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Joe Murphy librarian, joe murphy library future

Joe Murphy librarian, joe murphy library future

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  • Google as trend player/reflector/rider


  • 1. Tech Day:theory & practiceJoe Murphy@libraryfuture
  • 2. Seeing through the dark
  • 3. • “I warn you, if you bore me, I shall take my revenge.” – J.R.R Tolkien Some of our topics today: •Second screens and the library •Show-rooming and the library •Facebook Graph Search •New mobile messaging techs •Phablets •Ereading stats •Connected everything
  • 4. Show-rooming& the library
  • 5. Libraries & the Second Screen Companion Devices / Social ContentAdding social value to content consumption
  • 6. Facebook Graph Search: Indexing the social graph - a web of 1 trillion connections. Plus some Semantic search
  • 7. Absorbing trends and pushing into more spaces: Yelp, Foursquare, Bing, LinkedIn, Google (a little) Hype/promise/impact: “Graph Search Can Do To Google What Google Did To Alta Vista” google-what-google-did-to-alta-vista/
  • 8. Facebook Poke & theimpermanence of messaging
  • 9. Voice Calls in Facebook app•Trend of mobile data messaging expandingbeyond text•Tech easing a melding of tools/means•Facebook as center of connections
  • 10. mobile native vs.immigrant ? Perhaps a more fitting labeling would be Pre and post cord-cutting /Post pulled he plug and never plugged in
  • 11. Where will the next unexpected threat come from
  • 12. Not going overboard
  • 13. Messaging
  • 14. 2013 and the rise of the “Phablets” Size specs impact usage & content consumption •Huawei Ascend Mate – 6.1 inch screen •iPhone 5 screen - 4 inches •iPhone 4S screen - 3.5 inches •iPad mini 7.9 inch screen Trend is larger smartphones … and smaller tablets
  • 15. “Open SourceEcology”“If we can lower thebarriers tofarming, building andmanufacturing,” …“thenwe can unleash massiveamounts of humanpotential.” Low-cost self built versions of the fundamental machines for modern life that anyone anywhere can build them
  • 16. Even in thedark, we can grasp its purpose
  • 17. E-ink on back of smart phone - YotaPhone•Maximizes the unused backside of the smartphone for content display•From smart device for content access to smart device plus with you surface forcontent.•Secondary display (2nd screen?)•Potential for new interaction realms: as you collect content (photos) screen oncollecting surface can interact with subject.•E-ink (bring ereading into more places, further push the smartphones supremacy)•Possible competition with Passbook w/ send to e-ink for printing. Similaralternatives to accessing loyalty cards. Yota Devices
  • 18. A doubling in children’s e-reading since 2010•46% of kids 9-17 read an e-book as of 2012. Up from 25percent in 2010.•~80% of children who readebooks still read print books•1/2 of 9–17 year olds reportthat they would read morebooks if they had greateraccess to ebooks•% who say they will alwaysalso want print books down8% - Scholastic Inc
  • 19. The year of Connected EVERYTHING Connected Homes Connected Cars
  • 20.
  • 21. Monitors your eating speed and tells you to slow down Records and responds to your behavior metrics
  • 22. (living for)The Moment is about time aspects of social points, diffusinginteraction points beyond time or across facets with time oreven with particular points of action. This facet of social mediais expanded & retracting as tools are adapted to provide morewidely beneficial points of engaging in singular activities. Details -
  • 23. Physical toys enter virtual games On screen & real world meet|INFINITY|Soft- w/ interactive contentLaunch|GGL|G_Brand%20Title%20Desktop%20&%20Tablet|Disney%20Infinity%20Exact|||Disney%20Infinity|WDPR-Global-Media|||#!/game
  • 24. •Reverse immersion •Combines content franchises / innovating content •Allows for play and creativity (toy box) •Console as center to content, physical content accessory, personalized experience, mesh of real and virtual worlds, •Toy Box mode is a creative space2:20 •Cloud •So again – innovation in meshing of established trends •Also counter to previous trend of Content company facilitating play, cheap/free casual mobile gaming •Starting on gaming platforms, then construction, and creativity. coming to mobile
  • 25. “Nielsen and Twitter Establish Social TV Rating”• Analytics and metrics for social TV audience measurement• A standard metric around the reach of the TV conversation on Twitter• In recognition that “Twitter is the preeminent source of real-time television engagement data” (Steve Hasker Pres at Nielsen)
  • 26. "viewers who use tablets to watch TV are moreengaged in TV shows"
  • 27. Ebook for 2nd screen. NBC’s Grimmcompanion iBook Different approach same goal: Driving more interaction & deepening/prolonging the experience. Enhanced content, teases to draw more consumption book/grimm/id550362175?m t=11
