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"Tech Trends and Creating the Future For Libraries." MLNC Speakers Series, in St Louis

"Tech Trends and Creating the Future For Libraries." MLNC Speakers Series, in St Louis

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  • Groupon growth


  • 1. Joe Murphy
    Tech Trends and Creating the Future For Libraries
    The MLNC Speakers Series
    ST Louis - Missouri Library Network Corporation. 9/15/2011
  • 2. Newest News
  • 3.
  • 4. comScore Reports July 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share
    More than 80 Million Americans Now Own Smartphones
  • 5.
    “The average user now spends 9% more time using mobile apps than the Internet. In June users spent an average of 81 minutes daily on mobile apps, compared to 74 minutes on the web.”
  • 6.
    “Mobile Apps Beat the Mobile Web Among US Android Smartphone Users”
  • 7. “mobile viewing isn’t really “mobile” at all — it happens most frequently in the bedroom, and second-most frequently in the living room”
    “For Vevo’s Music Video Viewers, “Mobile” Might Mean “In Bed””
    – All Things D
    “Instead of coming home after school and watching MTV on the couch like the youngsters of long ago, today’s kids are coming home and watching videos on their own personal screens.”
  • 8.
  • 9. More people now send pictures than email
  • 10.
  • 11.
    • Fully 79% of smartphone owners say that they used their phones to quickly access information they needed …
    • 12. On the list of common smartphone frustrations, slow download speeds outpace small screens and tricky text entry.
    • 13. Smartphone owners can be at a loss without their mobile devices. One third of smartphone owners (34%) have had trouble doing something in the past 30 days because they did not have their phone with them.
    • 14. Don’t bother me, I’m on my phone. One in five smartphone owners (20%) say that they have used their phone to avoid interacting with people around them in the preceding 30 days.
  • Microsoft Faces the Post-PC World
    Now 25 Years Old, Windows Sales Slow as iPad Gains; Lowest Market Share in Two Decades—82%
    “Goldman Sachs, in a research report from April, estimated that tablet computers such as the iPad will remain "highly cannibalistic" to traditional PCs, stealing 35% and 33% of sales in 2011 and 2012, respectively. “ Read
    “86% of Fortune 500 companies are deploying or testing iPads”
    Windows 8 will be more Tablet friendly,
    “redesigned to run better on touch-screen computers”
  • 15. 8/26/2011
    • for the first time, half of all adults use social networking sites
    • 16. more than double the percentage that reported social networking site usage in 2008
    • 17. the graying of social networking sites continues
    • 18. Not much variance across Race/Ethnicity demographics
  • 19. Online libel cases double
    “The number of libel cases in which claimants say they have been defamed online has more than doubled in a year - and the growth of social media may be a cause of the surge, according to new research.”
  • 20.
  • 21. “Free-to-play Revenue Overtakes Premium Revenue in the App Store”
    “Virtual Currency Beats All Other Kinds of Mobile Game Purchases” – Mashable by Christina Warren 8/17/11
    “According to Flurry, 68% of in-app game purchases are for consumable goods, with virtual currency purchases (think games like FarmVille and Smurf Village) being by far the most popular type of consumable good.”
  • 22. Tablets etc
  • 23. “A patient check-in app. FGive patients iPads in the waiting room. Replace paper clipboards”
  • 24.
  • 25.
  • 26.
  • 27. iPads to replace paper flight manuals for pilots
    American Airlines
    “United Airlines said on Tuesday that it would give iPads to the 11,000 pilots who fly United and Continental Airlines planes.”
    “iPads for the Cabin Crew? Surely You Can’t Be Serious.” -
    British Airways also now providing iPads to crew
    Information management was major reason for conversion to iPads.
    Moving to tablet first makes info easier and quicker to access.
  • 28. “If you thought tablets were being used only by Angry Birds-flinging youngsters or guys between 25 and 34, think again. Turns out tablets are all the rage with women and seniors.”
    Tablet owners over the age of 55 now represent 19% of owners, up from 10%
    Tablet owners under the age of 34 down to 46% of owners from 62%
  • 29.
  • 30. Mobile Communication andMessaging apps
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33.
  • 34.
  • 35.
