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My keynote "Leaving Our Comfort Zones Behind. Libraries Meet Tech Trends" for the

My keynote "Leaving Our Comfort Zones Behind. Libraries Meet Tech Trends" for the

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  • 1. Leaving Our Comfort Zones Behind Libraries Meet Tech Trends Joe MurphyColorado Academic Library Summit
  • 2. Hot Off the Press –Facebook’s Camera App
  • 3. Facebook’s Mobile photo strategy and Instagram acquisition coalesceEvolution of Facebook and mobile photosharing – past experiments. Implications for libraries -
  • 4. Notice the pattern• Messaging apps take off, Facebook acquires major player and releases own app• Mobile photo sharing explodes, Facebook buys biggest tool in that arena, releases stand alone app
  • 5. The True Meaning of Mobile Photo Sharing Community contributions to the visual narrative of a place/topic/social grouping
  • 6. Instagram• 50 Million+ users• Hash tags to pull together images around a topic• Share story of your library through the pictures uploaded at your location• API to pull together pictures taken around campus
  • 7. Infographic created by
  • 8. Infographic created by
  • 9. Smartphone owners now outnumber users of more basic Nearly Half of Americans own Smartphones
  • 10. The Growth of Smartphones crosses demographics “Nearly every major demographic group— men and women, younger and middle-aged adults, urban and rural residents, the wealthy and the less well-off— experienced a notable uptick in smartphone penetration over the last year”
  • 11. FlipBoard A social magazine-like app which aggregates web content from including from social media and online content sources, with a visual touch-interactive magazine display. For iPad – specific content titles Flipboard’s Nature is to harness to humanFor iPhone. Social and content streams interest in visual engagement, social discovery, and self curation.
  • 12. Flipboard Expands w/ Audio partnerships (Coming soon to Android devices) longer just for text, … and image, … and video content.
  • 13. Flipboard and Libraries End user as their own content curator Librarian as facilitator of content technology Uses for libraries: Challenges for libraries:• Current awareness: help • How to provide access for users be aware of and set our patrons to up Flipboard feeds for subscription content on their research areas. their devices?• Lend iPads with Flipboard • Even trickier – what installed and suggested about subscription feeds established. models for paid• Add Flipboard to library proprietary content? staff tablets with relevant feeds.
  • 14. “Publishers, distributors and libraries must accept that new models oflending will not look like the old print model”(Robert C. Maier, director of the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners) “We are not just trying to solve a library lending problem” (Carrie Russell, director of the ALA Program on Public Access to Information)Full report, “E-content: The Digital Dialogue” ( an American Libraries magazine supplement
  • 15. “10" Tablets Have 39 Percent Higher Content Consumption Rate than 7" Tablets” Comscore press release
  • 16. Nook &Kindle Likely to get Lit Screens 5/14/new-amazon- kindle_n_1515650.html?ref=technology Nook Simple Touch adds GlowLightto read in the dark Catching up with the iPad in freeing readers from reliance on the light
  • 17. Controlling your computer with hand gestures, using an affordable ($70) motion sensor USB accessory.!
  • 18. Google’s Chrome Browser Takes Lead as Most Popular Internet Browser Impact: Speed, functionality , and integration changes for library users, and for staff
  • 19. Google iOS App Gets an Update•Brings quick access to Google apps from one interface•Built-in browser allows for searching in text•Full screen image search•iPad feature, view web pages & search results side by side
  • 20. Other News Of Note• Google adds a Research sidebar to Docs that can look up terms, adds images, quotes, and citati ons.• Apple will likely drop Google maps in favor of a much improved map feature of its own for iOS devices. Might impact the local data your library displays & location sensitive discovery.
  • 21. Staying fresh by staying current • Apple my update iCloud to include social sharing of files (pictures, videos and more) and not just storage. • Twitter announced on its blog, “Discover better stories,” a bit of Twitter news of obvious interest to info pros. The new Discovery Tab prioritizes social connections in a more personalized display.
