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Aerospace cluster presentation

  1. 1. Message of the Governor In the State of Chihuahua we are most conscious about the global and highly competitive world we are immersed in; such global demands, higher standards in technology and more industrial know-how, improve our competitiveness, on a daily basis. Hence, our privileged strategic location, vast infrastructure and our exceptional quality of life, added to our highly skilled and qualified labor force, make us, by excellence, your best near-shore business partner. The State of Chihuahua offers the investor a favorable and outstanding business environment. It meets worldwide and world-class industrial standards, with a promising return of investment. The actual establishment of over 550 world class manufacturing operations all over the State, is a key indicator of the outstanding productivity and global competitiveness of our people. The Government of Chihuahua is breaking with the traditional paradigm on government agencies by offering the investor simple, fast start-up procedures and transactions that reduce both timing and expenditures to a minimum. We promote and encourage industrial activity, working in close collaboration with local and international industrial developers, in addition to other service firms, thus fostering industrial growth and consolidation based on attractive incentives programs. Our pro-business attitude most certainly makes a difference when investing in the State. César Horacio Duarte Jáquez Governor of Chihuahua
  2. 2. Message of the Director Chihuahua is home to 4 Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and a growing certified supply base of more than 30 world class companies. Chihuahua is one of the leading regions in attracting aerospace investment and our vision as the Aerospace Cluster is to establish the final assembly and certification of a complete aircraft as well as a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) center for single aisle airplanes. We encourage you to join us on this quest so that together “we make the world fly” Jose Luis Rodriguez Ramos Aerospace Cluster Director
  3. 3. Strategic location: accessibility, connectivity and infrastructure • • • • • • • Right on NAFTA’s corridor with direct access to the US I-10 & I-25 10 US border crossings and 5 ports of entry Immediate access to the Panamerican highway in Mexico In North America's (NAFTA) time zone. World class infrastructure: industrial parks and buildings International airport 2 daily direct flights to Dallas and Houston, TX in the US
  4. 4. Competitive advantages for the Aerospace Industry: • 4 Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) • More than 30 aerospace certified suppliers capable of managing high mix/complexity and engineering changes. • World-class, skilled, productive, available, affordable and stable workforce. • World-class engineering education and high technology training center. • Engineering & Design centers + Research & Development centers R&D). • Free Trade Agreements with 44 countries. • Quality production standards and culture: ISO 9000, NADCAP, AS9100. • Competitive operational costs. • Presence of the international plants: United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Netherlands. • Soft landing services: start up legal assistance. • World class real estate infrastructure
  5. 5. Making the world fly from Chihuahua: Airframers and Airlines
  6. 6. Key indicators of the Aerospace Cluster in Chihuahua: 4 OEMS More than 30 certified suppliers >3,000,000 Sq. Ft. of aerospace Real Estate > 8,500 direct labor force > $900 Million USD in local and foreign investment >455 USD in annual exports
  7. 7. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Capabilities • Aerostructure & aeroparts assembly for aircrafts and helicopters: cabins, fuselages and wings. • High precision CNC machining for turbines and aeroparts. • Wire harnessing for commercial, business and military aircrafts. • Aircraft seats fabrication. • Emergency systems and fuel tanks fabrication. • Special processes: Chem Film, Top Coat, Fuel Tank, Anodize, NDT, FPI, MPI • Engineering and design: Catia V5, Unigraphics, Solidworks
  8. 8. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: certifications
  9. 9. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: the triple helix
  10. 10. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Integration
