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web2.0 Trends Updated - March 2008
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web2.0 Trends Updated - March 2008



March 2008 Version of "Web 2.0 Trends Updated"

March 2008 Version of "Web 2.0 Trends Updated"



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    web2.0 Trends Updated - March 2008 web2.0 Trends Updated - March 2008 Presentation Transcript

    • web2.0 Trends Updated March 2008 Jo, SanKu 조산구 Web2.0 Evangelist KT 차세대 개발 TFT
    • Shoe Shift
    • Toddler CEO 23 Years Old $15 Billion 3 Years
    • Game for Ungamers
    • $175
    • XoWeb Everything over Web
    • web2.0 Version 2007
    • 1 Personalization For Empowered You • Me Portal • Identity • MEdia: Me as Media
    • Age of Personalization
    • Information Finds You HTTP RSS Services to You You to Services
    • Personalization with Widgets Our digital life is growing out of control Focus your attention on what you care Tariq Krim, CEO
    • Personalization with Widgets (webwag.com)
    • Growth of Personalization 268%
    • Market Share of Personalization +7% +15% -2% of 2007
    • Identity2.0 CardSpace OpenID Google Profile
    • Yahoo’s 248 million users One Way or Two Ways?
    • 2 Social Web Participatory Communicatory Interactive
    • Why Social Value Matters? “I trust:” Recommendations from friends/family Consumer opinions posted online Requested email updates Ads in newspapers Ads on TV Ads on radio Ads in magazines Branded Web sites Search engine ads Web banner ads Ads on mobile phones 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
    • Shift Business Service Services (Tool) Service Empowered Me Widget/RSS Private 2007 josanku
    • Social Graph Open Application Social Ads Network Beacon
    • Facebook Social Ads and Beacon Social Ads Network vs. Google Adsense Target ads on any web site based on 50M users’ personal information and their activity or interest (collected by Beacon) MS’s investment of $240M Advertising is communication Word-of-mouth viral marketing
    • Only 20 domains capture a whopping 39% of all our time spent online. Only 2.1% of our time is spent on Google.com MySpace (#1) is miles ahead of Yahoo! (#2), however Yahoo! impresses. Yahoo holds a significant lead over Google+YouTube.com, MSN+Live.com and AOL+AIM.com. Yahoo simply needs to merge with MSN to take #1 (hint hint) The presence of Adultfriendfinder.com on this list is surprising, but hey, everyone needs a friend, or two!
    • P a r a d i g m S h i f t
    • People Web for Connected Lifestyle Interactive Empowered ME Conversational Participatory Media Information Comm. Shopping Search Entertainment Services/Applications/Contents Peopleware/Socialware/Social Computing PEOPLE
    • 3 Mobile is Web Voice to Web
    • Cult
    • 30 companies (+Verison wireless?) Accelerate innovation in mobile Offer consumers a richer, less expensive, and better mobile experience The first complete, open, and free mobile platform, Open Mobile OS
    • CallFreq An Android Application Gphone?
    • web2.0 + Wibro = Mobile Web2.0 = Real Web2.0 Bridging Web and Life(Offline) Search/Ads People Tech + web2.0 Enjoy web Business anywhere in Broadband Seoul Korea (upto 4M at your hand)
    • Local 4 Web2.0 is People and Life Cyberspace -> Realspace -> Real Life
    • 5 Online Video
    • 18M Hours Video 0.75M Years
    • 20K Shows 400 Chs
    • 6 Metaverse Virtual Life MetaEgo
    • 7 Open Source Browser: Firefox Open Application Open Ecosystem Open SNS : F8, OpenSocial Open Mobile OS: Android Microformats OpenID Search OpenAds
    • Open Application Platform Facebook F8, OpenSocial, Netvibes
    • OpenSocial
    • Open Social Graph PageRank PeopleRank? SocialRank Relationship of Web Pages Relationship of People a & d Related through e & c (Open Data) XHTML Friends Network (XFN) Friend of a Friend (FOAF) http://code.google.com/apis/socialgraph/
    • Facebook Applications
    • 8 Widget
    • Widget New Story of Web Wild Widgety World Website vs. Widget Widget Economy
    • Distributed Web Remixed Web Publishing2.0
    • Four Widget Types Desktop Widget Web Widget Mobile Widget Physical Widget Webwag.com, zenzui Widgetstation, chumby
    • Widget Economy Developers PC/Platform (Vista, Linux, Content & Browder, Android) Application Web Providers (Blog, Personal Web) Mobile Users Widget Gallery Widget Widget Makers Station Advertisers Web Containers, Terminals
    • Netvibes Widget Ecosystem Based on UWA
    • Widget Station Personal Internet Player. Open Source Hardware Design + Simple + Internet + Widget + Toy + Private
    • Design + Simple + Internet + Widget + Toy + Private
    • 9 The Smart Data Web • More smart and intelligent web • Smart Data, Open Data – The core is to create the meta data describing dat a, which will enable computers to process the mean ing of things. – analyze all the data on the Web – the content, link s, and transactions between people and computers • Machines talking to machines • RDF and WOL • Web 3.0 ?
    • Nova Spivack CEO & Founder Radar Networks
    • 10 Everything as a Service X aaS Everything on Demand (XoD) Utility Computing Software, Application, Platform, Hardware Data, Business Connected Life Style
    • Amazon Web Services: Bigger Than Amazon • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) • Bandwidth of EC2+S3 > Bandwidth of all of Amazon.com’s Global Websites Combined in Fourth Quarter 2007 ($131 Million ) • EC2+S3: No. 7 in the U.S. (BW) • 330,000 developers registered • 200,000 developers who have signed up to use Facebook's platform
    • 11 Attention Economy Exchange Attention with Services Attention Market Services & Contents Place News Attention Entertainment Personalized Search Very Relevant Shopping User Advertisers
    • How to Appeal to Today's Distracted, Disinterested, Disengaged, Disenchanted, and Busy Consumer Understanding the New Currency of Business
    • Online Advertising 2008 -$27.5B (9.3%) -SNS: $1.5B -Video: $1.3B * eMaketer.com
    • Attention to Attraction Ads as Contents
    • 12 Web2.0 Korea Web2.0 vs. Web0.2
    • Their Success to be Their Threat in Korea What is Next? When? X X ?
    • Bring the Vitality of Innovation to Korea Open Ecosystem or Bubble Market Size +70% +30% … … … … …
    • Big Picture and its Impact
    • Matter of Connectivity
    • KT Web2.0 KT with 100 Year History of Connectivity 1. Make People’s Dream Come True with New Values 2. Bring Innovative Culture of web in Korea with Open Ecosystem: Win Win Win KT for/by/of People (Users and Partners) By Love KT is People & Love
    • How to Love People web2.0ly
    • Credit Richard MacManus Dion HinchCliffe Marry Meeker Michael Arrington
    • JoSanKu@KT.Com