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Honda beat brand audit

  1. 1. Honda BeatBrand AuditSyndicate 5Agung Mahendra 29111324Rangga Tri Raeros 29111314Joseph Enrico 29111349Reski Mapriharto 29111326Gilang Surawijaya 29111350
  2. 2. Category Analysis Worksheet • Size :975881 (0.4%)Segment description • Growth rate :45% (from 2010 – 2011) Current and • Current trends: PGMFI, More Luggage space, Economic fuel, Magnetic Key Shutter, Side Stand Switch, Sporty striping Emerging Trends • Emerging Trends :Combi Brake System, AHO (automatic Headline On) Estimated Profit • Rp. 18.2160500.000.000 (from estimated sales 1.350.000 unit)Potential of Trends Trends Needs not • More efficient fuel engine, Anti theft system, Motorcycle tracking, Sport design matic motorcycle, Longtime service guarantee, being met
  3. 3. Brand Positioning WorksheetBrand in Category Key Customer Benefits Brand Positioning StatementHonda BeAT Efficient fuel consumption, Honda Beat is a matic motorcycle for young Combi Brake System, Fuel people, who need efficient, trendy and agile Injection, motorcycle, because new technology and new design.Mio J Efficient fuel consumption, Mio J is a matic motorcycle for young people who DiAsil Cylinder, need fast motorcycle but efficient fuel consumption, because new machine technology from Yamaha.Suzuki Nex Efficient fuel consumption, Suzuki Nex is a matic motorcycle for young Different type machine(in people who need efficient fuel consumption and same class), bigger machine capacity, because Suzuki new technology.
  4. 4. Target Audience Worksheet Demographic Psychographic Size of Market Distribution Media ReachPrimary Target Point Young People Strivers 63 % Dealer, Television, (17-21 yo) people motorcycle Magazine, Female High exhibition, School Website, Radio, Middle to low mobility event,mallor Bilboard, income motor showroom BrochureSecondary Adult Thinkers 33 % Dealer, mall, Television,Target (21-40yo) people personal selling, Magazine, Male motorcycle Website, Radio, Middle-middle up exhibition, mall, or Billboards, motor showroom BrochureTertiary Target Middle-aged - 4% Dealer, personal Television, (>40) selling, Magazine, motorcycle Website, Radio, exhibition, mall or Billboards, motor showroom Brochure
  5. 5. Competitive AnalysisHonda Features : New volume of baggage capacity 11.2L, Rp.13.500.000Beat FI Combi Brake System120.000 Beat FI offers customer with newest trend. Comby “move forwardunit / brake system can with a new guarantee customer savemonth brake process, and FI (fuel trend” injection) make this matic motorcycle economize in fuel consumption.
  6. 6. Competitive Analysis Features : New seat withYamaha improve comfort, DiAsil Rp. 12.950.000Mio J Cylinder Style & Design : Slim, elegant especially for women25.000 / Current matic motorcycle that offers Yamaha “semakinmonth toughness machine with fuel cepat, semakin injection technology produce high-performance matic motorcycle with economizes irit” fuel consumption.
  7. 7. Competitive AnalysisSuzuki Features : UniqueNex machine capacity 113cc, Throttle Position Rp. Sensor 12.350.00020.000 Suzuki nex offersin stylish design , for everyone who want not “irit, lincah2012 only stylish motorcycle but also economize fuel dan gaya” consumption..
  8. 8. Point of Differentiation WorksheetBrands Parity Features Meaningfull Point of #1 Reason People Buy The Brand DifferentiationHonda Beat AHO, disk brake in front and Comby Brake System Trusted company Brand (high resaleFI tromol rear brake, Magnetic price, cheap sparepart price, and slim Key Shutter body)Mio J AHO, disk brake in front and 4,8 L fuel tank capacity Trusted company Brand (high resale tromol rear brake, Magnetic price, fast, moto-GP effect) Key ShutterSuzuki Nex AHO, disk brake in front and 113 cc Bigger cc and cheaper than Honda and tromol rear brake, Magnetic Yamaha Key Shutter
  9. 9. Brand Traits WorksheetBelievable Options 3 Most StrategiesSmartTrendy XCoolEfficient XThe PioneerAgile X
  10. 10. Product : Matic MotorcycleBrand : Honda Beat FI Target Audience: Young UrbanitesWhat the target thinks now: What we want them to think: Honda Beat is Efficient, trendy and agile matic motorcyle. Core brand message : Move Forward with a new trend RTB: Trusted Brand
