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Create Your First Marketing Blog Assignment
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Create Your First Marketing Blog Assignment


Published on

Marketing Assignment for MBA students at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business

Marketing Assignment for MBA students at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. CREATE your 1 ST marketing BLOG Prof. Bong De Ungria Ateneo Graduate School of Business Learning Without Boundaries
  • 2.
    • This “Create Blog” assignment is the 3 rd part of a major class cooperative undertaking to learn 220 major marketing concepts from Kotler.
    • The blog is just a 21 st century “media vehicle” for getting the message across to our target market. While the technology is different and needs to be learned, the marketing discipline remains the same.
    • - Prof. Remigio De Ungria (Dec. 26, 2009)
    Professor’s Note
  • 3. Outline: Every great journey begins with a first step
    • Why? (Learning Outcomes)
    • Who? (You as part of a class)
    • How? (Sharing, Blogging)
    • What? (Needs, Wants)
    • Where? (www.)
  • 4. Why this assignment? Students learn…
    • Visualizing & Mastery Marketing Concepts
    • Communicating to a Primary Market with defined needs, wants and demands
    • Analyzing within a conceptual framework
    • Unbounded continuous learning
    • Creating Blogs
    • Cyber-sharing of Files
  • 5. Who is the PTM? Your fellow MBA students
    • Limited time
    • Varying levels of marketing knowledge
    • Wants to learn
    • Wants to apply marketing
    • Accepts value of contributing 1 chapter to get 20 chapters free
    • Can benefit from on-line resource (vs. printed copy)
  • 6. Your communication challenges
    • Audience did not read the book
    • Probably 1 st timer for such concepts
    • Wants to master the concepts
    • Will see slide, not hear you explain it
    • Did this same assignment (knows if you did your just share)
  • 7. Your communication response
    • Master your 1 assigned chapter
    • Prioritize top 10 concepts
    • Simplify.
    • Create slides that can stand-alone.
    • Use universal, drawable symbols
    • Ensure understanding by always combining text with any new visual or picture
    • Put yourself in your PTM shoe
  • 8. How? On slideshow mode, click on links
    • Learn slideshare
    • Create your slide share account
    • Learn about blogger
    • Learn by doing: Create yourmarketing blog
    • Refer to my sample blog
  • 9. What are blog essentials
    • 3 embedded presentations
      • Visual Model of Top 10 concepts
      • Powerpoint file of Top 10
      • Word file
    • All 3 presentations can be downloaded from slideshare
    • Use of power presentation principles
  • 10. Grading reminders part 1:
    • This is the 3 rd part of learning 220 Kotler.
    • You must upgrade your previous editions of the visual model and Top 10 concepts (powerpoint & word)
    • If you do nothing and submit exactly what you did for 1 st and 2 nd parts (dec 1and 8), you will most likely receive the same grade or lower (check your previous grade at our class google docs).
  • 11. Grading reminders: part 2
    • Pls. name your blog as follows:
      • Example if your name is jun santos, then your blog is
    • Use your real name when creating your slideshare acct.
    • Put your real name in the coverpage of all powerpoint and word files; for word, put your name and chapter title on first line of the document.
    • Submit a softcopy of your blog on due date by doing the ff: (1) sign in to blogger (2) click settings (3) click basic (4) click export blog (5) you can save an .xml file. Name that file yournameblog.xml. Submit this file to coach.
  • 12. Aim for excellence Benchmark for Student Performance Grade Excellent work that goes beyond the requirements. Delights the customer and the primary target market. Meets stated and unstated needs, wants and demands. 4.0 Above Average. Meets exactly the stated requirements. Customer’s stated needs and some wants are satisfied. Student efforts are recognized and acknowledged. 3.0 Average. Meets most of the customer requirements. Many of the learning outcomes achieved. Can still be improved. 2.0 Passing. Satisfies the minimum requirements for the assignment. 1.5
  • 13. Ask 2 questions: Ultimate test for your blog
    • Will anybody
    • With zero background on the chapter
    • Understand the Top 10 concepts
    • Just by reading this blog?
    • Will other classmates
    • Who did the same assignment
    • Say that I did my fair share for the class?
  • 14. CREATE your 1 ST marketing BLOG Prof. Remigio De Ungria Ateneo Graduate School of Business Learning Without Boundaries