New and around the corner in mobile tech Murphy SEFLIN2013
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New and around the corner in mobile tech Murphy SEFLIN2013



“What is new and just around the corner in mobile technology.”

“What is new and just around the corner in mobile technology.”
Joe Murphy
Mobile Devices: Gateway to Your Library - Virtual conference.



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New and around the corner in mobile tech Murphy SEFLIN2013 New and around the corner in mobile tech Murphy SEFLIN2013 Presentation Transcript

  • twitter: @libraryfuture What is New & Just Around the Corner in Mobile Technology Joe Murphy
  • @libraryfuture Joe Murphy Director, Library Futures Innovative Interfaces, inc. Tech Trends Analyst - Libraryfuture Twitter/Gmail: - libraryfuture
  • New Stories for Future Libraries Empower: – Dreamers to inspire – Workers to excel – Students to succeed – People to dream @libraryfuture
  • “Colors are not something to be scared about” @libraryfuture
  • The dramatic changes in iOS7 design signifies the realization of the mobile revolution – Elements no longer designed upon their real world pre-digital equivalent –@libraryfuture iPhone 5c and 5s are about expanding further into next big markets
  • New Position for Wider Futures - Director, Library Futures. Innovative Interfaces - • A voice for the future • Technology trends and directions • Voice for libraries • Empowering the future(s) of libraries • Library trends @libraryfuture
  • • To facilitate • To enable • To empower • To fuel those who inspire New Missions for Libraries @libraryfuture
  • The Library & the Start Up • Supporting start ups – And small & medium sized businesses • Library as incubator • Library as start up @libraryfuture
  • Your Library, the Entrepreneur • Treating students as start ups – Invest in key users as growth projects • Empowering entrepreneurship @libraryfuture
  • The Library and the City City innovation initiatives parallel one of the library’s missions @libraryfuture new-urban-economy High-Tech-With-An-Eye-Toward-Olympics-World-Cup
  • IFLA Trends Report @libraryfuture • Access • Online Education • Privacy / Data protection • New Techs Reveals that our profession often focuses on the societal impact of new tech areas.
  • Moon shots Around Core Strengths @libraryfuture
  • organizations/2013-08/i-am-social-librarian-infographic-free-download @libraryfuture Never underestimate the power of a social (mobile) librarian. • Curator • Creator • Educator • Filter • Connector • Facilitator • Experimenter • Beacon
  • New Venues for Display - New screen on device - – 2nd screen on same device (primary screen is now the mobile) – there are different uses for different screens – Impact on creation – reading as central but simple may be best – more as display (double feature of cover) is part of larger trend of display wider (walls etc) – expectations for singular device @libraryfuture
  • @libraryfuture New Venues for Display - New screen on device
  • Vine – micro mobile video - Hyper Short Video & Creative Economy – The Loop – Mobile – Gif Economy @libraryfuture
  • Instagram 150 million users – Video – Embed – Web – iPhone first – Android Explosion – Success Story for Facebook @libraryfuture
  • Netflix(S) for Books - 24Symbols – Oyster – etc – - Streaming – Subscription – Freemium - @libraryfuture
  • Twitter Impact - Financial – Impact on Facebook (recent news) – Conversations – Impact of Media (TV) - @libraryfuture
  • Yahoo! New Video App – Tumblr – Flickr – Acquisitions @libraryfuture
  • Next Areas • Internet of Things – Smart Everyday Objects • Wearable Tech – Google Glass - - Smart Watches • The Quantified Self Qualified @libraryfuture
  • Smart Cars • A smart experience • A new platform • A sender of signals – means alert the library etc that it is within access range – - an extension of mobile ambient location apps? @libraryfuture
  • Amazon Kindle Matchbook • Bought the print edition? Now also get the e copy for less. • Could be reverse … • Reflects cross format reading @libraryfuture
  • Beauty of Makerspaces @libraryfuture Empowering creation
  • Beyond Maker Spaces Follow the direction – facilitating access – to facilitating conversations – to facilitating creation – to facilitating …. @libraryfuture The next stage is - empowering inspiration - Enabling start ups
  • 50 Anniversary of the “Red Phone” • Modern red phone is email • Updates on messaging: – Snapchat – iMessage – Facebook Messenger – @libraryfuture From “What hath god wrought” to a landline to email. Where does Kik fit in? 1st Morse code message sent, 1844 –
  • Snapchat - Wall Street use – The Impermanence of Messages - Library Archiving Issues? – Communication Around Pictures – From cultural norms to communication assets – @libraryfuture
  • Issues in Tech News • Ambient Alerts - Google Now • Foursquare News • Yelp News • Microsoft Fragmentation • Automatic Content Recognition • 2nd screen • Show rooming @libraryfuture
  • Google Chromecast Mobile as source - Implications for screen projection – a new life for the first screen – screen sharing – battle for the living room – a new old platform for the library – @libraryfuture
  • Big Data Management • Obama video archive challenges – when mobile behavior impacts official practice impacts @libraryfuture good-luck-sifting-through-obama-video
  • Zady as Example • “Zady began with a grand vision: to combat the fast-fashion craze by providing a platform for only those companies that care about timeless style and solid construction.” – – Similar to the traditional perceived strengths of the library? – Looking out for authors and readers • In a time of change – can libraries brand themselves as an anchor of stability in change not despite change? @libraryfuture
  • ‘Nextdoor’ Neighborhood Social App • Should libraries be on it? – Have more of a role than had on Myspace @libraryfuture – Hyper local – proximity as conversation point – local discovery – nearby as relevant –
  • Digital non-Library Subscriptions & the Need for Librarians More and more digital subscriptions - proves the wider need for the librarian as advocate for the reader. The Librarian as Apple Care @libraryfuture
  • Value of a Library in a Mobile/Social World • Life skills: – An informed public is a protection against the 100 Billion dollar loss per year cyber crime industry. @libraryfuture Younger Users Now on LinkedIn • Opportunities for libraries – – Teaching online reputation management
  • Pre internet/mobile in branded value, post internet/mobile in vision & practice @libraryfuture
  • Mobile First – Everything • What would a truly mobile first library look like? • Not just websites – service concepts – design approaches – content points @libraryfuture
  • “The young are unconstrained by the habits of fear” - President Obama @libraryfuture
  • Joe Murphy Director, Library Futures - Innovative Interfaces, inc. Tech Trends Analyst - Libraryfuture Twitter @libraryfuture LinkedIn ture The Beginning Do Libraries Have More Past or More Future? @libraryfuture