  11. 11. Brand CredentialHistorical and current facts that Astra Honda motor established since 11 June 1971 has reputation for produce goodgive a brand’s image added quality and durable motorcycle like S90Z known as “Bekjul”, Honda Tiger, Hondadimension. Example included : CBR, Honda Supra, Honda Vario, and now Beat. They has authorized dealer &time in business, size of service center around Indonesia. Because of this, it been known by customer Hondacompany, etc. motorcycle has low depreciation, therefore second hand Honda motorcycle still has good price.Market Leader 314.263 unit, April 2012 (Honda Beat)Award, medals, records ▪ Best Fuel Consumption Scooter category in 110 – 115 cc in Automotive Award 2010 ▪ Best Fuel Consumption Scooter category in110 – 115 cc in Automotive Award 2009 ▪ Best Scooter Performance & Handling 110 – 115 cc in Automotive Award 2009 ▪ No. 1 Word of Mouth 2009 Award in SWA MagazineCertifications, licenses, SII (Standar Industri Indonesia)accreditations SNI (Standar Nasional Indonesia) HES (Honda Engineering Standard) ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 17025 OHSAS 18001
  12. 12. Brand CredentialArticles or quote publish in “NihSpesifikasiLengkap Honda BeATInjeksi, BanyakBerubah!”newspapers and magazines ( – 11/10/2012)that improve brand image “LombaIrit Honda BeATInjeksi, Tembus 90 Km per Liter!”and that can be used in ( – 27/10/2012)marketing materials “First Ride Honda BeATInjeksi, PosisiBerkendaraLebihNyaman!” ( – 12/10/2012)Testimonials, client "Awalnyasihgakbegitusukadengan motor matic, soalnyakanmatic yangreferences duluduluborosnyamintaampun"."Tapi pas habiscoba Honda Beat kokbedabanget,udahirit,lincah,bodinyakeren,cocokpokoknya" -MUHAMMAD RUDIYANTO-Achievement-including Combi brake systembeing first to do somethingProduct or service rating / IMAC Award 2012rankingsPrestige of user or client 15000 AHASS employee, 130 vendor and supplier in IndonesialistBrand reputation The Indonesia Best Brand Award (IBBA) 2012
  14. 14. Category Analysis x POD x competitive analysis xBrand Positioning Many matic motorcycle produsen now apply newest trend in their product, such as PGMFI, More Luggage space, Economic fuel, Magnetic Key Shutter, Side Stand Switch, Sporty stryping, and AHO (automatic Headline On) This trends now become current standard trend. And most of produsen have to think so hard to make new innovation, include Astra Honda Motor, to gain the market, because 110cc segment only reach 0,4% from the total population.
  15. 15. Motorcycle Produsen New TrendYamaha Big fuel tank capacity and more machine capacity (113,7cc)Suzuki More machine capacity (113cc)Honda Comby brake system Yamaha and Suzuki come with their new innovation, such as changing in fuel tank and machine capacity. Respond to the competitor changing, PT.Astra Honda Motor won`t follow their competitor new trend. Because they might think that if they follow their competitor trend, they don`t have any specialities in the customer mind. So they decide to launch new inovation in 110cc matic motorcycle, there is comby brake system.
  16. 16. * Honda new trend led Honda different to their competitors, such as Yamaha and Suzuki. This differentiation make Honda provide different trend to 110cc matic motorcycle segment, because their competitor has same inovation.* Comby brake system make Honda out of competitor “new trend”. This led Honda claim that just Honda that serve new trend in 110cc matic motorcycle, because the competitors has the same inovation, and it became standard trend cause so many produsen use it.* That`s why Honda Beat FI brand value is “move forward with a new trend”.* And Honda BeAT has a position as a trendy, fuel consumption, and agile.
  17. 17. Honda BeAT primary target is young people who has strivers personalitywith high mobility. Most of them is a trendy person, and buy product forachievement / social approval (favour stylish product).Most of the produsen now conduct this needs. But HONDA has a bigger“pie” in motor matic market share, it because in 2009 and 2010 HondaBeAT has gain a lot of award such as Best fuel consumption scooter incategory , Best scooter perfomance and handling, and no.1 word ofmouth. Honda BeAT also equiped by many sertification, such as SII, SNI,HES, ISO, and OHSAS. This be the reason why many customer buy HondaBeAT, because Honda BeAT come from trusted company, and welltested. *
  18. 18. Brand Positioning x Brand Traits x BrandCredential Based on the key customer benefits, Honda BeAT try to fill the customer needs with many benefits such as Efficient fuel consumption, Combi Brake System, Fuel Injection, good handling. The most importance key that BeAT offer are trendy, efficient and agile. This key supported by many award that Honda BeAT received. And match with the target needs. That`s why Honda BeAT positioning is as a matic motorcycle for young people, who need efficient, trendy, agile, and comfortable driven motorcycle, because new technology and new design.
  19. 19. Target Audience x MarketingCommunication To deliver the brand traits to the target, BeAT us many media, such as newspaper/magazine, TV, radio, Bilboard etc. BeAT also make a customize marketing communication for each target, such as young event sponsorship for primary target, trade show for secondary target, or direct mail.
