?
  • 5. When you invade my space• Reactions to aninvasion of yourspace– Feel troubled– Get defensive– Become aggressive– Retaliate
  • 6. Masks We Wear• Public Masks– Public smile– Clothing– Putting on my face• Extended territory– On the road– At work• Can we drop masks?
  • 7. Jockeying for position• Inclusive - Non-inclusive– How you include/exclude others in a group• Parallel body positions– Will position yourselves to relate to each other– Side by side are neutral– Facing means people are involved• Congruence-incongruence– Groups that imitate each other
  • 8. Looking• How long do you look?– Staring- dehumanizes or challenges– Glances - socially acceptable timing– Appraisal- may indicate interest• Do you look when you talk?• Do you look when you listen?
  • 9. ‘What often happens in any relationship is thatlanguage itself becomes a mask and a means ofclouding and confusing the relationship. If thespoken language is stripped away and the onlycommunication left is body language, the truthwill find some way of poling through. Spokenlanguage itself is a great obscurer”Body Language, Julius Fast, MJF books, 1970.Actions Speak Louder than Words?
  • 10. Misinterpretation = Trouble??• Lost business– Lack of animation = lack ofinterest?– US tendency to get right tobusiness
  • 11. Troubles• Conflict with peers• Different work styles• Wrong assumptions
  • 12. Trouble….• Misinterpretation ofsignals– Can be BIG trouble– Legal trouble– Do you know how toact or are youconfused?
  • 13. Do you know what you are saying?
  • 14. ZonesIntimate
  • 15. Personal
  • 16. Social
  • 17. Public
  • 18. Shows that a person does notknow or understand what you aretalking about
  • 19. Means"All correct"
  • 20. It is an OK signal normally, but,when it is jerked sharplyupwards it becomes an insultsignal
  • 21. Submissive palm positionDominant palm positionAggressive palm position
  • 22. Taking controlhandshakeGiving control handshakeGlove handshake
  • 23. Positiveexpectation
  • 24. Lowered steeple Raised steeple
  • 25. High clenched hands indicate people who are difficult to decipher
  • 26. Gripping handsConfidence Frustration
  • 27. &
  • 28. ThumbdisplaysNegative & superior attitudeDominant or aggressive
  • 29. Suppress the deceitful words
  • 30. Catch a lie..Sometimes indicates thinking hard
  • 31. Indicates anger & frustrationCollar pull
  • 32. EvaluationBoredom
  • 33. Standard arm cross gestureDefensiveOrnegative attitude
  • 34. Arm Gripping GestureShow that the user is cool’andto make his superiority felt
  • 35. Partial Arm-Cross Barrier Gesturelacking inself-confidence
  • 36. ‘Readiness which in the rightcontext is correct,but the basic meaning isaggression
  • 37. Closed formationShows intimacy and signals for privacy
  • 38. Shows nervous,reserved or defensiveattitude
  • 39. The 4 Leg Lock PositionSign of thetough-minded,stubborn individual
  • 40. Territorial gestureIndicates pride of ownership
  • 41. OwnershipgestureReflects an easygoing, relaxed and carefree attitude