  11. 11. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: 4 OEMs Beechcraft • Annual Sales: $250 MUSD (CUU plants) • Plant Area: 460,000 Ft2 • Quality Certifications: ISO9000, Heat Treatment • Number of employees: 900 • Current Customer Base: General Aviation Services Providers • Export Countries: USA (100%) • Equipment: CNC machines, Routers, Water jet, Hydro forming, Press brake, Roll form, Heat treatment, Semiautomatic rivet equipment, Manual rivet equipment. • Supplier Capability: CNC, Machining aluminum details, Sheet metal bending and forming, Heat treatment Water base and Glicol base, Fuselage assemblies. • Main Products: General Aviation Fuselage Assemblies. • Plant Manager: Alvaro Aguilar
  12. 12. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: 4 OEMs Honeywell Aerospace - Chihuahua • • • • • • Plant Area: 2,309,935 square feet Quality Certifications: AS9100, NADCAP, FAA, DGAC & Six Sigma Belts. Current Customer Base: Airbus, Boeing, Gulfstream, Beechraft, Embraer, Cessna Supplier Capability: Castings ( aluminum ), Forgings, (Inconel, Waspaloy, titanium, Udimet alloys), Hipping and shot peening process Main Products: Engine assembly ducts, gears and shafts, blade manufacturing, impellers, nozzles, disks, stators, seals, nozzle segments, etc. Contact: Felipe Sandoval Textron International México S. de R.L. de C.V. • Plant Area: 125,000 Sq ft (11,600 m²) • Employees: 360 • Quality Certifications: AS 9100, DGAC, LEED • Current Customer Base: Bell Heliciopter Textron Canada Limited • Supplier Capability: Structural assembly using aluminum parts, composite parts, sheet metal and titanium parts; drilling, riveting, fastening, metal bonding, sealing application, painting , electrical bonding. • Harness assembly: crimping, soldering, electrical testing. • Main Products: Assemble cabins for helicopters, subassemblies, and electrical harnesses fabrication for Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited • Parts required: Parts: composites, sheet metal, aluminum, alloys; Process: machining, chemical processes (Anodize, Heat treatment) • Contact: Luis Azúa
  13. 13. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Certified Suppliers Altaser Aerospace • Annual Sales: $ 1.5 MUSD • Plant Area: 35,000 Ft2 • Quality Certifications: AS 9100 • Number of employees: 20 • Current Customer Base: Honeywell Aerospace, Manoir Aerospace, TRW • Export Countries: USA 75% • Equipment: 1 CNC 5 axis mill / 4 CNC Lathes / 1 Grinding Machines / 1 EDM sinker / 1 Wire EDM / Micro Welder • Supplier Capability: CNC Machining, Rectifying, Precision Cut, Complex assembly, tooling design, Door-to-door service. • Main Products: Inconel, special alloys engine parts, Landing Gear. • Contact: Martha Rascon Arnprior Aerospace Chihuahua • Annual Sales: Confidential • Plant Area: 74,000 Ft2 • Quality Certifications: AS 9100C, NADCAP (Heat Treatments, Chemical Processing & NDT), Boeing approved and Bombardier approved. • Number of employees: 260 • Current Customer Base: Boeing, Bombardier, Labinal & Atlas Aerospace • Export Countries: USA/Canada (100%) • Equipment: 28 pieces of major equipment, several assembly cells and supporting laboratories • Supplier Capability: Sheet metal fabrication, 3 axis routing, special processing, NDT, Paint, airframe assemblies. • Main Products: Sheet metal and Airframe assemblies • Contact: Jesus Saenz
  14. 14. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Certified Suppliers CAV Aerospace • Plant Area: 70,000 Sq. Ft. • Quality Certifications: AS 9100 Rev. C, NADCAP Cert. on Heat Treatment for Aluminum Alloys, ISO 9001 2008, EASA. • Number of employees: 120 • Current Customer Base: Beechcraft, Fokker, Aernnova, Bombardier, Labinal (Safran), Cessna, Cirrus. • Export Countries: USA (50%) • Equipment: IP: Amada CNC Turret Punch, Kuka Robot Welder, 2 Brake Machines. AS: 2 CNC Router Machines, 1Guillotine (12ft), 2 Brake Press (8 and 6 ft.), Heat Treatment Oven (52 Sft.), Fluid Hydro form (50 x 164 ft, double bed) • Supplier Capability: Sheet Metal Fabrication and small assemblies, Heat Treatment on Aluminum alloys. • Main Products: Sheet Metal Aero-structures and Ice Protection Systems • Plant Manager: Javier Jurado Fokker Aerostructures • Annual Sales: $700 MUSD • Plant Area: 70,000 Sq. Ft. • Quality Certifications: AS 9100, EASA Part 21 • Number of employees: 149 in Mexico • Current Customer Base: Gulfstream , Cessna , Airbus , Desalt , Boeing • Export Countries: USA/ CANADA 60% , Europe , 40 % • Equipment: Paint Booth , Sealing Testing Room , Polishing , tooling and Set up for Big aerostructures & empennages • Supplier Capability: Assembly , Polishing and Painting of Empennages and Wings. • Main Products: Empennages • Plant Manager: Jose Luis Rodriguez Ramos
