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Business start up 1

  1. 1. Business Start-up Jose Cintron, MBA-CPC Business/Accounting Professor (954) 374-8298
  2. 2. Why Start a Business? To Capitalize on an Invention or Idea To Pursue a Passion To Be Their Own Boss To Get Rich $$$
  3. 3. Are you ready for this?
  4. 4. Why people don’t try?
  5. 5. Are you ready to take the risk?
  6. 6. You build it and the will come, Right?...Wrong!
  7. 7. What are the chances??? Statistics show that 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first three years. ?????????????????????? 80% of new businesses fail within their first three years.
  8. 8. How you get the Financial Freedom?
  9. 9. Why Business Fail ? 1. Wrong reasons 2. Poor Management 3. Insufficient Capital 4. Location, Location, Location 5. Lack of Planning 6. No Clue/No help/Guidance 7. Wrong/No marketing
  10. 10. Why Business Fail ? Sales
  11. 11. Customer Service/Satisfaction
  12. 12. What is your Target?
  13. 13. The egg or the chicken? Business is not the dream but the vehicle to get where you want to go. “I Have A Dream” NO- “I Have A Plan”
  14. 14. Funding Sources $$$ Savings-401k Refinance Friends and Family Financial Institutions Angel Investors
  15. 15. What vehicle do I need to reach my destiny? Going to Orlando, FL Going to Las Vegas, NV Around the neighborhood
  16. 16. Where are you going? If you don’t know where you going any road will take you there!
  17. 17. What is the Trend ?
  18. 18. We will not go back to doing business the way we used to in the past! Businesses
  19. 19. We will not go back to doing business the way we used to in the past! Government
  20. 20. We will not go back to doing business the way we used to in the past! City
  21. 21. Where is the Money ?
  22. 22. What is your product? Farm $1.00 Supermarket $3.00 Restaurant $6.00
  23. 23. What is your service? Consulting Coaching Classes Training Selling Installing warranty Servicing You do it for multiples business owners
  24. 24. What kind of business?
  25. 25. Lets Analyze…. Products/merchandise Services Market and Niche Contribution Margin
  26. 26. Did you answered, Yes? Do you have a great product? Do you have an awesome Price/value? Do you have clientele or email list?
  27. 27. Products-Volume 1 X $10,000 10,000 X $1 What is your “Business Model”
  28. 28. Services High End ClienteleLow End Clientele
  29. 29. Target Market and Niche
  30. 30. How to increase sales Incrementar Clientes Incrementar el monto de compra Incrementar repetición o número de veces.
  31. 31. BEP and Contribution Margin Fixed Cost- $10,000(Rent, insurance, manager, interest…) Variable cost- $800/ea (Hourly, commission, inventory…) Sales are $1,000 per unit $1,000-$800=$200 Contribution Margin $10,000/$200=50 units to BEP Fixed Cost/Contribution Margin. $10,000+5.000=$15,000/200=75 units to make a $5,000 profits. $50,000X10%=5,000/12=416 interest per month.
  32. 32. Life’s too short for the wrong job.
  33. 33. You must be competent
  34. 34. You must be creative!
  35. 35. Why Customers Buy? Customer does not buy for the characteristic but for the benefits.
  36. 36. What’s for me? Whitening Bad Breath Cavities Plaque Weak Enamel Tender Gums Gingivitis
  37. 37. Clientele reaching your Business
  38. 38. What is your business name? Pedro’s Restaurant----------Mexican Restaurant Pedro’s Haircut--------------Haircut 4 Less Miami Taxes-----------------Taxes R us
  39. 39. Email and URL NO YES NO or NO or
  40. 40. Conclusion Entrepreneur Working for someone else!