  • 36. For the first time ever … the Growth of Text Messaging Has Slowed
    “Growth in the volume of text messaging is slowing sharply, just as new threats emerge to that lucrative source of wireless carrier profits.”
    - Still more than 1 trillion texts sent in 2nd half of 2010. Avg texts/month/user = 2,110.
    - But the smallest semi annual increase (8.7%) ever.
    “Carriers Sweat as Texting Cools Off.”
    Wall Street journal Technology
    What’s changing?
    • Apple’s new messaging service
    • 37. Shift twds data for mobile communication
    • 38. Group Messaging apps
    • 39. FB/Twitter
  • 40. Skype acquires GroupMe
    “Both companies are focused on changing the way the world communicates”
    "It means furthering the breaking down of barriers to global communications."
    - Skype’s Chief Executive Tony Bates –
    Quoted by Wall Street Journal
    “The group messaging space in general is one of the most important markets for Skype,”
    “GroupMe creates a very sticky instant feeling. Like Skype, it is an everyday interactive form of communication. Skype’s goal is to get to 1 billion users. Mobile is the place to do that.”
  • 41. Content
  • 42.
  • 43.
  • 44.
  • 45. Digital Sales at Barnes & Noble Bolstered by Nook
    “This increase was driven by strong demand for the NOOK product line, including the continued success of the Award Winning NOOK Color, the mid-quarter launch of the NOOK Simple Touch Reader and a quadrupling of digital content sales over last year’s first quarter.”
    “NOOK business across all of the company’s segments, including sales of digital content, device hardware and related accessories, increased 140% in the first quarter to $277 million, on a comparable sales basis.”
    Barnes & Noble Reports Fiscal 2012 First Quarter Financial Results
  • 46. Access to ebooks while waiting for print textbook deliveries
  • 47. “The twist: personalization.”
  • 48.
    Social clout for preferential access to digital content
  • 49. Have high Klout? Read Stephen King’s new book first.
  • 50.
  • 51.
  • 52. Walmart now in 3rd place in the digital movie market.
    Behind Apple but ahead of Sony and Amazon
    iPad friendly version uses HTML5
  • 53.
  • 54.
  • 55. “20.4 percent of the worldwide Internet population” visited Amazon Sites in June
  • 56. Soundtrack for books
  • 57.
  • 58. Bringing the textbook to life
    & “redefining how you learn”
  • 59. Kno answers the question of “How do you make a digital textbook more than just a glorified PDF on a tablet?”
    Quizme features turns in-text diagrams into instant quizzes
    Journal feature:
    add notes, highlights,
    audio notes, pics, videos
    reminders, and more
  • 60.
  • 61.
  • 62.
  • 63.
  • 64. All Things D
    “Social media magazine Flipboard pursues TV, films”
    “… plans to add television shows and films to move it beyond the online articles that it offers now.”
  • 65.
  • 66.
  • 67.
  • 68. “fine-grained control over the torrent of daily information”
    A single news feed
    No mobile app … yet
  • 69. Similar to Instapaper – Flipboard - Scribd
  • 70. Pandora for book recommendations
    Booklamp -
  • 71. New Tumblr app makes mobile publishing even easier
    “over 250 million page views a day”
  • 72.
    Publish individual sites from mobile
    “It will start from your phone. Not the other way around.” - CEO Kelly Smith
  • 73.
  • 74.
  • 75. $0.99 pricing model
    No agent or publisher
    Locke “joins seven other authors, including Stieg Larsson and Nora Roberts, in the “Kindle Million Club.””
  • 76. “Amazon Is a Book Publisher For Reals Now”
    Not just self publishing through Amazon
  • 77.
  • 78.
  • 79.
  • 80. “The music has changed from ownership to anywhere access and sharing of that music”
    – Daniel Ek Spotify CEO
    “Sharing, begets more sharing and it begets more listening of music and that powerful loop is the life force of Spotify.”
    “we want music to become like water”– EK
  • 81.
  • 82.
  • 83.
  • 84. Longer embargoes increase piracy rates
    “During the first 5 days, the number of downloads from the U.S. for the latest episode of Hell’s Kitchen increased by 114% compared to the previous 3 episodes. For MasterChef the upturn was even higher with 189% more downloads from the U.S. For MasterChef…”
  • 85. Same goes for music
    Spotify 'helps curb music piracy'
    “Spotify, the music streaming service, has helped curb the illegal downloading of music, according to a new survey. “
    “Nearly two thirds of those participating in the research, who admitted to illegally downloading music, said using Spotify had encouraged them to reduce the amount they used pirate sites or kick the habit altogether.”