  15. 15. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Certified Suppliers HT-MX Tratamientos Secundarios • Annual Sales: N/A (Company has recently started operations) • Plant Area: 2000 square meters • Quality Certifications: TS 16949 in process, expected date: Oct 13. • Number of employees: 15 • Current Customer Base: XOMOX, VS Precision, Industrias Link, Yazaki • Export Countries: n/a • Equipment: Belt driven continuous furnace, 2 Batch furnaces lines, 1 fluidized bed. • Supplier Capability: Machining and finishing operations, NDT, special processes. • Main Products: commercial Heat Treat with controlled atmosphere. Hardening, case hardening, nitriding. • Plant Manager: Humberto Ramos Kaman Aerospace • Plant Area: 30,000 Ft2 • Quality Certifications: AS 9100 Rev C , NADCAP, Aluminum Heat Treat. • Number of employees: 40 • Current Customer Base: Bombardier , Aernnova ,Zodiac and Bell Helicopter • Export Countries: USA and Canada • Equipment: CNC Router , Hydroform Press , Brake Form Press, Hot Joggles , Heat Treat and Age Oven • Supplier Capability: Sheet metal and extrusion fabrication and assembly for aerospace structures • Main Products: Aluminum detail parts, sub-assemblies, and assemblies for aerospace applications • Plant Manager: Mr. James Melvin,
  16. 16. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Certified Suppliers Manoir Aerospace Mexico • Annual Sales: $5 MUSD • Plant Area: 40,000 Ft2 • Quality Certifications: AS 9100 Rev.C, NADCAP FPI & MPI • Number of employees: 45 • Current Customer Base: SAFRAN Group • Export Countries: USA (80%), Europe (20%) • Equipment: 10 Machine tools • Supplier Capability: Machining and finishing operations, NDT, special processes. • Main Products: Titaniun & steel Torque Tube, Blades, Vanes. •Contact: Nicolas Maillard Metal Finishing Co. • • • • • • • Annual Sales: Privately Held Cooperation Plant Area: 60,000 Ft2 in use, 150,000 total available Quality Certifications: NADCAP, AC 7004 Number of employees: 41 Current Customer Base: Beechcraft, Cessna, Boeing, Bombardier Export Countries: US, Canada Equipment: Chemical processing tanks, FPI & MPI line, paint booths, drying oven, internal lab. Heat Treatment equipment purchased and being refurbished in US, as well as 2 age ovens delivered to CUU for heat treatment. • Supplier Capability: Chem film, chromic anodize, boric-sulfuric anodize, FPI, MPI, prime application, top coat and fuel tank application. • Main Products: Non-Destructive Testing, Surface Finishing and Plating of Aluminum, Steels and Composites / Aluminum Heat Treatment, Aging and Straightening expected fourth quarter 2013 • Contact: Ed Ball/ Rene Espinosa
  17. 17. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Certified Suppliers Nordam • Annual Sales: $450 MUSD • Plant Area: 87,500 Sq. Ft. • Quality Certifications: AS 9100, NADCAP. • Number of employees: 140 • Current Customer Base: Dassault, CESSNA, Beechcraft, Lear, Bombardier, Piaggio, Gulfstream • Export Countries: USA • Equipment: Autoclaves, Curing Ovens, Routers, 5-axis CNC, clean rooms, 0 degrees freezer, NDT and destructive testing equipment, assembly jigs and molding tools. • Main Products: Sheet metal structural assemblies and composite bonding elements •Plant Manager: Jose Luis Enriquez Soisa Aerospace • • • • • • • Plant Area: 62,600 Ft2 Quality Certifications: AS 9100 Rev C, DSQR (ZSUS), FAR 25.853 Number of employees: +200 Current Customer Base: Zodiac Aerospace, National Machining, more than 60 Airlines around the world. Export Countries: USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Equipment: Cutting, sewing, embroidering, lamination and embossing, CAD/CAM software. Supplier Capability: Fabrics and leather cutting, lamination and sewing. Hot embossing, laser en graving and embroidery. Cut, bonding, sewing and test for safety devices and soft goods. Materials research and development. Pattern Engineering and development. Rapid Prototyping. Electrical and Mechanical Assembly. Product Integration, Assembly and Kitting. • Main Products: Seat Covers – Leather and Fabric- Fabric & Leather Laminates. Cushions. Soft Goods and Covers. Carrying Cases, pouches and Survival Kits. Acoustic Panels. Assembly of lavatory, galley tank systems. Cabin Insulation. • Contact: Fernando Wong
