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Too and Enough

Too and Enough



It's a presentation I've prepared for my students of 4ºESO to revise the use of TOO and ENOUGH. It includes lots of examples and an exercise. Suitable for pre-intermediate.

It's a presentation I've prepared for my students of 4ºESO to revise the use of TOO and ENOUGH. It includes lots of examples and an exercise. Suitable for pre-intermediate.



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    Too and Enough Too and Enough Presentation Transcript

    • too and enough by joseanis
      • Both too and enough are used to talk about how much or how little of something there is.
      • We use too to describe the negative effect of having more than necessary.
      • “ It’s too cold to work in the garden.”
      • “ It’s too late to see the film now. It
      • started twenty minutes ago.
      • We use enough to describe the effects of having / not having the right amount of something.
      • “ John isn’t patient enough to work as a teacher.”
      • “ The dress isn’t big enough .”
      • Enough can be used before a noun to mean “all that is necessary”.
      • “ I don’t drink enough water . ”
      • “ Do you eat enough vegetables ?”
      • “ My brother doesn’t do enough
      • exercise .”
    • too + adjective / adverb
      • We didn’t play tennis yesterday. It was too cold .
      • We couldn’t swim. The water was too cold .
      • I’d like to buy this jacket, but it is too expensive .
      • The man’s voice was too soft . He spoke too softly .
    • not + adjective / adverb + enough
      • We couldn’t hear the music. It wasn’t loud enough .
      • We couldn’t swim. The water wasn’t hot enough .
      • We need another ladder. This one isn’t long enough .
      • We need two pizzas. This one is not big enough for four people.
      • After too and not … enough we can use the to-infinitive or for + noun / pronoun
      • * He’s too young to go to work.
      • * He’s not old enough for the job .
      • * These jeans are not clean enough to
      • wear to the party.
    • Join these sentences using too or not … enough.
      • The parcel was heavy. I didn’t carry it home.
      • Liz isn’t very strong. She can’t lift the bags.
      • The dress was formal. She couldn’t wear it to the party.
      • My daughter doesn’t feel very well. She isn’t going to
      • school.
      • I was tired. I didn’t prepare my lessons.
      • Your bicycle isn’t very safe. I don’t want to ride it.
      • She didn’t run quickly. She lost the race.
      • You are young. You can’t see this film.
      • The students aren’t working hard. They won’t pass the
      • exams.
      • The orange juice wasn’t sweet. I didn’t drink it