Omnitel Pronto Italia
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Omnitel Pronto Italia

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Created by MBA ITB 46A

Created by MBA ITB 46A

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  • 1. Omnitel Pronto ItaliaSyndicate 5Agung Mahendra 29111324Rangga Tri Raeros 29111314Joseph Enrico 29111349Reski Mapriharto 29111326Gilang Surawijaya 29111350
  • 2. Category Analisis Worksheet Segment description • 3794000 subscriber, penetration 6,5%, subscriber growth 61 % (1995) • Cellular penetration was 7.5% by the end of the first quarter of 1996 Current and Emerging Trends • Current trends : • Offer subsidized handset • Peak and off-peak hours price rate • Emerging Trends : • Different tariff for local calls, long-distance calls, and international calls Estimated Profit Potential of Trends • Outgoing call (13 minutes at peak, and 80 minutes at off peak) • = (Lit. 1595 x 13) + (Lit. 195 x 80) • = Lit. 36335 / month Trends Needs not being met • Free monthly fee • Payment base on the cellular phone use rate, • Free activation fee,
  • 3.  In 1996, Italy celullar penetration just reach 7.5%, it mean that 92.5% unpenetrated by celullar operator. From 92.5%, it can be people who ever use the celullar operator services, and people who never try celullar operator services. TIM dominate the celullar bussiness market because they are the pioneer of the celullar operator bussiness. Omnitel as the new cellular operator want to gain bigger market share in Italy, so they want to launch new product that facilitate public
  • 4. Personal Users Prospects RejectorBrand Loyal 18-34 yo 25-34 yo Females, non Use mainly of peak More educated workig individuals, more employees and housewifeService sensitive 25-44 yo 25-44 yo More males, more Midclass self-employedPeak charge 25-34 yo 25-34 yo Younger profile, Higher social class more educated with small familiesCost sensitive Almost 60% 25-54 yo Mid class, employees More professionals employees and retired people
  • 5. Personal Users Prospects RejectorBrand LoyalService sensitive -9 to brandPeak charge -10 to brandCost sensitive -13 in services
  • 6.  From conjoint analysis we can know that most of all the Italy market (personal user, prospector, and rejector) very concern to the service. From conjoint analysis we have the data that show prospector and personal user has negative value in services based on the brand and peak charge. Omnitel can emphasize this situation to gain the big market share because Omnitel has a good image as the best celullar services. So based on the conjoint data, LIBERO target market should :
  • 7. Target ReasonPrimary Prospector Base on the conjoint data, the prospectorTarget has negative value to brand toward the service The prospector is the part of people who unpenetrated (92.5%) Most of the prospector is unsatisfied by Telecom fixed, and concern about service and cost sensitive.Secondary Personal User Based on the conjoint data, the personalTarget user has negative value in services toward to cost, and negative value in brand toward to peak charge. Most of the personal user is a willing to switch personTertiary Rejector The rejector is the part of people whoTarget unpenetrated (92.5%) Most of the rejector concern to monthly chargeand activation cost.
  • 8. Target Audience Worksheet Demographics Psychographic Size of Market Distribution Media Reach s PointsPrimary 25-44 yo Unsatisfied by 50% Cellphone shopping TV, newspaperTarget midclass telecom fixed center, Omnitel and magazine, and positive on Shop, join venture bilboard private operator with credit cardSecondary Female 25% Cellphone shopping TV, newspaperTarget More educated center, Omnitel and magazine, Employees and Shop, mall, event, bilboard house wife personal selling Retired peopleTeritary 25-34 yo Early adopters, 25% Cellphone shopping TV, newspaperTarget almost 60 % willing to switch, center, Omnitel and magazine, employees mainly off peak Shop, join venture bilboard calls with credit card
