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Valueing's Sales story
Valueing's Sales story
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Valueing's Sales story


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Our sales story. Why we are here, and how we can help your business save a lot of time and money.

Our sales story. Why we are here, and how we can help your business save a lot of time and money.

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  • 1. • After visiting more than 1200 companies, we have the confirmation that , in most companies (and they not even are aware of it at all), the “efficiency” ends where the wrapping process starts… Headline • We help our customers when they are: • striving to achieve a cost reduction on the wrapping process • frustrated from dealing with a poor implementation of the process producing “tails” and are ready to take action • under significant pressure to eliminate complaints from customers (due to poor stability of loads on pallets) • commited to accomplishing a reduction on the level of waste coming from the wrapping process • facing threats (or regulatory pressure) to reduce the quantity of material used (film) • finally tired of living with the destruction of the seconday/first packaging and want help tackling it • suffering the uncomfortable results of the improper functioning among material (film), mosaic, machine and wrapping process Usefulness OUR SALES STORY
  • 2. • Our invoice is based on measurable results (added value) • 100% specialized on the Optimization of the wrapping process of loads on pallets (Nowadays the unique reliable option to optimize it and keep it along the time) • We offer “all in one packages**” including in-house renting options to help clients manage capital expenditures and cash flow (**film+optimization+machine+maintenance) • We share our knowledge with you, and your personnel (providing your company with a competitive advantage) • We are a true one-stop shop that provides real integrated solutions regarding your specific tertiary packaging issues • When you engage us, we behave like our livelihood depends on your success • We are no performing this job by chance. We have a deep knowledge about our business Why are we differents? • Optimization* of your wrapping process and keep it along the time *Consuming the minimum quantity of material (film) and providing the required stability according to the UN-12195-1 Our Offer