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Joe Murphy’s Keynote, “Library Evolution Meets Tech Revolutions,” for The 2012 Southeast Florida Library Information Network (SEFLIN) Regional Conference in Miami.

Joe Murphy’s Keynote, “Library Evolution Meets Tech Revolutions,” for The 2012 Southeast Florida Library Information Network (SEFLIN) Regional Conference in Miami.

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  • Keynote 7/26/12 Florida International University. SEFLIN, The Southeast Florida Library Information Network.
  • Apple’s Find my iPhone


  • 1. Joe Murphy
  • 2. We shouldadopt this as our attitude
  • 3. Just What is the Library for? To facilitate: - Imagination
  • 4. ingredients
  • 5. “Let us leave limits in thinking!”
  • 6. 1 Billion People using Social Media Report from International Telecommunication Union May soon be 1 billion on Facebook alone D/treg/publications/trends12.htmlmobile is quickly becoming the main means for accessing social networks media-worldwide-most-on-mobile/
  • 7. Appreciating thevalue we providedin the past is notsynonymous withthe way we didthings in the past.
  • 8. Why we now will pay moreattention to Yahoo.Lessons for renewing institutions.
  • 9. The future is rarelyhow we imagined it
  • 10. Facebook Sent 160 Million Visitors to Mobile Apps in MarchUp from 60 million in February These represent over 1 billion visits “Seven of the top ten grossing iOS apps and six of the top ten grossing Android apps are integrated with Facebook.” -
  • 11. Facebook Camera Facebook Messenger
  • 12. Facebook’sApp Center
  • 13. Eyes open: for a gem in the morass
  • 14. Square for mobile payments and new products past mobile payments to free staff fromregister and into mobile as platform for servicemanagement.
  • 15. Mobile payments as growing trend uture_of_Money.pdf
  • 16. New tablets, smart phones, and devices
  • 17. Cell Phone for Seniors adds Social Features Implication: Demographic barriers to social technology and photo sharing continue to lessen. Contemporary means of engagement spread across user types.
  • 18. Microsoft’s Tablet ‘Surface’
  • 19. Next waves of hardware interfaces Mind interface headset Closing the gap between intention and action. Minimizing technical interface steps.7604577426251091339254.html
  • 20. It doesn’talways require a leap of faith
  • 21. Google’s Nexus Tablet to compete w/ iPad (cheaper/smaller) & Kindle Fire 7-tablet-finally-revealed/
  • 22. Google +
  • 23. Next Android Software Update Will Include Ai Personal Assistant, Google Now• Features: – Makes assumptions about information needs based on • Personal history • Calendar • Location / Location history – Takes Apple’s Reminders a step further to action and suggestions not just user input memos. Source
  • 24. Google’s “Infrastructure-as-a-Service product” Cloud VirtualizationMore info -
  • 25. Google Project Glass Coming next year• Google’s Headset hardware Includes• memory and a processor• a side touchpad & voice control• camera and external a button for pictures shared to cloud via Google+ Main primary uses will include• microphone Notifications• Speaker Text messages• accelerometer & gyroscope taking pictures• Compass• Wifi no 3G Point: shifts low level interaction
  • 26. Google+ EventsSchedule video chatGoogle+ Hangoutsahead of time as events Elements are almost ‘Color’esque
  • 27. Google+ Platform for Developers
  • 28. Google Plus
  • 29. Know a goodentrance/exitwhen we see it.And know what is onthe other side.
  • 30. Apple is far in the lead in the mobile PC market thanks to iPad The iPad accounts for 4/5 of Apple’s mobile PC sales.And the iPadcompletelydominates thetablet market
  • 31. Apple iMessage
  • 32. Google buys Meebo Meebo, a popular online messaging aggregator in the heyday of IM, has exhibited some interesting pivots since then to reposition for relevancy.More interesting to us isthe newest Meeboproduct, a social tool thathelps with currentawareness and informationfiltering.
  • 33. Apple iTunes Getting Overhaul • iCloud integration • Integration of app search engine – App search skills • Music sharing – Inspired by Spotify’s disruptions • Improved content discovery • Integration of social networks • Changes will impact multiple segments of all content industries Bloomberg “Apple Said to Prepare ITunes Changes to Improve Sharing” itunes-overhaul-improving-storage-sharing.html
  • 34. Are we maximizing the features of iOS5?
  • 35. Let’s prepare to make use of the upcoming Apple iOS6• Maps• Facebook integration• Siri• Tom Tom• Location in Mac OSX
  • 36. Through the right lens
  • 37. Trend Area: images as fulcrumPinterest
  • 38. Instagram
  • 39. The True Meaning ofMobile Photo Sharing - Community contributions to the visual narrative of a place/topic/social grouping For Community
  • 40. Path Brand new update: social sharing of content engagement extendedNow a life-streaming app to movies and books
  • 41. Find theminutetexture
  • 42. Twitter App Updates In app notifications
  • 43. This shouldbe our rolemodel
  • 44. Grow With ChallengesJoe Murphy , Trend Spotterfor LibrariesTwitter: