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  • Opening inspiration
  • Gamification and libraries
  • The mother of all examples
  • And skills


  • 1. Gamification in Libraries Teen Tech Week Joe Murphy Sponsored by Tutor.com
  • 2. Gamify for fun and inspirationImage originally pinnedby Casey Landau
  • 3. Gamification is Using game-likecompletingtotasks attention and provide rewards for elements hold Search of “gamification” in Pinetrest.com reveals the term’s many applications
  • 4. A General Overview We are never more human than when we play - Johan Huizinga http://www.dashe.com/blog/lcbq-2/gamification-in-workplace-learning-the-role-of-play“gaming is fundamentally a part of being human.” - Jane McGonigal http://www.alternet.org/education/154226/can_computer_games_save_us _all_the_alternet_interview_with_jane_mcgonigal/?page=entire
  • 5. Check out this book by Jane McGonigal – Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make UsBetter and How They Can Change the World
  • 6. The Many, Many Benefits of GamificationMore wisdom from Jane McGonigal• Increase our resilience to face challenges• Problem solving• “blissful productivity”• Meaning and bigger purpose – http://www.alternet.org/education/154226/can_computer_games_save_us_all_the_alternet_interview_with_jane_mcgonigal/?page=entire
  • 7. YALSA Competencies• Area II. Knowledge of Client Group.• The librarian will be able to: – Become familiar with the developmental needs of young adults in order to provide the most appropriate resources and services. – Keep up-to-date with popular culture and technological advances that interest young adults.
  • 8. Area III. Communication, Marketing & Outreach • 3 - Be an advocate for young adults and effectively promote the role of the library in serving young adults, demonstrating that the provision of services to this group can help young adults build assets, achieve success, and in turn, create a stronger community. • 8 - Promote young adult library services directly to young adults
  • 9. • Area V: Knowledge of Materials• Area VI - Access to Information• Area VII. Services• … nearly all
  • 10. “contrary to prevailing stereotypes, theaverage social gamer is a 43-year old woman” “The vast majority (95%) of social gamers play multiple times per week; nearly two-thirds (64%) play at least once a day.”http://popcap.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=149
  • 11. Young Adults are Significant Gamers• 25% of gamers are under 18 • http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2011/06/inforgraphic-social-gaming-by-the-numbers.html• About 20% of social gamers are teens • http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2011/06/inforgraphic-social-gaming-by-the-numbers.html• So make sure to reach our current YA users through games now
  • 12. Social Gaming• 1 in 5 Americans (nearly 60 million people) over the age of six has played an online social game.• 10% spend money in games – $2.2 billion in virtual goods• 35% of social gamers have no previous gaming experience• Facebook is the most popular destination for online games• http://mashable.com/2010/08/23/social-gaming-study/
  • 13. 38 thousand virtual itemscreated/second60 million daily active users232, million monthly users2 billion minutes played/day4 billion connectionshttp://secfilings.com/searchresultswide.aspx?link=1&filingid=8022980
  • 14. http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?R=1008166 http://mashable.com/2011/10/14/social-gaming-economics- infographic/ 35% of online gamers have not played traditional video games 1 in 5 Americans has played an online game $6 Billion to be spent in online games in 2013
  • 15. Location Based Social Networks Foursquare etc and Gaming• Location engagement as gaming• Role of Gamification in their success• Marketing examples with Foursquare• Engagement examples• Library projects
  • 16. Foursquare
  • 17. Mobile Gaming• Approaches: With Mobile Gaming: Libraries can – Facilitate handheld gaming in libraries – Join in – be an active member of their gaming community or make connections – Leverage mobile games as a means to meeting our goals: fostering community, facilitating connections, providing opportunities
  • 18. Smartphoneshttp://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/online_mobile/generation-app-62-of-mobile-users-25-34-own-smartphones/
  • 19. Smartphone penetration reaches Young Adultshttp://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Smartphone_agegroups.gif
  • 20. http://mashable.com/2011/10/14/social-gaming-economics-infographic/
  • 21. Words With Friends
  • 22. Areas for Opportunities for libraries• Attracting and holding attention• Harnessing engagement• Introducing the library• Teaching skills• Providing interesting services• Interacting – patrons/staff/library/content
  • 23. Find the Future at the New York Public Library• “game that could get young people excited about libraries, specifically the physical space of a library, because young people today do all of their research on the Internet and never come into the actual building.”• http://game.nypl.org/#home• “what do young people want, and how can the library help them achieve that?” – http://www.alternet.org/education/154226/can_computer_games_save_us_all_the_alternet_interview_with_jane_ mcgonigal/?page=entire
  • 24. http://game.nypl.org/#home
  • 25. http://game.nypl.org/how_to_play#/
  • 26. Library Orientation• Scavenger hunts for learning the library• Gamifying learning online resources Reading Events • Social gaming and co-reading • Interaction in person
  • 27. Gamifying Instruction• Learning and play• Locating• Sharing• Engaging• Citing Gaming Service • Reference • Communication
  • 28. Gamification and Content• Discovery• Sharing• Self curation• Interactive ebooks Pinned by Barbies World pinterest.com/pin/144537469260399491/ http://scaraboo.posterous.com/colouring-pencils
  • 29. QR Codes• Scavenger hunts• Discovery• Sharing• Accessing content• Adding mobile play to the library experience• Turning the library into an experiment • Cheap!
  • 30. Pinned by Kristen Friedrich pinterest.com/pin/273523377338101904/ http://www.thedailyawe.com/2010/09/monday-motivation-have-fun/Can be synonymous with “did you learn at the library today?”
  • 31. “The real game begins once user starts checking- in to machines on a regular basis. Each check- in awards the user points that can be spent to customize their machine. These virtual items include shoes, character skins, and backgrounds.”http://www.penn-olson.com/2011/11/10/coca-cola-gamifies-its-vending-machines/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+PennOlson+%28Penn+Olson+|+Techin.asia%29
  • 32. Gamify Teen Tech Week
  • 33. Gaming the Future Pinned by KelleyAnne pinterest.com/pin/86835099034739556/ http://printpattern.blogspot.com/2010/12/wall-art-steph-baxter.htmlBe Inspired, Have Fun, Game On