    “now over a quarter (27 per cent) of people say they go to a digital source as first port of call; usually iTunes or Amazon,” - James Parker, broadband manager at
  • 86. Don’t fear the specter of empty shelves
  • 87. To facilitate conversation.
    Because the real role of the library is helping to make connections.
  • 88.
  • 89. Location
  • 90.
  • 91.
  • 92. Facebook adapts to shifting role of Location
    Before: You could only "check in" to locations using the Places feature on a smart phone.
    Going Forward: Now you can add location to anything.
    “people will move away from thinking of location in terms of “checking in” and instead think about it in terms of tagging your location to what ever it is you’re doing — sharing a thought, posting a picture, etc”
    “Facebook is not ducking out of the location game itself. In fact, you could say that they’re doubling-down on it. But they are moving away from the game that the “check-in” services have been playing.
  • 93.
  • 94. Also can now tag topics with page tags to mimic getglue
  • 95.
  • 96.
  • 97.
  • 98. Travel specific apps
    come to TomTom GPS
    Apps include: Twitter, Yelp, TripAdvisor
    Social features added to location tech gadget as mirror of location trend.
    (Photo: Business Wire)
    “By giving … relevant local content provided by travel apps, TomTom is bringing a new level of connectivity to drivers…” said Tim Roper, president of TomTom, Inc.
    Agree with TechCrunch? - “The personal navigation device market has lost much of its thunder the last few years. These apps are the sort of functions that could have at least temporarily slowed the transfer of power to the smartphones regime.”
  • 99. 600 million checkins
    3 million check ins/day
  • 100.
  • 101.
  • 102.
  • 103.
  • 104.
  • 105. Deeper integration of photos into mobile Foursquare stream
  • 106. Location as aspect to
    … everything
  • 107.
  • 108.
  • 109. Photo sharing news
  • 110. Flickr took almost 2 years to reach 100 million photos
  • 111.
    “Flickr’s lack of innovation is a crime that’s punishable by death — and we the jury are voting with where we choose to host our photos.” - Frederick Van Johnson, the host of the popular photography podcast, This Week in Photo (TWiP) -
    “A commenter named Jolene compared Flickr to an ex-beau. “It’s still out there… you remember how much in love you once were, how you thought it was going to be forever. Eventually, you grew apart.”” -
  • 112. Instagram
  • 113. 100 million photos added
    860,000 added every day
    Flickr took 2 years to hit this milestone
  • 114. Photo app used to create art for music album
  • 115.
  • 116.
  • 117. “A fun, simple way to share who you are with”
    “With is Path’s acknowledgement that people love sharing photos and who they’re with”
  • 118.
  • 119. “6 billion photo uploads each month”
    nearly 100 billion photos total
  • 120.
  • 121. Apple also incorporating more photo
    editing into iPhone 5
  • 122.
  • 123. Photovine - Google’s new photo sharing app
    “plant a photo, watch it grow”
    Shuttered by Google
    Connecting through themes
  • 124.
  • 125.
  • 126.
  • 127.
  • 128.
  • 129. Mobile payments
  • 130.
  • 131.
  • 132.
  • 133. “2011 and 2012 are expected to be “banner years for NFC service rollouts.”” -
    Juniper Research -
  • 134.
  • 135.
    4 vs. 1 year discrepancy
    “the transaction value of mobile payments for digital and physical goods, money transfers and NFC (Near Field Communications) transactions will reach $670 billion by 2015” - Leena Rao
  • 136.
    PayPal NFC phone to phone Mobile Payments
  • 137. “The Isis™ mobile wallet will eliminate the need to carry cash, credit and debit cards, reward cards, coupons, tickets and transit passes, fundamentally changing how you shop, pay and save. All with your phone. “
    More info
    “AT&T-Verizon-T Mobile Sets $100M for Google Fight’” -
  • 138.
  • 139. New Skype app
    for paying for wifi
    by the minute
  • 140. QR Codes for Mobile payments
    Lower barriers to entry than NFC?