  18. 18. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Certified Suppliers Safran Labinal • Plant Area: 566,000 Ft2 • Quality Certifications: AS 9100, ISO9001, DGAC, Export /ITAR licensing, EASA part 21G, JAA21 • Number of employees: 3,250 • Current Customer Base: Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault aviation, Embraer, Eclipse aviation, Beechcraft, Lockheed Martin, Spirit Aerosystems, Singapore Technologies, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. • Export Countries: USA/Canada (70%), Europe (30%) • Equipment: 20 laser cutters / marking machines, 22 Electrical test equipment, 15 overbraiding machines, 105 CATIA V5 Work Stations (Windows), 36 CATIA V4 Work Stations (UNIX) • Supplier Capability: Design software capabilities in Catia V4, V5, Nastran and Patran • Main Products: Design and Assembly of electrical wiring harnesses, racks and panels. • Contact: Cesar Diaz de Leon
  19. 19. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Certified Suppliers The Atlas Group • Plant Area: 36,000 Ft2 • Quality Certifications: AS 9100 • Number of employees: 50 • Current Customer Base: Boeing. • Export Countries: USA • Equipment: 5 Machine tools • Supplier Capability: CNC Machining, brake press, Assembly. • Main Products: Stanchions, Beams, Channels, clips; Assembly of (beams, harness and channels). • Plant Manager: Ruben Gonzalez Tighitco Latinoamerica • • • • • • • • • Plant Area: 38,000 Ft2 Quality Certifications: AS 9100, NADCAP (Heat treatment, Chemical Processes) Number of employees: 200 Current Customer Base: Boeing, Bombardier, Bell Helicopter, Cessna, Beechcraft, Fokker, Honda, Triumph. Export Countries: USA/Canada (80%) Equipment: Not revealed Supplier Capability: Aluminum sheetmetal, minor assemblies, heat treatment, chemical processes Main Products: Aluminum Sheetmetal Plant Manager: Victor Prieto
  20. 20. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Certified Suppliers Zodiac Elastomers of America. •Annual Sales: $30 MUSD •Plant Area: 65,000 Ft2 •Quality Certifications: AS 9100 •Number of employees: 200 •Current Customer Base: Robinson helicopter, Bell helicopter, Lockheed Martin. •Export Countries: USA/Canada (60%), Europe (40%) •Equipment: Autoclave, Assembly Lines. •Supplier Capability: CNC, Machining, Rubber Fabrics, Adhesives.s •Main Products: Fuel Cells •Plant Manager: Eleazar Carmona Zodiac Emergency Systems •Plant Area: 165,000 Ft2 •Quality Certifications: AS 9100, DMIR (FAA), DGAC. •Number of employees: 380 •Current Customer Base: Boeing, Airbus, Airlines •Export Countries: USA (60%), Europe (40%) •Equipment: Cutting machines, fabric bonding equipment •Main Products: Evacuation Slides and Slide Rafts. •Plant Manager: Luis Ramirez
  21. 21. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Certified Suppliers Zodiac Interconnect Americas "Zodiac Aerospace" •Plant Area: 19,898 Ft2 •Quality Certifications: Quality System: ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C , DGAC México: CM-14/12 Production Approval •Number of employees: 118 •Current Customer Base: Labinal Mx, Labinal US, UTC GLG(Goodrich Landing Gear Division) , Zodiac Air Cruisers Mx & US, Zodiac Aerazur France, Fokker, Ultra Electronics, Profesional Aircraft US, C&D Mx. & US. •Export Countries: USA(55%), Europe(15%), Canada(30%) •Equipment: 1 Bending Machine, 5 Welding Machines( TIG process)12 Machine tools. •Main Products: Conduits to protect electrical systems, Wiring Systems, Hoses. •Supplier Capability: Manufacturing of Cable Harness Assemblies, Manufacturing of Wired and Unwired Conduit Assemblies, SUMMA Electropolish Process, Tube Bending, Tube GTAW Welding (in process of Nadcap certification) •Plant Manager: Aaron Melendez Zodiac Lighting Solutions •Plant Area: 13,300 Ft2 •Quality Certifications: AS 9100, DGAC. •Number of employees: 79 •Current Customer Base: Boeing, Embraer, GulfStream, Bombardier , Airbus •Export Countries: USA •Equipment: CNC Mill, Paint Robot •Main Products: Zodiac Lighting Solutions manufactures the latest LED lighting solutions for flight deck and light plates and keyboards and a variety of other cockpit avionics control applications. Flight deck and interior lighting solutions include task lighting, ambiance lighting and are developed for a wide variety of aircraft world-wide. •Plant Manager: Irasema Ramirez
  22. 22. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Certified Suppliers Zodiac Seat Shells •Annual Sales: $60 MUSD •Plant Area: 94,000 Ft2 •Quality Certifications: In process •Number of employees: Currently 22, by end 2013 118 employees •Current Customer Base: Emirates, Delta, United Airways, American Airlines, EVA, Cathay •Export Countries: USA/Canada (60%), Europe (40%) •Equipment: Starting site, will have 4 CNC routers, 4 presses. •Supplier Capability: Composites, assembly, painting. •Main Products: Seat Shells for Premium Seating (overseas planes) •Plant Manager: Ivan Aguilar Zodiac Seats US •Annual Sales: $175 MUSD •Plant Area: 170,000 Ft2 •Quality Certifications: AS 9100 •Number of employees: 750 •Current Customer Base: Boeing & Airbus •Export Countries: USA (60%), Europe (40%) •Equipment: 4 Amada Turret Punch, 4 176 Ton Presses, 7 Amada Brakes, 10 DMS Routers, 10 MAAC Thermoformers, 3 Vertical CNC Mazak 3 Axis Machine, 22 Staubli Robots •Supplier Capability: Sheet metal, machining, chemical processes, powder coating, thermoforming, routing, assembling •Main Products: 85 % of sub-assemblies for plane seats •Plant Manager: Carlos Montoya
