20 Year HYPER2 Marketing Plan for vCoach Bong De Ungria 2012 edition


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A 20 Year Highly Personal High Performance Marketing Plan for the Brand Called You increases the chances of success and happiness in life's journey

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20 Year HYPER2 Marketing Plan for vCoach Bong De Ungria 2012 edition

  1. 1. Grand Slam Finals20 Year High Performance, Highly Personal Marketing Plan for vCOACH Bong Bong De Ungria Oct 2012 edition
  2. 2. High Performance, Highly Personal Hyper-Road to the Grand Slam FinalsA. Daily Rounds  Vision/ Mission  Roles/ Strokes  12 Point Game Plan  Match Statistics monitoringB. End in Mind vCoach- Vision driven Consistent Achievement
  3. 3. I align daily…VISION/ MISSIONi-SERVE daily God using my technical, marketing and communication talents to vCOACH people to continuously improve their quality of life and to consistently achieve through vision-driven, high performance, highly personal marketing plans.
  4. 4. Winning means doing 7 roles/ strokes well daily1. Committed Christian going to Heaven2. Sweetheart Husband3. Model Father4. Grateful Son5. Helpful brother6. Best Steward COO @ Moldex7. Inspiring VCoach @ AGSB
  5. 5. Role 1 of 7Committed Christian goingto Heaven
  6. 6. Role 2 of 7Sweetheart Husband
  7. 7. Role 3 of 7A model father…
  8. 8. Role 4 of 7A grateful son…
  9. 9. Role 5 of 7A Helpful Brother…
  10. 10. Role 6 of 7Best Steward COO @Moldex
  11. 11. Role 7 of 7InspiringVision-driven Coach @ AGSB
  12. 12. V CatsV Coach
  13. 13. V Cats BoneV Coach Bong
  14. 14. V Cats Bone the Un-grey AV Coach Bong De Ungria
  15. 15. V Cats Bone the Un-grey A- EagleV Coach Bong De Ungria, Ateneo
  16. 16. Vcoach Vision-driven consistent achievement Hyper-animationWhat My Brand Stands For Vcoach Bong De Ungria
  17. 17. This is YOU. This is Me.We are just like everyone else.
  18. 18. Flex muscles and aim high!
  19. 19. Green ground and ball aredirections from business goals
  20. 20. Red racket are personal goals thatcreate leverage for business goals
  21. 21. True power comes when business(green) & personal (red) converge
  22. 22. High Performance in business,Highly Personal Plans = Hyper 2.0
  23. 23. Vcoach isVision Driven Consistent Achievementthru Hyper 2.0 Plans
  24. 24. I-Serve is the means
  25. 25. vCoach Servesboth business and personal
  26. 26. VcoachVision-drivenconsistentachievementHyper-animationVcoach Bong De Ungria
  27. 27. My Marketing Plan for Life vCoach Bong based on book of Robert Michael Fried 1. Define Business-  Who Am I? I am vcoach Bong 2. Assess Market- Capitalize on Strength  My marketing, technical & communication talents 3. ID PTM- Discovering Real Me  Excel in 7 roles as Christian, husband, father, brother, son, COO, vcoach 4. Launch Strategy- Find Niche & Risk  Vision-driven coach for people who want to achieve  (risk: not everybody will want to be coached)
  28. 28. My Marketing Plan for Life contamination marketer Bong De Ungria5. Weather PLC- Innovate Continuously  Continuously learn6. Balance Mix- Build My Brand  Hy-per Contaminate markets.7. Expand Reach- Create My Legacy  Digital vcoach on-line8. Campaign Ad- Reawaken Creativity  Keep pace with technology. I’ve got mail
  29. 29. My Marketing Plan for Life hypermarketer Remigio Joseph De Ungria9. Plan Distribution- Share Time & Energy  Navigate with hypermaps & daily plans10. Achieve Sales- Reach Goals  Specify daily, monthly, annual, 20 yr targets11. Analyze P & L- Keep Score  Review actual vs. targets12. Seek Opportunities- Make Dreams Real  Every day in every way, get better & better
  30. 30. Communication Lessons for My LifeTHE GREATESTSALESMAN 30
  31. 31. Ten scrolls: I to VI will…1. Form good habits & become their slave (Today I begin a new life…)2. Greet this day with love in my heart.3. Persist until I succeed4. I am nature’s greatest miracle5. Live this day as if it is my last.
  32. 32. Ten scrolls: VI to XI will…6. Be master of my emotions7. Laugh at the world (for this too shall pass)8. Multiply my value a hundredfold9. Act now10. Pray for guidance
  33. 33. My Top 10Winning Tennis Strategies Technical Skills From 30 years of living the game
  34. 34. 1. Begin with Service. Serve 4Ps(Purpose, Power, Percentage, Placement) Begin the point with service First serve- Purpose & Power Second serve- Percentage & Placement If double fault, then next point Return serve- visualize response choices
  35. 35. 2. Keep Eyes on the ball Focus on ball from opponent’s racket to just before I hit it 1 second freeze on point of contact; don’t look up or follow ballpath immediately Anticipate
  36. 36. 3. Take ball early Create angles: increase court possibilities Prepare swing Start big steps, small adjustment steps Be there before the ball Mindset: early is 10x better than late
  37. 37. 4. Attack with Forehand:run-around, inside out Maximize strength (forehand) Make weaker side reliable instead of liability (backhand) Use leverage to create power and angles Use foot speed and anticipation
  38. 38. 5. Follow through & usetopspin Improves accuracy and reliability Increases margin of error (late hit, bad bounce, net cord)
  39. 39. 6. Attack net after a short ball Take control Step forward Be Alert: at net, shorter response time, be extra vigilant
  40. 40. 7. Compete vs. 3 opponents Accept those beyond my control  My Opponent  Environment  (umpire, weather, wind, court, net) Lead those within my full control  Me and my attitude
  41. 41. 8. Recover to dynamicstarting, ready position After hitting shot After error After point Always move feet
  42. 42. 9. Creatively Visualize Score Choose stroke response to opponent Adjust strategy to opponent’s level of play and my current condition
  43. 43. 10. Score! Adjust tactics on current score and my play level relative to opponent Can’t and don’t win all points Avoid Errors: anything in excess  Too long, Too short, Too wide  Too late, Too early
  44. 44. What’s Today’s Game? Ask. And You Shall Receive… Questions I Will Answer Today
  45. 45. I will answer questions:1. What am I blessed with and I am thankful for?2. What does the Lord God, the Father want me to do today?3. What are the 3 best things I can do today?
  46. 46. What’s My End in Mind? What the Grand Slam Finals Feels Like
  47. 47. The 20 year journey isworth every day of it…Here and Now End in Mind47 yrs old Healthy 67 years oldSweetheart Husband Sweetheart House-band3 Teens who need 3 Responsible and God- guidance & role model Fearing Adults with kidsCOO & Small business owner COO of My Big BusinessvCoach Professor vCoach Speaker & AuthorP200,000 loan Living on interestLiving day to day No fear of dying
  48. 48. Match statisticsmonitoring to make sure…1. Habits check2. Hyper-time3. Food log4. Financial records5. Blog
  49. 49. My daily road to the finals isvision-driven service.As a vision-driven coach, I succeed if my team wins.My team is my family, my officemates, my students and my community.Winning does not depend on my team’s reaching the grand slam finals.Every day i-serve in the direction of a God centered vision and driven by high performance, highly personal brands is a win that leads to the next round.
  50. 50. Grand Slam Finals20 Year High Performance, Highly Personal Marketing Plan for vCOACH Bong Bong De Ungria Oct 2012 edition