  • 28. Automatic content recognition Yahoo acquired IntoNow & OnTheAir to focus on mobile OnTheAir (mobile video chat start up) –Content recognition drives engagement mobile strategy
  • 29. Google Now Passbook as trend – and a step beyond
  • 30. What foundation are we building on?
  • 31. Mobile Literacy & Well BeyondKey skill: being able to plan through change Social media literacy - Mobile literacy -Econtent literacy
  • 32. Contextual literacy
  • 33. Mobile payments market reached $12․8 Billion in 2012,expected to reach $90 Billion by 2017. 48% annual growth rate
  • 34. Square wallet for Starbucks
  • 35. Treatscan bemessy
  • 36. Guessing attechnology
  • 37. Real to virtual representation to real representation
  • 38. Jut what are we selling?
  • 39. What’s new in content
  • 40. Money spent by academic libraries on ebooks increased dramatically in 2011. By high as 110% at some schools • Via acrls-2011-academic-library-trends-and-statistics-report/ • ALA press release
  • 41. In fact, even ACRL is leaving print behind
  • 42. And bookless libraries spread Bexar County Texas to open a bookless public library, dubbed “BiblioTech”
  • 43. Ebook sales passed hardcover in 2012 (ebooks passed paperback 2 years ago) Revenue from ebooks exceeded that of print
  • 44. And the DRM debate rolls on – “Major Dutch publisher abandons DRM” • Will use a watermark, not adobe DRM protection software • Means buyers can read the books across their devices as well as share it
  • 45. #pdftributeTragedy inspires movement
  • 46. Choosing our focus
  • 47. iBooks 3 •Continuous scrolling (evolution in pages) (“changes the game for book-reading, completely”) •Will disrupt mobile reading •Update versions / editions
  • 48. Pivoting Mobile device as content (like dvds smart phones also deliver media). (Techcrunch) relevance-blockbuster-may-start-selling-mobile-phones-in-its-stores/ Is this how people view libraries’ pivots to survive?
  • 49. It can take a long time to admit we were on the wrong side of history.Or for the market to catch up to consumerstandards – library analogy and ebooks
  • 50. Opportunities on the horizon for libraries to support self publishing• Train and support iAuthor• Purchase iBooks authored by community authors
  • 51. Return of Yahoo!The return of Flickr
  • 52. Facebook added auto Photo SynchTo compete w/ Google+, AppleiCloud, and Dropbox.Maybe to mine your photo data.To lengthen your engagement with tosocial platform.
  • 53. Cloudplus ___
  • 54. Instagram comes to the web after years ofmobilefirst/onlyA hook to draw back to the appReduction of the “moment”Expands Instagramcontent to less mobileuser group - Nowpeople do not need an For libraries:Instagram account in •Share Instagram pics and account with broader audience.order to view public •Connect with users though their web profiles.profiles and pictures. •Like and comment on others’ pics (non mobile staff). •Add Instagram web profile URL to your links and social profiles/presences. •Link to individual pictures on sites andInstagram was famously mobile first and Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest etcwas in fact iOS only up until very recently.
  • 55. Instagram Photo MapsLoosening the primacy of time sensitivityFocuses on the where,reflecting ongoing trendtowards location as a pointof interaction and a visualemphasis on place-basedself curation.
  • 56. DOK Library Concept Center in Delft, The NetherlandsThe library and technology can come together when thehuman element and opportunities are prioritized
  • 57. Artist in residence at DOK Library Concept Center
  • 58. It didn’t seem that long ago …Three years = no longer a trend
  • 59. Google Field Trip: brings together strengthsof augmented reality and ambient locationsensitive real world discovery Current state of AR and the info now trend
  • 60. Creating or planning forthe environment Primacy of comfort
  • 61. Google+ is a hidden success • The key is that Google+ is integrated throughout the Google experience
  • 62. “the World’s First Motion-ActivatedScrewdriver” seems similar to the iPhone’saccelerometer Consumer goods inspired by consumer tech. Smartphones setting the expectations on varied goods “We’re taking a technology people are familiar with using in motion- sensing video games, smart phones, … and using it in a new and innovative way to create a unique power tool,” said Matt Nestorick, product manager Black & Decker its-first-line-of-tillers_2.aspx
  • 63. Home test: trend of self reliant diffuses the power
  • 64. Tech add-ons to smart phones that help us interact in real world. Siri-lead revolution – porting the input output method
  • 65. Commentary on backlash in a world of eroded privacy Anti surveillance drone hoodie
  • 66. You havethe ingredients What will we build with them?
  • 67. You have all you need Joe Murphy Tech Trend Spotter/Analyst & Librarian Twitter: @libraryfuture To make changes