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Social Tech Analysis & Inspiration TBLC Expert Series murphy florida
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Social Tech Analysis & Inspiration TBLC Expert Series murphy florida


My talk in Florida at the TBLC Expert Series event about the impacts of changes in social technology on libraries. Tampa Bay Library Consortium 5/21/2013. …

My talk in Florida at the TBLC Expert Series event about the impacts of changes in social technology on libraries. Tampa Bay Library Consortium 5/21/2013.
- Joe Murphy library future

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Social Tech Analysis& InspirationJoe Murphy@libraryfuture
  • 2. “If you‟d like to sing along,I‟d sure like to have you”- Marvin Gaye
  • 3. What to expect / OutlineWhy grow - How grow - Which directions to grow• Library directions and challenges• Top current topics in social technology• Newest tech news of note and meanings for libraries• Important ongoing news: not as new but asimportant• Crafting the future
  • 4. "no speech ispleasing if it is long“- Don Quixote
  • 5. We have all the time in the world
  • 6. best innovators arenot the youngest."The real innovatorsaverage about age 40,”- (Tom Agan of Rivia)
  • 7. Take charge.Stop handholding.And facilitate initiative.
  • 8. Appreciating howwe got here
  • 9. Question tradition.Disrupt normalcy.
  • 10. Yahoo / Tumblr brings together creators,curators and audiencesTumblr provides libraries withopportunities for hyper specializationdespite not being a niche network
  • 11. The parallax method
  • 12. Confusing the messagein social mediaSocial literacy:• Hashtag literacy• Current events literacy
  • 13. Google Glass• Removing the tech from theexperience• Impacts on contentconsumption/creation whenscreen shifts form hand toabove the eye
  • 14. It‟s all blue skies …regarding changeopportunities
  • 15. Our data, ourselves
  • 16. The shadow of thebarrier looms largerthan the barrier itself
  • 17. What the social landscape looks like todaySocializing placeThe social cloudPicturing conversationSocial Surfaces as access & interactionThe smart mob / the CrowdSocial contentTwitter and content, Vine, Tumblr, and creation
  • 18. Take initiative
  • 19. Places & SpacesStill important physical libraries add to their socialvalue with mobile/social engagement.• Foursquare for adding value to library visitors‟engagement with the library‟s virtualrepresentation.• Yelp is part of how your library is discovered insmartphone apps. Fluency with this social reviewsresource is necessary for socially discoverableand engaged physical libraries.
  • 20. Maker Culture – social spaceMakerspaces/hackerspaces facilitate socialcollaboration around technology.Empower users:- Collaborative creativity- ProductionGives libraries a new way to meet their age-old roleof facilitation
  • 21. Stay still long enough …
  • 22. The cloud becomes ever more socialBig players in device-free content embrace socialcloud engagement with file sharing, photocommenting, public docs, note taking, etc.EvernoteApple iCloudDropboxWe can live most of our (work) lives in the cloud
  • 23. Constant statesof change
  • 24. Pictures themselves are social pointsThe image as conversation.Instagram invites the user as contributorto the library‟s visual narrative.- Advertise with a visual storyPinterest creates visual curators of usall. Libraries and patrons collaborate onweb resource guides.Google + photo updates - skipping userintervention as emerging trend
  • 25. A return of Flickr?Yahoo‟s Flickr may make a return as thecomeback kid pivots and reignites interest.• 1 free terabyte of storage for users• Revamped platform and updated apps• More importantly – renewed interest capital inparent company.
  • 26. Not dressingit up assomething itis not.
  • 27. Interaction on the surfaceSupplement analog stacks by socializing any surface.Leverage technology that projects virtual book stacksonto walls within or beyond the libraryAccess e-content with contactless media sharing viasmart devices and surfaces.Remove points in between person to personexchanges.
  • 28. Add trust,questionexpertise
  • 29. The power of the crowd to socialize accomplishmentsCrowdfunding (Kickstarter)Crowdsourcing (group writing).Turn the voices in your crowd into power points
  • 30. Like Don Quixote, we are driven bybooks. Books expand our passions andour courage.And how to square that with the internet of things and wearable tech
  • 31. Socializing contentTwitter and streaming content in the discussion. Twitteras social old schoolerVine for quick creation – More to it than the 6 secondselfie. Self made creation, concise content created forsocial sharing, and the Twitter ecosystem: Micro videoreviews, instruction blurbs, video highlights and library intros.Robust social content management and curation is partof current awareness with Pocket (formerly “Read itlater”) etc. being built into the social experience.
  • 32. Show-roomingandmisidentifyingopportunitiesas threats"If customers aren‟t buying,the seller needs to figure outwhy and adapt accordingly" -"Store Combats Showrooming With $5 „Just Looking‟Fee" By Chris Morran March 25, 2013)
  • 33. Show-rooming& the libraryBrowsing at the library but gettingebooks from Amazon or vice versa?Empower, don‟t fight show-roomingwhich is now part of the library
