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Pinterest for museums and libraries
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Pinterest for museums and libraries


Webcast, Pinterest for Museums and Libraries, I taught on March 28, 2012, produced by LearningTimes. …

Webcast, Pinterest for Museums and Libraries, I taught on March 28, 2012, produced by LearningTimes.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Pinterest forMuseums & LibrariesJoe Murphy Produced by LearningTimes Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 2. Screenshot example of the diverse uses of Pinterest on a public steam http://pinterest.com/all Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 3. One way everyone’s favorite Geek girl, Felicia Day, uses Pinterest . Note the interactionand metrics, and the type of Pins.http://pinterest.com/feliciaday/favorite-places/ Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 4. Experiment part 1: PinBoard for Professional projectsVisual sharing of targeted professional online content Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 5. Experiment part 2: PinBoard for sharing news storiesSharing news info via its visual element with targeted audience Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 6. Sharing text as image Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 7. Sharing text as image. Creating image element when necessary. Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 8. Text as Pin Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 9. Content added to Pinterest bymobile users may contribute tothe visual narrative of yourinstitution’s space. Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 10. Pinterest in Context of Larger Tech Trends• Uses, expands, and brings together the trends of visual sharing, peer discovery, mobile, sharing by images, self curation of digital content, social discovery and sharing. Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 11. Why Pinterest is Important:We experience and consume so much visually and Pinterest gives us a way toshare and make note of goals, plans, experiences, desires, with images fromonline or from our own lives Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 12. http://bit.ly/pinterestforinfoPinterest and Libraries:•Important because self and groupcuration of online content•Use to – •Bookmark resources • share images of books •Contributions from community •As a visual resource guide •Facilitate collaboration •As a teaching tool •Pin pics of staff - human element •Track metrics •Enhance existing social media projects Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 13. Pinterest is perfect for sharing infographics as self contained visual data displays Tracing attribution must be possible on the pinned infographic as well as within the Pin’s metadatahttp://pinterest.com/pin/171981279490024885/ Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 14. “Pinteresting Trend in Social Media”By http://www.monetate.com/http://mashable.com/2012/01/29/pinterest-retail-infographic/ Its huge growth, possible because it touches upon our human affinity for visual discovery and sharing, forces us to consider this tool. Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 15. By http://www.monetate.com/ http://mashable.com/2012/01/29/pinterest-retail-infographic/http://www.ignitesocialmedia.com/social-networks/pinterest-demographic-data/ http://blog.shareaholic.com/2012/01/pinterest-referral-traffic/ http://siliconfilter.com/study-pinterest-now-drives-more-referral-traffic-than-twitter/ Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 16. My Pinterest profile http://pinterest.com/joemurphy/Note the importance of an explanatory bio blurb,always attach social media links, and use a clear icon Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 17. Pin view of a profile Twitter @libraryfuturehttp://pinterest.com/joemurphy/pins/
  • 18. http://pinterest.com/bookexpoamerica/Brand example – BookExpo America Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 19. Board example from BookExpo America. http://pinterest.com/bookexpoamerica/we-also-love-our-librarians/Appealing to an audience. Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 20. http://pinterest.com/search/people/?q=librarySearch results for “library” on Pinterest reveals many already using it Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 21. http://pinterest.com/gutmanlibrary/databases-of-buildings/Example board from one of those libraries.Great example of targeting one user group w/ singular info type Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 22. http://pinterest.com/search/people/?q=museumSearch results for “Museum” on Pinterest. Filter to“People” search Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 23. Brand example – Martha Stewart http://pinterest.com/MarthaStewart/Gives inside look and human element. Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 24. Brand example: Alanis Morissette http://pinterest.com/morissette/Great example of using of curating resources about 1 subject Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 25. http://pinterest.com/fordummies/Great content provider example Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 26. Pin leads to store topurchase content http://www.dummies.com/store/product/Digital-Photography-For-Dummies- 7th-Edition.productCd-1118092031.html Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 27. Pin leads to free info Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 28. http://pinterest.com/fordummies/crafts-hobbies/Example collaborative board Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 29. Directly educational Pinshttp://pinterest.com/fordummies/education-languages/ Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 30. Elevator pitch - is ……an online pin board for gatheringand sharing images from webresources. It taps into new trends forcollections discovery. Pinterest logo was designed by Michael Deal and Juan Carlos Pagan Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 31. Anatomy of a Pin Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 32. Anatomy of a PinMeta data and more Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 33. Elements of a Pinhttp://pinterest.com/pin/181832903675041257/ Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 34. Anatomy of a PinBoard Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 35. Anatomy of a PinBoard Choose a descriptive and catchy title and description Add board collaborators Easy to delete old content Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 36. Mobile App Taking picture to add as PinWhat a user is liking Boards view Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 37. Browsing from the mobile app Activity tab Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 38. Mobile App and location Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 39. Searching on PinterestFiltering Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 40. How to: upload a new pin Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 41. Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 42. How to: Add a Pin Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 43. “Pin It” browser Buttonhttp://pinterest.com/about/goodies/Work with IT to install on staff and public browsers. Assist users with adding the button toencourage pinning. Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 44. http://pinterest.com/about/goodies/To maximize the Pinability of your site and content Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 45. How to create boards Select a category for your board or seek input from your users Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 46. Collaborate Boards Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 47. Adding collaborators•Invite staff to co-populate boards.•Invite research groups•Open boards to classes•Host collaborativeboards around events•Invite contributors tohelp create subjectguides Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 48. How to create an account Need an invite Associate with a Facebook account Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 49. Spread the love,and create a community base By inviting members of your community to Pinterest, you are also creating an organic user base. Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 50. Consider notification settings and work flows.Attach social media accounts.Make account visible to public search. Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 51. Universal Project areas• Extending the reach of content• Promoting items• Making services visible• Marketing Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 52. Use as professional staff• Not just institutional use – As individual service providers • Community managers for sub groups –For targeted audiences from singular specialist – As a research/current awareness tool – For staff visibility • promoting a human element Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 53. Library Project Ideas• Collections: – Showcase new books – Highlight collections – Visual subject guides Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 54. Library Project Ideas• Services: –Curate instruction resources –Facilitate collaboration –Teach as resource discovery tool –Teach proper citation and ethical use –Reference resources –Diagrams to commonly asked questions Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 55. Museum Project Ideas• Promote exhibits• Provide additional information on exhibits• Make items accessible virtually• Collaborative exhibits• Extend research opportunities• Broaden reach of pieces Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 56. Pinterest OptimizationInclude and image and its meta data on sites Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 57. Use the Pin It Button Facilitate the Pinning of your content Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 58. Meshing Pinterest with other techs Plays well with all image based social networks and technologies Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 59. Guidelines and plans• To ensure a successful institutional project.• Elements: – Training – Marketing – Policies for content – Control to ensure copyright protected – Work flows – Partners Twitter @libraryfuture
  • 60. Thank you Twitter @libraryfuture