  • 141. The end of the wallet? – The rise of mobile payments
    “We believe that by 2015 digital currency will be accepted everywhere in the U.S. – from your local corner store to Walmart. We will no longer need to carry a wallet.”
    - Scott Thompson, President, PayPal. Upon PayPal passing 100 million active accounts.
  • 142. Point of sale
    changes for staff
  • 143. Mobile ticketing
  • 144. Save notes to real world with NFC via Touchanote
  • 145. Qr codes and AR
  • 146. Leverage new technology to assist with the old
  • 147.
  • 148.
  • 149.
  • 150. Loyalty programs + smart phones + QR Codes
  • 151. What:
    An innovative fast casual restaurant business created by Flip Video founder and entrepreneur Jonathan Kaplan.
    “customers can create an order for their grilled cheese from their computers or mobile phones and receive a QR code that they then bring to a Melt location and scan at the counter”
    Order Technology:
    THE MELT uses mobile technology that allows customers to remotely place a meal order from their computer or mobile phone and pick it up at any MELT location, always hot and ready, anytime. When ordered via the mobile application, the customer will receive a QR code on their smartphone that can be scanned at any restaurant location, allowing them to pay through their phones, skip the line, and pick up their freshly made order within minutes.
  • 152.
  • 153.
  • 154.
  • 155.
  • 156. Layar
  • 157.
  • 158. 20 Million+ people on Google+
    “over 1 billion items shared and received in a single day”
  • 159.
  • 160. … in just three weeks
  • 161.
  • 162. “Google Agrees To Buy Motorola Mobility For $12.5B” -
    “Google just bought itself patent protection”
  • 163.
  • 164.
  • 165.
  • 166. More use of location for content discovery
    “With the explosion of app downloads and digital versions of books — the kinds of content that we already love to curate and help our customers discover through Starbucks Digital Network — this is a great time to expand an already successful program,” Adam Brotman, vice president of digital ventures at Starbucks
    “many different ways that we can enhance our customers experience through content,”
    What it means:
    - access as reward
    • content as point of engagement
    • 167. third party collaborations to enhance experience
    • 168. new role of place in discovery
  • 169.
  • 170.
  • 171.
  • 172.
  • 173.
  • 174.
  • 175.
    Billion calls, 2 million users
  • 176.
  • 177. “Two characters on the show, newspapermen Vince (@VinceHaven) and Dave (@DaveHaven), join Twitter and begin interacting with an unknown Twitter user, @ColdInHaven, who has an extremely wide knowledge of the town.
    Viewers can follow the action on Twitter, and will be able to catch mentions of the tweet-based storyline on the show itself.“
  • 178.
  • 179.
  • 180.
  • 181. Getglue
  • 182.
  • 183.
  • 184.
  • 185. ‘Angry Birds’ Maker Seeks Funds at $1.2B Valuation -
    “Angry Birds in the classroom. Rovio plans to publish a line of educational books for children ages four to their teens. Embracing the Finnish education system—which emphasizes play in learning:
    “one of the books will illustrate geometry lessons by launching a bird character through the air”
  • 186. HTC Status
    New AT&T Phone with Dedicated Facebook Button
    Upload photos/videos,
    share URL from websites,
    Easy check in to Facebook Places
    Goal: make Facebook an even deeper part of your life.
    Streamline social sharing
  • 187.
  • 188. Twitter meets group chat via 3rd party app
  • 189.
    “We're interested in ways new technology can help unlock human potential, especially through the use of positive reinforcement. That's all we can tell you right now.”
  • 190. Where’s the app for that?
    Searches not just app stores, but also social media sites, reviews, blogs, and more to leverage the power of social for search and discovery.
    Searches across iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, iGoogle, extensions, etc
    “molded specifically to the unique characteristics of searching for those ubiquitous but sometimes elusive apps”
    Major recent funding – $12.2 Million
  • 191. Samsung ChatON
    “one of a growing number of services designed to compete with traditional text messaging”
    Available for all major mobile platforms by end of 2011
  • 192. Custom order through the app
    Track order status
    Locate nearby stores
    Pay through the app
    Use deals and vouchers
  • 193.
  • 194.
  • 195.
    Twitter: @libraryfuture
    Technology Trend Spotter for Libraries