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Duarte joseph 4

  1. 1. Martial Arts The Fighting Science
  2. 2. Martial Arts Modern arts are remnants of arts taught for war throughout history They are our our connection to the past Many arts, while looking similar in appearance have their roots in many countries around the world. Modern Martial arts are variations or combinations of older martial arts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martial_arts
  3. 3. Pankration Pankration was an art that had it’s origin In ancient Greece It is an art that focuses on punches and kicks as well as maneuvers on the ground Modern wrestling is descended from Pankration Wrestling was the art preferred for the Olympics, but the punches, kicks, and throws were preferred for actual combat
  4. 4. Kung Fu Kung Fu has its origins in the Shaolin Temple, were the monks Were taught in martial arts by Boddhidarma. Many styles are based on the movements of animals. 1,000’s of styles all carrying a Different emphasis National Sport of China
  5. 5. Karate Karate developed from the arts of Shuri Te and Naha Te, as well as knowledge gained through trade with China and Siam of Kung Fu and Muay Thai respectively Employs every part of the body as a weapon with 100’s of techniques Mostly strikes and takedowns with some joint manipulation and very little ground maneuvers
  6. 6. Muay Thai From the kingdom of Siam and originally called Muay Boran Know as the art of eight limbs because It uses punches, kicks, knees, and elbows Gained much popularity due to its extensive use in the Ultimate Fighting Championships Often seen as extremely brutal style
  7. 7. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was adapted from Judo which it itself an adaptation of Japanese Jujutsu Focuses entirely on ground maneuvers and joint manipulation In modern MMA it is considered essential for practitioners to know Gained popularity recently due to use in Ultimate Fighting Championships
  8. 8. Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts has one of two meanings The first meaning is the training of multiple martial arts The second meaning is the combining of multiple arts or philosophies into one new arts The second meaning has gained popularity in recent years as some people believe that mixed martial arts should be considered its own style
  9. 9. Bruce LeeBruce Lee deserves a special mention as he is one of themost famous martial arts practitioners. He broughtChinese Martial arts to America and brought the idea ofextensive cross training to martial arts. Arts Trained o Wing Chun Wrestling o z Escrima o Fencing o Boxing
  10. 10. Reference Pankration Picture from the Internet Kung Fu picture from camera Karate Picture from internet Muay Thai picture from internet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu picture from camera phone Bruce Lee sketch from scanner