Qualysoft R&D Products 2006-2011

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Qualysoft R&D Products 2006-2011

Qualysoft R&D Products 2006-2011

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  • 1. The Infobay.rs and .at is a community link directory. It used to be the best collection in Serbia around 2006. Topic hosts gathered related links on an admin GUI.
  • 2. 2007 - The Caskanje.rs was a social networking site for teenagers with free SMS sending possibility from the messaging. Miss Serbia contenders had their profile page and community parties tried to boost the popularity.
  • 3. QSI E2 Team rooms 2008 - Qualysoft Collaboration Intranet Portal. The Caskanje.rs engine was saved into this solution with a “decision board” concept. All documents, discussions, supporting polls, etc. are grouped on decision topics.
  • 4. Docflow.hu in 2009 is a control center of a document composition tool. You can define personalized document generation task packages and users can initiate according their view scope. Infinica is a brand name of the Qualysoft for all document-related-solutions.
  • 5. Docfinito.hu in 2010 is a software as a service solution for the docflow.hu with limited capabilities but supporting webforms as source of input data and triggering the generation process.
  • 6. 2010 - Content Cruiser is a content navigation system (more than search) for corporate Internet and Intranet sites, offering extensive hitlist-refinement features and visual feedback of the documents (preview-stripe). ( http://contentcruiser.infinica.com/ )
  • 7. Impulse Driver Kit in 2011 is a vertical prototyping tool is for Silverlight Frontend related applications. Business Analysts can wizard running non-throwaway prototypes which can be developed to deployable applications by the developer teams. (impulsedriver.hu)
  • 8. 2012 – Nebula Collaboration Portal for small and medium enterprises – Record arrangements! This is communication boosting portal for Intranet and Customer channel purposes.
  • 9. ITJobs.hu was a customer project, developing a force.com based recruiting application.