  • 34. Show-rooming is to be facilitated"70% of consumers use a mobile phone in a retailstore to research and accompany their shoppingexperiences"“Retailers Turn Showrooming Into Innovation Opportunity" by Samantha Murphy May 19 2013‟ value is to connect, even if we don‟tultimately provide the content.Libraries can play a role in the content experiencewithout being in every provision stage.
  • 35. Cannot talk about social content and not address FlipboardFlipboard weaves social and subscriptioncontent together in a self curated visualmobile magazine.
  • 36. The secondscreen movesbeyond TV forsocial videocontent -YouTube2nd screen stems from having the smartphonein grasp at all times. To extend the contentexperience.Content engagementsocially extended withthe mobile devices weall have. These secondscreens add a sociallayer to contentconsumption.
  • 37. Yota Devices on back of smart phone – YotaPhoneSecondary display (2nd screen?)•Potential for new interaction realms: as you collect content (photos) screenon collecting surface can interact with subject.•Maximizes the unused backside of the smartphone for content display•E-ink (bring ereading into more places, further push the smartphonessupremacy)•Possible competition with Passbook w/ send to e-ink for printing. Similaralternatives to accessing loyalty cards.
  • 38. Combining trends to cut off disruptionsA twist to cover a retreat: ABC app nowhas you watch on your device but not ondemand – can only watch live stream.
  • 39. "Children‟s on-screen readingovertakes reading in print"Some of the data revealed- 39% of children and young people read daily using electronicdevices including tablets and eReaders, but only 28% readprinted materials daily. The number of children readingeBooks has doubled in the last two years (from 6% to 12%).-Children say they prefer to read on screen. Over half (52%)said they would rather read on electronic devices but only athird (32%) would rather read in print.From the National Literacy Trust May 16th 2013
  • 40. ebook frustrations
  • 41. Amazon TV pilots"Unlike a TV network, Amazon has asked the Internetto watch and rate its test shows, and has said theinput will help the company make its decisions."- Voting on major content choices- Leak of traditional media into books spheres all thingsd by Peter Kafka, May 17 2013
  • 42. Path as exampleCombines location/photosharing/check ins/video/contentengagement – aka every major socialtrend plus messaging plus privacy-firstplus will come preloaded on somephones soon.
  • 43. Facebook Home
  • 44. See throughgimmickry
  • 45. Facebook todayFacebook reached maturity when it passed 1 billionusers.Reference answers through page messages.The spill of the Facebook ecosystem (FacebookMessenger to start).The real power of Facebook is not marketing, it is thesocial platform‟s reach as resource connecter: socialpoints between people and resources.
  • 46. Indexing thesocial graph - aweb of 1 trillionconnections. Graph Search actualizes social search.Absorbing trends and pushing into more spaces: Yelp,Foursquare, Bing, LinkedIn, Google (a little)
  • 47. Librarians as social pointsLibrarians serve as a filter, amplifier, and socialcatalyst, in social streams, helping to ingest theoverabundance of channels and data.
  • 48. How much direction do we need?
  • 49. MessagingLots of Google news• Coalescence of messaging pointsFacebook Chat Heads• Allows fluid context of conversationSnapchat, Facebook Poke, and theimpermanence of photo messaging
  • 50. It is ok to stumble
  • 51. So much happening in mobile paymentsRapid spread of SquareSquare cashier stand• Trend: a step back• Merchant focus• Other pivots• Deeper integrationPay through GmailA retreat, a scale back? Is there atrend of toning down tech leaps?
  • 52. LevelUpexpandsBitcoin gets a lot of attention
  • 53. Skype everywhereSkype on Xbox: example of appleak as non-gaming appsencroach upon platformsdesigned for single purpose.Skype is a killer app for Xboxbecause it “brought Grandma intothe mix” (Michael Pachter).Real killer app is reverse, aplatform that allows an app apresence win the living room.
  • 54. Blinded by the future
  • 55. Taking note of big dataAnalytical and visualization company Tableau isnow worth almost 3 billion. Companies like thesehelp people "gain knowledge from data.“It also succeeds because of the junction insteadof distance of smart phones and PCs
  • 56. Pure concept speculation, but interesting line of thought.Might one possiblefuture shift in roles forthe smartphone bring therole of the desktop toone of virtualization forUX considerations withthe smartphone as thehome device?Created by YouTube user Sonitdac
  • 57. Google joins the streaming music fray“Google Play Music AllAccess”Curates with analgorithm (as opposed toself, peer, or expertcuration).Embraces the streamingand the subscriptioncontent models.Google ecosystem
  • 58. Freemium model expandingEven web reputation management initiated a freemium model (free forbasic, pay for advanced services).AND they introduced a concierge service. Anytime youhear concierge the librarian bulb in your head shouldblink - Concierges use expertise to facilitate andconnect.
  • 59. Time is (always) running out
  • 60. A challengethat comes witha reward
  • 61. Joe MurphyLibrarian & Tech Directions AnalystTwitter: @libraryfuturelibraryfuture@gmail.com