  20. 20. Gaining Honda BeAT Market ShareStrategies  4P : Product  Limited Editions  Honda BeAT make a limited edition for only a few product or character. Example : Motor GP Striping, Korean artist striping, Batik Striping, etc.  Add value  Add some new feature of Honda BeAT like “Double Disc Brake”, “Alarm”, “RFID Motor Security“. So Honda BeAT have added value compared to other products.  Custom design  Honda BeAT can give a different color for each part of the body (only using the original factory-build).  Increase machine capacity to 113 cc  By upgrading the machine capacity to 113 cc, Honda BeAT can claim their product “More Powerful More Faster, Still Efficient and stylish”.
  21. 21. Gaining Honda BeAT Market Share StrategiesModifier Difference PriceBeAT CW Custom wheel 12.650.000BeAT SW Spoke wheel 11.850.000BeAT-FI CBS Full injection and combi brake system 13.500.000BeAT-FI CW Full injection and custom wheel 12.900.000BeAT-FI SW Full injection and spoke wheel 12.100.000BeAT-FI LE Full injection, custom wheel and 13.200.000(New Modifier) special striping (Moto GP, Batik, etc)BeAT-FI SF Full injection, custom wheel, combi 13.900.000(New Modifier) brake system, alarm, double disc brake, RFID motor security, 113 cc
  22. 22. Gaining Honda BeAT Market ShareStrategies Place  Online selling  Customer can booked Honda BeAT FI from home vie online, after that the Marketing of Honda will feedback the customer and come to customer house to handle the administration term. After the customer fulfill the term (payment), Honda will send the product. Promotion  Trade up cooperation with 3rd party company  Trade up any matic motorcycle brand within 5 year used to Honda BeAT with a special price with the applicable provisions that imposed by Honda, and they use the 3rd party company to held the trade up program, example : Adira Finance.
  23. 23. Gaining Honda BeAT Market ShareStrategies  Reference option  Offers to customers who pay by installments, for each person who recommended it and buy a Honda Beat, the mortgage would be cut by Rp.100,000. It applies to payments out.  Brand ambassador  Because Honda BeAT primary target for youth peoples and especially for female, so Honda BeAT used Suju (Korean Artist) as the brand ambassador.  Product Bundling  Every purchase of Honda motorcycle helmets usually have got a standard from Honda, but specifically for the Honda Beat is given deals only add 100,000, buyers can swap helmets with some famous brand which is roughly 300,000 in market value. but Honda ordered directly from the factory helmet helmet with considerable amounts and of course the price is much cheaper than the market price. so buyers will be able to see the benefits to 100,000 may have known helmets 300,000 in market prices
  24. 24. Gaining Honda BeAT Market ShareStrategies  Sponsorship  Bea sponsor for the youth event. Example : PENSI (Pentas Seni Pelajar)  Sensational event  Make a sensational event, so the activity deserve to be loaded in the print media like motor magazine.  Invite and offers journalists/mass media to report the event, so the event/activities can be added to their magazine topic
  25. 25. Gaining Honda BeAT Market ShareStrategies Price  Installment payment / cash back  The installment program is related to Reference Option cash back in the promotion. It gave choice for customer to determine the payment term. Example : 1 year or 2 year.  Same price with Mio J  By set the same price or a slightly different from the competitor will narrow the difference between Honda BeAt FI and the other competitor. It could make narrow customer mindset about the product.  Optional feature pricing  After Honda BeAt difference being narrow with the customer, then we offers the other benefit to customer with lower price than market price. Example : as we know that the weakness of Honda BeAT is limited luggage, so we offer helmet box with a half price from the market price.
  26. 26. Thank You..
  27. 27. Extra July-August 2012 Sep-12 Oct-12 Nov-12Beat 1,040,196 1,160,196 1,280,196 1,400,196Mio J 421,153 446,153 471,153 496,153 Nex 74,187 84,187 94,187 104,187 Total 1,690,536 1,845,536 2,000,536 Promotion x x x Dec-12 Jan-13 Feb-13 Mar-13 Apr-13 May-13 Jun-13 Jul-131,532,196 1,664,196 1,809,196 1,954,196 2,099,196 2,244,196 2,444,196 2,644,196521,153 546,153 571,153 596,153 621,153 646,153 671,153 696,153114,187 124,187 134,187 144,187 154,187 164,187 174,187 184,1872,167,536 2,334,536 2,514,536 2,694,536 2,874,536 3,054,536 3,289,536 3,524,536 LE LE SF SF SF SF SF & Trade Up SF & Trade Up Unit Market 75.02% Share
  28. 28. Conclusion BrandLimited Editions Product Bundling ambassador Add value Reference option Sponsorship Trade up cooperation with Sensational Optional featureCustom design 3rd party event pricing company Increase Installment machine Same price with Online selling payment / cashcapacity to 113 Mio J back cc