  23. 23. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Academic Infrastructure Universities The CENALTEC, a State-of-the-Art training center, that trains specialized operative personnel according to industry needs. This unique training center in Mexico, is used to train and certify operative and technical personnel under international standards in 2 Campus: Chihuahua and Juarez City.
  24. 24. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Academic Infrastructure Universities TRAINING PROGRAMS ( Fabrication and Assembly) • Aerostructures •Sheet Metal Forming •CNC Machining. •Computer Assisted Design: Catia V5, Solidworks, Unigraphics •Conventional Machining. •Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance. •Metal Stamping. •Welding. •Plastic Injection Molding •Tooling •Composite Materials •Harness Assembly •Instructors with proven industrial expertise and certified by international standards.
  25. 25. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Research & Development Centers Research and development center for advanced materials, energy and environmental sciences. • Nanostructured Materials: Nanostructured Coatings, Catalysis,Nanostructures & Nanoparticles •Computational Simulation & Molecular Modeling: Computational Chemistry, Computational Physics, Computational Mechanics • Materials Integrity & Design: Ceramics, Corrosion, Metallic Composite Materials, Polymer Composite Materials • Renewable Energies & Environment Protection: Characterization, Evaluation & Contaminant Disposal, Contamination Control by Design, Renewable Energies, Toxicology
  26. 26. Company Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Capability Matrix
  27. 27. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Soft landing services Start up & Shelter services We'll help you start up your aerospace manufacturing operations in Chihuahua hassle-free in 9 weeks including: • Legal, operational and environmental permits • Human resources recruitment and management • Customs, duties and logistics set up and management • Fiscal & accounting services • Freight forwarding services • Purchasing of indirect materials You can get these services form American Industries Group or Intermex.
  28. 28. Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster: Soft landing services Real Estate We'll provide you with the industrial real estate facility you will need for your aerospace manufacturing operations. You can start your operations in our ready to occupy facility or get a build-to-suit project in our land reserves in Chihuahua, Mexico through American Industries Group or Intermex.
  29. 29. Growth opportunities: MRO Service Center The Aerospace Cluster in Chihuahua is working together to establish an international facility for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) for single aisle airfcrafts right on the airport. There is a solid growth opportunity for companies interested in getting integrated to this MRO service center that will have immediate access to the US market. Contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.
  30. 30. Growth opportunities: Supply chain integration: We are working together to consolidate Chihuahua as a world class aerospace cluster, which opens growth opportunities for international companies looking to get integrated in the different supply chains of our members. Currently, we are looking to integrate the following type of suppliers: a. Cable for wire harnesses b. Forging c. Casting d. Backshells e. Electronic components f. Other aeroparts and components Contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.
  31. 31. Visit Us! In our tours, we will include a visit to the following organizations: • Aerospace OEMs and Tiers • Government Authorities • "Soft Landing" organizations • Industrial infrastructure: parks, facilities and land for build-to-suit projects • Academic infrastructure • R&D Centers Request your seat: Av. William Shakespeare No. 157 Complejo Industrial Chihuahua Chihuahua, Chih. México CP 31136 MX Ph. +52 (614) 442-8450 ext. 236 +52 (614) 442-8462