  • 9. Competitive AnalysisTop 5 Estimated Points of Perceived Pricing Value Core Brand EstimatedBrands Sales Differentiation Quality Proposition Message Marketing BudgetTIM Euro Target for Celullar 10000 of Pioneer in You have $12.5 millionFamily residence pioneer Monthly Fee GSM cellular include all subscribers Weekdays 1524 service in phone and TIM - 170 Italy & you are marketing market somebody budget Weekend & leader Holidays 170 in 24 hoursTIM Euro Target toward 50000 ofProfessional business Monthly Fee customer Weekdays 412-663-412-256- 206 Saturday 412- 206 Holidays 206 in 24 hoursOmnitel Libero : Lit Middle class Best No monthly fee New We listen to $25million 437268 customer customer 1595-195 entrant you High quality service telecomuni customer cation in service Italy that offer high quality service
  • 10. Points Differentiation WorksheetBrands Parity Features Meaningful of Points #1 reason people buy the DIfferentiation brandTIM Euro Family - Monthly fee - Target for residence - TIM is the first - Mobile phone subsidied subscribers telecomunication provider - Same monthly fee with in Italy Free time (10000) - Same tariffs in weekdays, weekend and holidays with free time OmnitelTIM Euro Professional - Monthly fee - Target toward business - Mobile phone subsidied customerOmnitel Free Time - Same monthly fee with - Good customer service Eurofamily (10000) quality. - Monthly fee - Mobile phone subsidied - Same tariffs in weekdays, weekend and holidays with free time OmnitelOmnitel Night/Day - Monthly fee - Mobile phone subsidiedOmnitel Libero - Free Monthly fee - Not to have pay a monthly fee
  • 11. Brand PositioningBelievable Options 3 Most StrategicSmart XTrendy XCool XEfficient √The Pioneer √Service √ • There was 3 most strategic believable option to support LIBERO asthe new product fr that fit with the customer want : 1. Efficient 2. The Pioneer 3. Services
  • 12. Brands in Category Key Customer Benefits Brand Positioning StatementTIM Euro Family TIM is a pioneer of celullarTIM Euro Professional Mobile phone subsidized operator,and the celular market Lower tarrif per minutes leader.Omnitel Free TimeOmnitel Night/Day OMNITEL is the best customer services in celullar operator bussiness.Omnitel Libero •Free activation cost, LIBERO is the celullar operator for •freemonthly fee people who want the efficient tarrif, because LIBERO offer free activation cost, and free monthly fee •As a new inovation from Omnitel, that has a meaningfull different from the competitor (TIM). This differentiation can use as the benefits we can offer to the consumer, such activation cost, free monthly fee, and efficient tarrif (because the customer just need t pay tarrif based on the use rate).
  • 13. Brand Element Element LIBEROMemorability • When it launch to market, it will be remember by Italian as the first one that offer flexibility in tariff package • “LIBERO” means “Free” , it is easy to remember because it’s association with “free of taxes and monthly fees”. • LIBERO should use logo that simple and easy to remember • Using mascot to leverage promotionMeaningfulnes • “LIBERO” means “Free” , because it is “free of taxes ands monthly fees”.Likeability • Interesting offering, free of monthly fees and flexible tariff usage • High quality costumer serviceTransferability • The name “LIBERO” not directly linked to mobile service so it become easily transferred across category • “LIBERO” is in Italy, it is more difficult to expand across Italy region boundaries
  • 14. Brand Element Element LIBEROAdaptability • Using simple logo that can be retouch or remade for future conditionProtect ability • Check if brand name has not been patented • Register the brand name to be patented to protect the brand legally • Do check and register the brand name when expand to another region •For Italy market,LIBERO has a good name. It because it name (LIBERO) expresse benefit from the product. So consumer can easily remember name of the product. •The name can also use in another country,because LIBERO has a simmiliar meani LIBERTE or LIBERTY, that mean freedom (express the product benefits).
  • 15. Conclution LIBERO target is prospector (primary), personal user (secondary), and rejector (terttiery) LIBERO positioning : LIBERO is the celullar operator for people who want the efficient tarrif, because LIBERO offer free activation cost, and free monthly fee Libero should be the endorse brand because with endorse brand, OMNITEL has a good service image and can break from competitor’s territory, in this case TIM.