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yasla 10 tools to connect with teens at your library
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yasla 10 tools to connect with teens at your library


"YALSA Webcast – 10 Social Tools to Connect with Teens at Your Library" webinar with the Young Adult Library Services Association.

"YALSA Webcast – 10 Social Tools to Connect with Teens at Your Library" webinar with the Young Adult Library Services Association.

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. 10 Social Tools toConnect withTeens at YourLibrary Joe Murphy Webcast with YALSA June 14, 2012
  • 2. YALSA’s Teen Book Finder App Readers advisory in your pocketDownload the apphttp://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yalsas-teen-book-finder/id527674308?mt=8
  • 3. Find top books for young adults from their iPhone/iPad• Features include: – Search or browse books selected by YALSA by genre or award – Create a sharable Favorites list – Daily hot picks – Location feature associated with Worldcat to find copies of the book in your local library – A bit of social reading by sharing what you are reading on social networks
  • 4. How to use YALSA’s Teen Book Finder App• Use the Favorites list for recommending books on the go, share lists with classes, individual readers, or reading groups.• Encourage users to use the Favorites list to create and share lists with friends or with librarians.• Promote the app’s usage as a way to discover books• Use it yourself to stay up on the big titles for young adults• Encourage users to Tweet or post to FB their favorites lists• Show how to use to find a copy of the book in the library
  • 5. Instagram http://instagr.am/• 50 Million+ users• Hash tags to pull together images around a topic• Share story of your library through the pictures uploaded at your location• API to pull together pictures taken around campusDownload link: iPhone and iPad,(http://itunes.com/apps/instagram/), Android(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.instagram.android).
  • 6. Bring together images by topic with tagsAssociate images with a location
  • 7. Instagram The most popular mobile photo sharing app.• Take pictures, add filters, and share with your users.• Better yet, let your users add the pictures!Advanced project,use the Instagram API:
  • 8. Dropbox Store and share documents in “the cloud” & access from anywhere.With the ‘Cloud’ - store fileson a remote serverinstead of a local computer
  • 9. Now Share Dropbox files with a link Also for streaming sharing, works around down/uploadinghttp://blog.dropbox.com/?p=1138
  • 10. Google Drive https://drive.google.com
  • 11. Google Drive brings cloud storage services to the masses (at least to their awareness)Social collaborationAccess anywhere, Access on any device, share by link, 5GB free, web and client access, 5 years n the making https://drive.google.com/
  • 12. FlipBoard A social magazine-like app which aggregates web content including social media and online content sources, with a visual touch-interactive display. For iPad – specific content titles Flipboard’s Nature is to harness the humanFor iPhone. Social and content streams interest in imagery for engagement, social discovery, and self curation.
  • 13. Pinteresthttp://www.scribd.com/doc/95259089/KPCB-Internet-Trends-2012An online pinboard forcollecting and sharingimages of web resourcesyou find interesting
  • 14. Brand example – BookExpo America http://pinterest.com/bookexpoamerica/
  • 15. Board example from BookExpo America.Appealing to an audience. http://pinterest.com/bookexpoamerica/we-also-love-our-librarians/
  • 16. Search results for libraries on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/search/people/?q=library
  • 17. Directly educational Pinshttp://pinterest.com/fordummies/education-languages/
  • 18. Inviting to collaborative Pinboards
  • 19. Use Pinterest to - Consider• Share – Create visual young adult friendly Privacy resource guides Intellectual property – Target users with resources• Engage their content• Create collaborative boards
  • 20. iMessageApple’s iMessage:•Cloud conversations•Image sharing•Data, not just sms•Groups
  • 21. FacebookThe largest social network with over 900 million users is alsothe connector gateway to many technologies and services. Camera App Messenger App
  • 22. Facebook’s Camera AppMobile photo sharing made easy
  • 23. Facebook Messenger
  • 24. Storify
  • 25. Casual Games Encourage and facilitate playing
  • 26. DrawSomething
  • 27. Build skills
  • 28. Play can teach about real world
  • 29. Interactive eBook appshttp://morrislessmore.com/?p=app
  • 30. Interactive eBook app http://morrislessmore.com/?p=app
  • 31. The Magic of Reality by Richard DawkinsApp produced by Random House• Visual navigation andgesture controls“• Interactivedemonstrations and gamesthat allow you to get handson with the science:- Create your own rainbows By Random Houseusing prisms and light- Journey through space tounderstand the vastness ofour universe- Simulate the effects ofheat, pressure and gravity ondifferent states of matter” http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-magic-of-reality/id461771375?mt=8
  • 32. eBook Apps• promote the usage of eBook apps• help users access mobile content (free books, books they can buy, library books through the apps).• Teach to maximize usage (dictionary, highlighting)• Add documents to eReaders• Open files in iBooks• iAuthor for self publishing
  • 33. Honorable mentions