  • 22. Apple is far in the lead in the mobile PC market thanks to iPad The iPad accounts for 4/5 of Apple’s mobile PC sales.And the iPadcompletelydominates thetablet market
  • 23. 86% of smart phone owners use their device to access timely info “The rapid adoption of cell phones and, especially, the spread of internet- connected smartphones are changing people’s communications with others and their relationships with information. Users’ ability to access data immediately through apps and web browsers and through contact with their social networks is creating a new culture of real-time information seekers and problem solvers. “70% of ALL cell phone users have recently used their device to:Coordinate a meeting, solve a problem, decide to visit a business, find info tosettle an argument, look up a sports score, traffic info, get help in an emergency
  • 24. 1 Billion People using Social Media Report from International Telecommunication Union With 900+ Million users, Facebook represents 9/10ths of social networkers D/treg/publications/trends12.htmlmobile is quickly becoming the main means for accessing social networks media-worldwide-most-on-mobile/
  • 25. Best way to understand photo synching with iCoud Pictures taken by iPhone thief continue to be uploaded via iCloud uploads-photos-to-photo-stream- facebook_n_1539353.html#s219615&title=Markedly_Bad_Disguise
  • 26. Pinterest
  • 27. To understand Pinterest – look at this example
  • 28. Easy to Pin Videos from YouTube & Vimeo
  • 29. Flickr add Share to Pinterest feature To protect proper attribution, not just for convenience. Also helps flickr stay relevant This could be a good way to streamline your Flickr and Pinterest projects
  • 30. Why Pinterest• Pinterest reflects the major trends of – self curation of online content – image engagement/sharing/visual and social search and discovery• Pinterest’s growth impacts online sharing• Good for targeting specific users with specific content
  • 31. Pinterest for Academic Libraries• The three main areas of utilizing Pinterest in academic libraries are: – Facilitate collaboration – Assist self curation – Create visual resource guides
  • 32. Google may buy Meebo Meebo, a popular online messaging aggregator in the heyday of IM, has exhibited some interesting pivots since then to reposition for relevancy.More interesting tous is the newestMeebo product, asocial tool that helpswith currentawareness andinformationfiltering.
  • 33. Have Libraries Also Kept Pace with These Changes? Facebook Messenger app•Bought Beluga Apple’s iMessage:•Incorporated groups •Cloud conversations•Location •Image sharing•Image sharing •Data, not just sms •Groups
  • 34. More Impacts and Applications of SMS
  • 35.
  • 36.
  • 37. Challenging notionsExploring internal barriers to changeFocusing and breathing into change
  • 38. Gamification & Gaming More than half of Americans play video games. 54% of Americans play video games each week Rose among men and women year over year.Data from survey by Magid Media Futurespublished in USA Today
  • 39. The Future of Gamification - Pew StudyOne respondent says - “The development of ‘serious games’ applied productively to a widescope of human activities will accelerate simply because playing is more fun than working.”– Mike Liebhold, senior researcher and distinguished fellow at The Institute for the Future
  • 40. Gamification Mentioned as a Top Tech Trend for 2012 by Deloitte. es/consulting/technology- consulting/49ec911905f25310VgnVCM3000001c 56f00aRCRD.htm
  • 41. In Service ofDivine Play
  • 42. Twitter Landmarks Should Still Grab our Attention!/spacex
  • 43. Strategic Hesitation is one thing – Flaunting technophobia quite another Avoiding technological change will not help reposition our libraries
  • 44. PostWire combines elements of Flipboard, Pinterest, & cloud sharing “collect and share videos, photos, web links and documents on a private page you create for each client” To “connect with their clients in a more visual, interactive way” Libraries might use to create multifaceted landing pages for user-specific resources
  • 45. Brings togetherlocation, content, checking in, images
  • 46. But don’t just focus onthese trends – considerhow they impact yourlibrary and strategizehow to apply themReal trick to focus onmaintaining the flexibilityneeded to adapt to theseand the next trends
  • 47. stay limber, stay good Thank youJoe MurphyTwitter: @libraryfuture