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Fresh Tek Business Plan
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Fresh Tek Business Plan


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. FreshTek - Next Step Bootstrap vs. Capitalization
  • 2. Pros and Cons   
    • To Capitalize...
      • Money to retain office space and resources.
      • Money to develop the control/meter
      • Money for statewide marketing strategy
      • Money for use on the website re-tooling
      • Money to use for recruiting and retaining employees
      • Expert council and connections
    • Or Not to Capitalize...
      • May not be necessary at this stage; We slow down.
      • Cost/Benefit in equity may be too low for unproven revenue projections.
      •   Investors may make unwanted demands
      •   Don't want: Overpromise, Underdeliver for key investors.
  • 3. Big Picture - What is FreshTek?
    • FreshTek Energy LLC is a statewide distributor of clean energy technology.  Our core focus is in the solar thermal and solar pool heating industries.  We serve our customers by providing them with high performance technology products and reliable technical support.
  • 4. How do we make money?
      • We have been selling solar installations for AllSolar Co. Inc.
      • Currently we have one new client: Harpiris Energy LLC , a solar thermal manufacturer in California.
        • We help them promote their solar domestic water heating product in Florida; The SunCache collector.
  • 5. How much money?
      • We are selling about 3 pool installations a month.
      • We are paid a base salary with Harpiris each month.
      •   We are also paid a commission of $500 per unit sold for Harpiris . *adj.
      • We are also refunded a vehicle lease by Harpiris
    • =     $500/each.  ($1,500/mo.)
    • =     $2,000/mo.
    • =     $0 - $1,500/mo.
    • =     $500/mo.
             Total Base = $2,500/mo.    Est. Commissions = $1,500 - $3,000/mo.
  • 6. Core Business Strategy
    • Harpiris Account:
      • We are meeting with licensed installers in every major market across Florida to create an army of installers.
      • We are developing tools they can use to boost revenue.
      • We are making sure they get the products they need on time, undamaged, every time.
      • We are finding them leads.
    • Future Ventures:
      • We are in negotiations with new manufacturers to add innovative products to our product line.
      • We are developing innovative solutions in house.
        • Control/Meter
        • Dynamic Web Site
        • Site Evaluation Technology
  • 7. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
    • Strengths:
      • We are Highly motivated and determined to succeed.
      • Our team is awesome.
      • We are making money selling into an market that is growing rapidly.
    • Weaknesses:
      • Not much capital
      • Not much experience
      • Technical Knowledge Limitations
    • Opportunities:
      • Build a network of installers on someone else's dime. (Harpiris)
      • Work with them to understand what they need to be successful.
      • Build a Regional brand as the next generation of cleantech providers.
      •   Sell top tier products into that network
    • Threats:
      • If SunCache is a lemon.
      • If we are not properly licensed.
      • If all the solar guys line up against us.
      • If existing distributors attack
      • If we loose ASI revenue and Harpiris revenue at the same time.
  • 8. Why we exist?  (Big Picture)
    • Clean Energy is: NOT ABOUT GOING GREEN
    • Clean Energy is: About "Sustainability" and the transition.
    • Green is a red herring and will go away one day.  What will remain is increased demands for energy.  Our current energy infrastructure is built on digging holes in the ground and removing limited resources from the system.  
    • This process has been extremely profitable til now and runs like an operating system behind the scenes.  
    • Renewable energy is about opening up the sky and leveraging the infinitely available resources of physics and chemistry.
  • 9. Where does FreshTek Energy, LLC Fit In?   We are an ameoba in the Energy Production and Distribution ecosystem. Our value will be focused on building the bridges necessary to connect tomorrows customers with tomorrows energy.
    • Who are "Tomorrow's Customers?"
      • Tomorrows Customers understand the need for sustainability and the urgency for transition.
      • TC's are always online and on screens
      • TC's are focused on the "Inter-Dependent" bottom line.
    • What is "Tomorrow's Energy?"
      • Smart Grid = Performance and Interoperability of Data
      • Sustainable and based on political dynamics
      • More of the same
  • 10. Vision: Solar Thermal Eclipses PV
      • Thermal offsets more carbon than PV by a multiple of X.
  • 11. The Problem: No Standard method of tracking KWH for solar thermal.
      • Unlike photovoltaic, which is the "Hi-Tech" cousin of solar performance, solar thermal is considered "Low-Tech" and low profit by most utility scale investors. 
      • Commercial installations of solar thermal are so few that they aren't even being tracked in the U.S.
      • The technology involved in solar thermal system integration has not really been improved on for decades.
      • The manufacturers of this technology are regional and not facing much competition in a horizontal way.
      • Utilities are aware of the carbon offset benefits of solar thermal but without metering and monitoring integration it is a time consuming process for them to capture the value and without Cap and Trade, they have chosen not to.
  • 12. The solution:  FreshTek Energy, LLC
  • 13. Value Of Our Technology
    • For the Property Owner/Producer:
      • Reliable Monthly Savings
      • Remote monitoring
      • Lower installation costs
      • Valuable Carbon Accounting
      • Better curb appeal
      • Cradle to Cradle Design
    • For the Utility Provider :
      • Reliable performance data and accountability.
      • Automatic metering solutions included in the cost of installation.
      • Carbon Credits at Rate Payer pricing.
      • Leapfrog other countries international standards on carbon emmisions.
  • 14. Summary: Thinking Big but realistic
    • In summary, the purpose of this organization is to grow rapidly and achieve the status of being a very valuable company over the next 30 years.  
    • My personal goal is to have a net worth of 30M by the age of 60.  My corporate goal is to grow the size of FreshTek Energy and it's subsideraries to the size of 150 employees by the age of 60.  And to manage those employees in a way that set new standards of transperance and performance.
    • Other than that, I just want to make the world a better place and be the best me that I can be, by the grace of God.